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From whale-sized turtles to enormous aquatic centipedes here are 11 of the creepiest ocean cryptidsSubscribe to Epic Wildlife http://goo.gl/6rzs5uLet's C.. Some well-known aquatic cryptids include the lovable Nessie (the Loch Ness Monster) and the terrifying Kraken of the Arctic. Due to the mysterious depths of the ocean being largely unexplored and home to alien-looking creatures, it's no wonder that cryptids would also flourish in this locale. The giant Kraken bringing down a ship

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  1. 4 separate cryptid accounts from different locations. The encounters include giant underwater Venus fly traps, Bigfoot and a possible Thunderbird pair. Interesting incidents. The following accounts were recently forwarded to me: When I was in middle school, I spent a week at a summer camp out in.
  2. An underwater panther, called Mishipeshu or Mishibijiw in Ojibwe (IPA: [mɪʃʃɪbɪʑɪw]), is one of the most important of several mythological water beings among many indigenous peoples of the Northeastern Woodlands and Great Lakes region, particularly among the Anishinaabe. Mishipeshu translates into the Great Lynx. It has the head and paws of a giant cat but is covered in scales and has.
  3. 4 different real-life encounters with mermaids or underwater humanoids in Florida and Malaysia. Mermaid sightings off of Florida and throughout the Caribbean have been reported for centuries. I recently received the following accounts: In 1999 I was snorkeling in Coco Beach. I was bumped by what I thought was a shark

Real cryptid eyewitness encounters, sighting reports and paranormal investigations. Real cryptid encounter reports, eyewitness experiences and paranormal investigations Saturday, June 19, 2021 Underwater 'Seaweed Creature' Grabs Witness' Calf in Key West, Florida A Florida man describes an experience he had while in the ocean in Key West. He. Bloop | Cryptid Wiki | Fandom. Roughly estimated size of the bloop compared to that of a blue whale; the bloop is several times larger than a whale. Note that the anatomy of the bloop in the comparison is completely fictional, used only for demonstration purposes. The Bloop was a powerful, ultra-low-frequency underwater sound of uncertain.

Over the past few years, rumors have circulated in Japan about the existence of arctic Humanoid Lifeforms inhabiting the icy waters of the Antarctic. Reportedly observed on multiple occasions by crew members of government-operated whale research ships, these so-called Ningen (人間, Ningen, meaning human) are said to be completely white in color with an estimated length of 20 to 30. Stories of this aquatic creature in Lake Tahoe can be traced back to members of the Washoe and Paiute tribes in the mid-19th century, who said the cryptid lived in an underwater tunnel beneath. The cryptids appear to have very short, thin, and stilt-like feet. It is hard to judge the exact characteristics of the cryptids in the footage due to poor quality. The Carmel Area Creature is tall and gray, with presumably no arms and long, muscular legs. It is bipedal and walks in an odd manner with its backward bending knees I'm interested in sightings of sea or lake monsters from underwater by divers or swimmers. Has anyone read about incidents like this? I remember reading about one in Loch Ness where a diver went down to retrieve some items from a recently-sunk tour boat and met up with a huge black thing..

Cryptids caught on camera you likely haven't seen before. Enjoy! Follow me! TWITTER → https://twitter.com/TheSirSpooksINSTAGRAM → https://www.instagram.com/.. Lore. Accompanying the unifier of the four seas, the cavalrymen rode upon the backs of their sea creatures and attacked human ships, one after another. The cavalrymen grabbed those that fell into the water, pulled them all the way to the ocean floor and used swords to slash them to bits. The humans had precious little chance of victory out at sea Help support my channel!YOUTUBEJoin this channel to get access to perks like Blogs, Podcasts, Photos and more:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRDFfDnR178Dvt.. If cave cryptids are responsible for any of these disappearances, which ones are more likely to be at fault? Here is a list of five cave cryptids possibly linked to mysterious disappearances in the United States. Goatman. Goatman has been spotted throughout the entire United States but is most frequently seen in Louisiana, Texas, and Maryland

In British Colombia, there is a legend of creatures part folklore and part cryptozoology. These Underwater Flies are found in ponds, lakes, and rivers across the province The diver, knowing that this vein would certainly lead towards a large deposit, followed the vein towards an overhanging rock and into what appeared to be an underwater cavern. As he progressed inside, the hoses attached to his helmet and leading up towards the surface pressed tight against the rock hanging overhead

16 Cryptids That Might (Or Might Not) Exist. BY Paul Anthony Jones. November 23, 2015. istock. Cryptozoology is the study of creatures whose existence has yet to be—or else cannot entirely be. RUSSIAN submarines are fighting a secret war with alien craft deep under the oceans, according to top secret Kremlin documents. In scenes straight out of a Hollywood movie, Soviet su USO simply means unidentified submerged object. Just think of it as an underwater UFO. The famous crash at Shag Harbour in Nova Scotia in 1967 is perhaps the best-documented example of what we presume are other-worldly craft maneuvering in our oceans Shop high-quality unique Underwater Cryptids T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone

Kentucky's wide variety of habitats, albeit forests, swamps, or grasslands, are capable of supporting a diverse range of wildlife, both woodland and aquatic. For this reason, Kentucky has the highest number of unknown animal encounters. Bigfoot Bigfoot is by far the most prevalent cryptid in Kentucky. Of the 120 counties, at least half had had at least one Bigfoot encounter. The majority of. These are my picks for the best cryptid clips on the internet. There are SO many to choose from, so this was very hard to make, as there are dozens of other. Vladimir Azhazha, former Soviet Naval officer and esteemed ufologist, declared Russian government executives recently released declassified files. In these documents, the Baikal aquanauts are described in great detail. Unsurprisingly, Navy commanders had been extensively monitoring numerous underwater vehicles navigating the lake

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Some peculiar marine cryptids have been reported from the North Pacific coast of America, including a giant sea platypus, 'underwater flies' in tide pools, round hairy monsters which rip up nets, man-faced seals, and of course Steller's famous sea ape. There have been sightings of an amphibious sea monster, the fjorulalli, on the coasts of Iceland Deep Lakes Are Populated By a Race of Giant Underwater Humanoids in Russia. Russia is home to a great number of mysteries, each one stranger than the other. The following case is no exception. Although these particular events have been happening for thousands of years, our story begins in the 1930s, when a Russian researcher of the paranormal.

5. Kongamato. Kongamato is a cryptid allegedly living in the deep marshes and jungles of Equatorial Africa - an area of special interest for cryptozoology, due to the vast number of cryptids reported there. Kongamato resembles a pterodactyl, with a wingspan of about seven feet (2 meters), and it is supposed to be fiercely territorial Oscar is definitely the most famous of Indiana's cryptids. The Beast of Busco is said to be a giant turtle with a shell as big as a dining room table that inhabits a lake near Churubusco, Indiana. First spotted by the owner in 1898, Oscar's popularity really picked up steam when it was spotted by two fishermen in 1948 6 The Slide-Rock Bolter. The mountains of Colorado have a strange cryptid called the Slide-Rock Bolter. This creature is the size of a blue whale and has a mouth full of very sharp teeth. Its eyes are small, and it uses its back fin which has a type of hook to hold onto the mountain 17 Photos Of Bizarre Underwater Discoveries (8 Strange Sea-Floor Creatures) we have rarely seen the ocean's floor beds, but when we have, it has revealed some of the most incredible discoveries one can imagine. The ocean is quite literally a sea of endless wonders. With its waters coving over three-fourths of our planet, the ocean seems to go. Now I must stress this video was taken by professionals who work underwater in oceans all across the globe. They know Whale bones and come across them from time to time. The dimensions of the skeleton on the video does not fit with the usual size for any sea life in the area

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Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon The Lusca: Sea Cryptid. The Bahamian island, Andros, has an array of what the natives call blue holes, formed during the prehistoric Ice Ages. Researchers discovered that they are an immense network of underwater caves, linking Andros' lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. According to legend, the Lusca, a hybrid octopus/shark, lives in and near.

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Apparently certain divers have interacted with another diver underwater that has an odd way of moving, no face and a squishy carapace and often vanishes In an inky black cloud or floats lethargically. This particular cryptid has also been spotted in the form of a dolphin, which given the appearance sounds like a larger version of a mimic. The Lusca is said to be over 75 feet long, possibly growing as large as 200 feet in some cases. It can change colors, much like some smaller species of octopus. Its habitat is rugged underwater terrain, large underwater caves, the edge of the continental, or other areas where large crustaceans are found, as this is assumed to be its food source Video May 3, 2020. BERNIE. Hunting the Hound of Cold Hollow is a short documentary created by writer and independent documentary film-maker, J.D. Thompson covering the early stages of an investigation into an ancient New England Werewolf legend hidden in the sleepy mountain towns of the Cold Hollow mountain region of Vermont.

Aquatic Ape Theory. Conventional theory on human evolution states that at some time in the distant past the ancestors of modern Homo sapiens descended from the trees, left the forests, and moved out into the savannah. In this environment most of the evolutionary changes that separate us from the apes took place So join us as we take a look at 10 creepy cryptid sightings caught on film. 10. Ice Monster Spotted, Alaska. In late 2016 a strange cryptid creature was spotted swimming through the freezing waters of the Chena River, Alaska. In October of that year Bureau of Land Management employee Craig McCaa spotted a long, icy creature swimming through. The Fresno Nightcrawler is a cryptid supposedly from California with multiple sightings all across America. It is on the newer end of such cryptids and the oldest known sightings only go back to the 1990s. Physically, the creature is a bit of a strange one with the dominant portion (abou The acid in the ocean wears away the protective mucous coating that all ocean dwellers have, creating ulcerated skin and rashes. This is one of two main reasons that mermaids can't live near the coast anymore. The other reason is tourism and the attitudes of humans toward sea creatures, especially intelligent ones Is the monster an intergalactic version of a guard dog; used to protect the underwater headquarters of non-Earth beings? Or is it simply a case of cryptids and aliens doing their best to co-exist in the vast expanse of Baikal? Whatever the answer may be, this ancient and isolated Russian lake must be considered one of the most mysterious.

A Ningen is a Cryptid that is located in the oceans of Antarctica and southern Asia. It has several appearances and is at least 20-30 meters long. Ithas many appearances and has pale white skin. It has multiple appearances including above water and underwater appearances. The Ningen has been described as being a humongous, blubbery, whale-like creature, whose smooth, pale. phantomsandmonsters.com - 4 separate cryptid accounts from different locations. The encounters include giant underwater Venus fly traps, Bigfoot and a possible Thunderbird

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Basically,they look like normal people, but they can transform into animals or half animals when they wear their skin, so they don't look like that most the time, it looks too skinny and I'm pretty sure the head is a skull there, but their head is normal. Edit: also, if you do a wendigo, just know that they look like a tall rake (the. While the Piasa now has wings and is said to have the ability to fly, the underwater panther, as an aquatic cryptid, has neither. In fact, nothing about the Piasa is correctly attributed Two reports of this cryptid came in on the same day — Nov. 1, 1974. Four women said they encountered a green, hairy and large monster in the park about 3 p.m. At 11:45 p.m., two other women reported a similar beast jumped on the hood of their car, leaving scratch marks in the paint.. Monster snake history of cryptozoology. anatomy. animal behavior. analysis of eyewitness accounts (even though most are unreliable but they also help to figure out what animal a cryptid can be with multiple independent eyewitnesses) study of the habitats and occupied niche of animals. research skills when trying to figure out information, similar to what.

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Emela ntouka. Engulfer (Hînqûmemen) F. Category:Fake Cryptid. Fiskerton Monday. Fiskerton Phantom (Gorilla-Cat) Fiskerton Saturday. Flashlight Frog. Flesh-eating Black Fly The Lusca is a form of giant octopus from the Carribean Sea. They are huge, and found in blue holes (deep underwater, oceanic holes). Some cryptozoologists think the Lusca is the true identity of the St. Augustine Globster The Lusca is at 30+ feet wide. It has large eyes, 8 arms, and carnivorous tendencies. The arms are hairy. According to accounts by Spanish settlers, the Lusca is at least. Check out this list of mythical creatures, including mythical beasts, magical animals, and mythological monsters. These are the coolest mythical creatures ever Cryptids may include animals that were considered extinct but some may still exist. However most of the animals of the Cryptids are just myths. Cryptids have a unique place in popular culture. So let's gather some more information about Most Famous Cryptids. 1. Sasquatch. Sasquatch is the most widely recognized of all the popular crypts Zaratan is a large Cryptid that is a giant sea turtle that has an island on it's back. It is considered to be the largest cryptid, dwarfing a blue whale. The creature comes from a story about a group of sailors whom thought they found a deserted jungle island, but rather had encamped on the creature's back. The Zaratan is a large sea turtle with an island on it's back that is 1000 feet long.

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4 separate cryptid accounts from different locations. The encounters include giant underwater Venus fly traps, Bigfoot and a possible Thunderbird pair. Interesting incidents. The following accounts were recently forwarded to me: When I was in middle school, I spent a week at a summer camp out in the Pacific Northwest wilderness The Beast of the Fifth Sun is the first Secret Saturdays video game and has ten action-packed levels. You can play as Zak, Doyle, Doc, Drew, Fiskerton, Komodo, and Zon, plus all the cryptids Zak can control. The known bosses are Munya, Piecemeal, V.V. Argost and various cryptids. It came out on October 1st. 1 Plot 2 List of Characters 2.1 Playable Characters 2.2 Villains and Bosses 2.3.

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A sabre-toothed cat, also frequently called a sabre-toothed tiger (spelt saber-toothed in the United States), is any member of various extinct groups of predatory mammals that were characterized by long, curved saber-shaped canine teeth. The term most frequently applies to cats of the family Machairodontinae, which lived in Eurasia, Africa, and the Americas until at least 11,000 years ago. This is a category for cryptids said to dwell in the world's rivers Trending pages. Loveland Frogman; Dingonek; Altamaha-ha; Mokele-mbemb The Algerian Sea Centipede is an aquatic, centipede-like crab. Its first appearance was in Into The Mouth of Darkness. It was first mentioned in Van Rook's Apprentice. 1 Biography 2 Series 3 Habitat 4 Related species 5 Diet 6 Range 7 Trivia It's about the size of a whale, is amphibious, and can crush entire ships. It was mentioned in Van Rook's Apprentice by Doc. It is primarily an.

The Beastly Pumpkin. 486 likes · 7 talking about this. On this page we cover all sorts of sightings of monsters, creature and cryptids. Join the pumpkin patch to be apart of all the conversations,.. Mokele-Mbembe are cryptids that are said to be a living fossil. They made their first appearance in the comic The Lost King of Africa: Part Two and were first seen in the show during a flashback in The Kur Stone: Part Two. 1 Biography 2 Series 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Reports tell of a creature living along the Congo River Basin that resembles a living sauropod (long-necked and extremely long-tailed. I was immediately hooked the moment I stepped into Black Tabby Games' cryptid and sepia-filled world of Scarlet Hollow. The decision-based visual novel has everything that I could want stitched. Another strange account of an encounter with underwater humanoids supposedly happened at Russia's Lake Baikal in 1982. Navy divers in the lake on a training exercise reported coming across unknown human-like organisms swimming about at a depth of around 164 feet. Tags Bizarre cryptid Cryptozoology diving ghosts ghosts at sea haunting.

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The cryptid in the second video is farther away, but there is clearly a black dot moving across the Loch. Throughout the video, it moves from the right side of the screen to the left, often submerging itself underwater before reappearing on camera Recording this mysterious cryptid is commonplace for the two popular webcam watchers. In 2020, Wangle and O'Fagan each recorded multiple sightings of the underwater monster, confirmed by the Official Loch Ness Monster Register (OLNMR). The OLNMR also confirmed the three new 2021 sightings, each recorded by either Wangle or O'Fagan Probably the most well known of all cryptids is the Loch Ness Monster, a famed lake creature supposedly found in Scotland's Loch Ness. Its legend dates back to the sixth century, when an Irish monk called St. Columba is said to have confronted a water beast after it killed a man by dragging him underwater Awakening from its deep sleep to fulfill its task, the horror ascends to the surface from several leagues below. Determined to find one thing its underwater realm lacks, it sets off from the sea. Obtainable from a Special Promo Login Box. Later added to the Friendship Card Pack.

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This underwater creature thought to resemble a plesiosaur is perhaps the most famous cryptid in the world. It's been photographed numerous times, but never conclusively. It gets its distinctive name from its Scottish heritage Cryptids of the Caribbean, Part 2: The Bahamas. Brent Swancer July 31, 2014. In the first part of this series, we covered the mysterious hidden animals of Cuba. Our next stop on our cryptid journey is the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. The Bahamas is a sovereign island nation located east of the Florida Keys and is comprised of around 700. Supposedly, there is a huge underwater pyramid between the islands of São Miguel and Terceira in the Azores. The pyramid was first discovered by Diocleciano Silva. A Portuguese sailor claims to have discovered a large underwater pyramid, between the islands of Sao Miguel and Terceira, in the Azores

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Monster: The Fouke Monster The gist: Being a 7-foot-tall sasquatch who smells really, really, really bad. Story: For those who haven't seen the classic Legend of Boggy Creek (that's the trailer above), let's fill you in on some background: The Fouke Monster is a purported hominid cryptid living near the Texas-Arkansas-Oklahoma border (Texarkana) who has red eyes and smells really, really. Meet the creature found by divers in Russia's Loch Ness, famed for legends of monsters. Aware of accounts of mysterious relic reptiles lurking in the deep, here are the first pictures from a record breaking dive. The water in Labynkyr was +1, +2C under the ice; air temperature was about minus 50C with occasional wind 6. Strange Creature Filmed in The Deep. This bizarre footage was captured by a research vessel at an ocean depth of around 3700 feet. The camera begins to focus on a black, circular object as it drifts along with the ocean currents The phenomena of cryptids is just the newest iteration of this fascination, though our modern age has added a scientific veneer onto these hidden monsters. With that being said, I wanted to expand this list of state cryptids out beyond the European American legends to include mysterious beasts form other cultures of the North American continent. As the story goes, it was just another beautiful day on August 21, 1955, where a small group of people decided to have a good time, swimming in the Ohio River. Darwin Johnson, her kid and friend, Chris Lamble. All of them, just trying to enjoy themselves, until some fiend decided to ruin Mrs. Johnson's leisurely swim

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Underwater, face to face with a peaceful anaconda Giant Anaconda and Other Cryptids: Fact or Fiction? Amazon River Anaconda jungle giant anaconda giant snake monster snake. Nov 19, 2011. grimbitch liked this . theguyfromjurassicworld reblogged this from wegowillingly-blog.. Marie Tharp's historic maps of underwater topography reimagined two-thirds of the Earth. Suzanne O'Connell July 30, 2020. coral reefs. Turning On the Lights in the Ocean's Twilight Zone A cryptid is a creature or plant whose existence is suggested but has not been officially recognized by science, or is considered extinct, but are reported being seen from time to time. A cryptid is often thought of as a legend or dismissed as a myth or hoax. Famous creatures like Bigfoot, and Nessie remain a mystery Cockatrice. Caladrius - white bird with healing powers (Roman) Cetan - hawk spirit (Native American - Lakota tribe of North and South Dakota) Chalkydri - heavenly creatures of the Sun ( apocryphal writings) Chamrosh - body of a dog, head & wings of a bird (Persian Myth) Chol ( Biblical mythology ) - regenerative bird

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Bloop. The Bloop is the name given to an ultra-low frequency and extremely powerful underwater sound detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration several times during the summer of 1997. The source of the sound remains unknown. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted Underwater cameras, aerial satellites with cameras, and drones with cameras can be used to photograph these animals and any other cryptids. No one should go in the water and no one should go near these animals. These animals are super dangerous and have a reputation for aggression. Let the underwater cameras and drones with cameras do all the work Tags cryptid Cryptozoology giant animals giant cryptids giant sharks Megalodon modern mysteries mysteries at sea shark attacks Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer's first intellectual loves A list of Wisconsin Cryptids. 1. The Beast of Bray Road. The mysterious oddity is said to wander about the area of Bray Road located just outside of the town of Elkhorn. This werewolf cryptid has had several sightings in the 1990s with local newspapers reporting on the topic and even eventually gaining some national news attention as the most. The Ningen, Explained. [*] Ningens are humanoid creatures that live in the icy waters near Antarctica. Ningens are humanlike and are completely white in color. Some people think they are an undiscovered species of apes who are able to breathe underwater. Sometimes Ningens appear to have a mermaid tale or other fins on their bodies, while others. The US Navy has picked up fast-moving UFOs underwater weeks before the Pentagon's UFO report is made public. It has been claimed that experts or current technology cannot explain the sightings. According to Washington Examiner's Tom Rogan, the Navy has located sonar data, which proves the mysterious and unexplained encounters