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  1. Hundreds of Trendy Fashion Frames at the Lowest Prices! Easy Online Orderin
  2. Easy online ordering and top-quality reading glasses delivered right to your door. All orders are carefully & hygienically packed by our small team of dedicated employees
  3. High Index 1.74 lenses are the thinnest, flattest, and most cosmetically appealing lens ever developed. These ultra thin lenses are nearly 50% thinner than plastic and 5% thinner than 1.67 high index lenses, offering you the ultimate in technology and cosmetics. The thinner lens is much more flattering, reducing the distortion that high.
  4. Buying Prescription Glasses Online All About Quality If you're looking for high-quality prescription eyeglasses, EyeBuyDirect offers handcrafted eyewear made from a variety of materials — from acetate and plastic, to metal and titanium
  5. Metal frames for high prescriptions. Our ultra thin, 1.74 index lenses are here, so you can finally wear frames like Neil and the rest of the metal gang. Handy for prescriptions above +/-4 dioptres and necessary between +/-6 and +/-10 dioptres. Find out more here >

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  1. Buy Prescription Glasses Online. Still worried where to buy spectacles? GlassesShop offers you prescription glasses online with more than 1000 fashion styles of frames to choose from. Using our virtual try-on feature to choose the frames that fit your appearance and provide you with the compliments you deserve. Our high-quality lenses give you.
  2. Eyeglasses Zenni offers a large selection of affordable, high-quality prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women, and kids
  3. Buy Prescription Glasses Online When you buy glasses online, it can be difficult to get a feel of the frame and style.After all, you don't have the same hands-on shopping experience as when visiting an optician. That is exactly why 39DollarGlasses is the easiest and most convenient way to buy prescription glasses online. At 39DollarGlasses, our team has developed various innovative online.
  4. Buying eyeglasses, sunglasses, and prescription sunglasses online. At FramesDirect.com, you'll find the largest online selection of authentic designer frames from top-selling makers, including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Michael Kors, Gucci, and many others, at a fraction of the cost you'd pay elsewhere. Find frames in every conceivable color.
  5. A pair of tinted sunglasses lenses start at $97. You upload your prescription online, pick the type of lens you want, and then Lensabl sends you a box with a prepaid return shipping label. You.
  6. The best online prescription glasses stores also accept vision insurance or funds from flexible spending or health savings accounts, so if you're looking for a way to use up FSA or HSA dollars.

Sunglasses that can accommodate high prescriptions of plus or minus 4.00 or high cylinder powers or high astigmatism power. Sunglasses offer wrap coverage without any distortion in high prescription by utilizing 6 base frames or inserts Shop high-quality prescription eyeglasses & sunglasses at affordable prices. Free shipping and returns. 100% fit guarantee. Online Prescription Glasses, Sunglasses, Eyewear and Frames | Yesglasse

High prescription glasses are relatively thinner and lighter and they are recommended for astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness. If you are nearsighted and your value is lower than -5.00, you have high nearsightedness and you need high prescription glasses. The same goes for the farsighted if your value is greater than +5.00 Eyeglasses. Prescription eyeglasses, starting at $95, with free shipping and free returns. Shop Men Shop Women. Home Try-On. Polycarbonate, 1.67 high-index, 1.74 high-index. Find your lenses. Shop frames anytime, anywhere. Try on glasses from home At Zenni, we offer high-quality, affordable eyewear, not cheap glasses. Our everyday eyeglasses deals include new arrivals, prescription sunglasses, clearance items, discounted glasses, and more. Zenni's all-in pricing includes the frame, basic prescription lenses, anti-scratch coating, and UV protection

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Buy Online prescription glasses frame and power eyeglasses. Check out spectacles with numbers in different colours and styles with Cash on Delivery and 14 day return policy at Lenskart.co Prescription lenses for glasses are easy to buy online, if you follow our simple steps, and you can save more than half the cost compared to retail stores, for the same high quality lenses. In this guide, we are going to walk you through the steps, because the more you know about eyeglasses , the less money it will cost you

Shady Rays? We are able to bring you high quality polarized Sunglasses at a fraction of the price of the big name brands, while also backing them with the best warranty possible. If you lose or break your shades for any reason (seriously, there are no exceptions), we will send you a new, free pair. You just pay a small processing fee of $8.89. That is why we offer a huge selection of quality prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses available to the public at incredible prices starting as low as $5.95. Hear what the press has to say about Marvel Optics. Customers love our low prices and high quality eyeglasses and we have the highest customer repeat rate The advantages of ordering eyeglasses online: 1. You can order eyeglasses from the comfort of your home or workplace at any time of the day. 2. View a huge variety of eyeglass frames at discounted prices, and pick the pair of prescription eyeglasses that best fit your needs, without compromise. 3 The cutting-edge SmartBuyGlasses online store features all the latest designer eyeglasses brands including Ray-Ban eyeglasses , Tom Ford eyeglasses and Gucci eyeglasses. We keep up to date with modern eyewear trends, including the sophisticated, chic Versace eyeglasses. We can provide you with many frames, with or without prescription glasses.

Why choose us? Online since 2005 - well established with over 16 years experience.. Prescription glasses from only $7.95 including lenses & coatings.. FREE lenses & coatings - 60%+ savings compared with the high street.View our lens prices.. 100% satisfaction. Guaranteed - 14 day money back returns. All prescription glasses are made to a very high standard using the same materials as used by. Best Non-Prescription Online Glasses. Shop Now. Price: $95 and up (lenses included) Shipping Info: free for orders over $70, takes 4-9 days plus 1-2 days to process. Return Policy: 14 days.

ThinLenses is the UK's premier supplier of prescription glasses with High Index Lenses, Ultra Thin Lenses, Varifocal Lenses and Transitions Lenses with prices that are 70% cheaper than a high street optician Choose From Our Huge Range Of Prescription Frames & Get A Free Home Trial. Over 100,000 Customer Reviews. 5/5 Average Rating. The Most Trusted Online Glasses Seller Sunglasses. If you need high prescription glasses but still want to hit the waves, slope, grass or any other sports venue, Safety Gear Pro has you covered. We offer popular sport sunglasses such as the WileyX Saber Advanced. These wraparound glasses have a cool frameless design. The lenses are changeable and come in several color options Optical Eyeglasses Online Reading Sun Rx Vint & York brings you the best online selection of vintage-inspired optical quality eyeglass frames for your personal look. Whether you wear prescription glasses all the time, need a fashionable pair of readers, want to protect your eyes with cool shades or simply like to sport non-prescription frames.

High-prescription eyeglasses online (personal experiences appreciated!) February 18, 2015 8:30 AM Subscribe. I have higher-than-average myopia (close to -7). I notice most online eyeglasses makers tend to charge extra for my prescription, which is not a dealbreaker, but makes me wonder whether they are the best option for me Visit our online store to buy high-performance prescription Sunglasses, tactical prescription glasses, and more. Our Eyewear meets ANSI standards to keep your eyes protected

Prescription Lenses . Prescription lenses for glasses are easy to buy online, if you follow our simple steps, and you can save more than half the cost compared to retail stores, for the same high quality lenses. In this guide, we are going to walk you through the steps, because the more you know about eyeglasses, the less money it will cost you!. You can buy a frame with prescription lenses. If you do need to wear glasses with a high negative prescription, you should absolutely take your time to find the best frames for you. Without doing so, you may come across a situation where you need to concentrate on a certain task, yet your glasses feel extremely uncomfortable or ill-fitting Getting glasses online with high prescription? General. Hello all, I have a question; Since it's impossible to provide the OC measurement when buying glasses online. And I understand that OC measurement isn't important when getting single vision lenses, and even most in-store optician don't even measure that. If it a bad idea if I have. A common problem for people who wear glasses with a very high prescription strength is a lack of selection when it comes to frames. As you increase the curvature of lenses, they become thicker. With higher prescriptions, lenses grow so thick that they can come in contact with the eyelashes or face, and extremely thick lenses are also difficult. Buy prescription glasses, sunglasses & contacts online. Eyeconic is your source for high-quality frames & contact lenses. Now accepting VSP, MetLife & more

High Prescription Wrapped Sunglasses have historically created a Fishbowl Effect that made it impossible for many people with higher prescriptions to get acclimated to these lenses. New Free-Form Digital lens technology allows us to put higher prescriptions in wrapped sunglasses without creating this peripheral distortion Prescription Eyeglasses. If you're looking for prescription eyeglasses, you're in the right place. We have the web's largest selection of eyeglasses for men , eyeglasses for women and eyeglasses for kids. We also understand that buying prescription glasses online can be a challenge, so we've developed a smooth and simple process to help you select the best eyeglasses for you

Buy Designer Eyeglasses Online. Find the look you want in the Visionworks collection of designer eyeglasses. We've got top name brands to choose from, including Nike, Ray-Ban, Guess, and Salsa. Make it simple to buy eyeglasses online by using the filters above to browse glasses frames by category, gender, brand, price, color, lens type, and more Best Overall: Warby Parker. Buy on Warbyparker.com. Warby Parker, which was founded in 2010, has become one of the most well-known online retail stores for glasses, and for a reason. Before even asking you to commit to purchasing a pair, the retailer will send up to five pairs to your front door free of cost We aim to provide you prescription safety glasses that offer high wearability. To ensure this, we design products that not only look stylish, but also offer an optimal fit for all-day comfort. Our ANSI Z87.1-2010 safety glasses are available in assorted colors to appeal to a variety of users

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Voogueme offers prescription glasses online at discount prices. Buy high quality eyeglasses with free lenses with free shipping worldwide. Shop for the latest eyewear at Voogueme At Rx-Safety prescription safety glasses, lenses can be made of a variety of materials, including polycarbonate, trivex, high index 1.67 and 1.74, and standard real glass. In addition to the lens material, we offer a variety of lens coatings and tints that will be effective for single vision and multifocal lenses on your safety glasses Polarized prescription lenses using NuPolar ™ technology: Maximum glare protection and visual sharpness that generates high performance vision at any condition.. Transitions® Lenses: Enjoy both worlds with prescription sun lenses and clear prescription lenses in one. Transitions® lenses convert to prescription sunglasses outdoors and to clear prescription eyeglasses indoors

A pair of OSHA-approved prescription safety glasses are noticeably thicker than non-approved glasses. The lenses on safety eyeglasses are stronger than the lenses in fashion eyeglasses. OSHA isn't the only organization that has high standards for protective workplace eyewear. The American National Standards Institute also has benchmarks of. That was even with huge prescription with Ultra High Index 1.74 (50% Thinner) and anti-scratch and anti-glare coating. My prescription is -7.00 and -7.50 so the High Index is a necessary evil for me. I went with 40% thinner than standard on the Radiant Orchid glasses and could not really tell the difference between 50% thinner on the round pair. Don't Buy Glasses Online if You Have a Strong or Complicated Prescription. Emily Price. 2/16/20 9:00AM. 59. 1. Image: Shutterstock ( Sarinya Pinngam / EyeEm) When you're buying new glasses. Oakley Authentic Prescription lenses are made with Stealth™ technology, an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare and repels smudges, allowing your eyewear to stay cleaner for longer. Oakley provides a wide range of materials across a broad design spectrum to deliver the best solution for you. SHOP SUNGLASSES Starck Eyes SH2031. $390 $312 With PREMIUM20 coupon. Or $104 x 3 Interest - Free Payments. Size: Large ( 54-18-140

Most prescription sunglasses correct your vision but obscure the brilliant world around you. We created MauiPassport prescription sunglasses to help you see more of the world's vibrant beauty. Utilizing digital lens design and cutting-edge direct surfacing technology, our MauiPassport lenses deliver the widest possible field of view for. High and Complex. Complex prescriptions made right here in Cambridgeshire. With over 30 years experience of lens manufacturing and a friendly team of eyewear experts, All Eyes can help you choose the most appropriate spectacle frames and lenses, so whether you suffer from high myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism or any other complex eye conditions, we can deliver on quality, comfort, style and.

GalssesShop offers prescription sunglasses Online, buy discount designer sunglasses at 75% OFF! Free Shipping on all orders over $49 Why Buy Sport Glasses Online At Spex4less? Here at Spex4less provide high quality specialist prescription sports glasses.For over 10 years we have been helping sports men and women achieve perfect vision to enhance their sporting abilities and enjoyment of their sport Such premium prescription glasses can set you back a couple hundred dollars at many traditional retailers. But at 39DollarGlasses, we take pride in living up to our name by offering high-quality prescription glasses for men, at up to 70% off of what you would pay at a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Our glasses start at prices as low as $39 Recommended for anyone with a strong prescription (+/-4.0 or higher total power), 1.67 high-index lenses are up to 20% thinner than polycarbonate lenses. These cost an additional $30. 1.74 high-inde

Prescription sunglasses offer UV protection and polarized prescription sunglasses cut harsh glare that bounces off snow, water, and flat road. Don't wait another day - the vision you need in a frame you love is just a click away. Buy Sunglasses & Prescription Sunglasses Online. A SportRx optician is not your average optician Buy High Quality And Affordable Prescription Cycling Glasses Online. Shop Our Best Value Prescription Cycling Glasses And Enjoy Exclusive Prescription Cycling Glasses Discounts And Free Global Delivery On Prescription Cycling Glasses #64870D | Cici Buying eyewear should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket. Glasses, sunglasses, and contacts—we've got your eyes covered. Save 15% on your first contacts order. Choose your brand, prescription, and quantity, and we'll apply the savings to the contacts in your cart. Find your brand

Unisex child Non-prescription Glasses Frame Clear Lens Kids Eyeglasses. 4.2 out of 5 stars 11. $16.00 $ 16. 00. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon (some sizes/colors) Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 14. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 4 left in stock - order soon Selection: EyeBuyDirect is a great place to buy low-cost prescription sunglasses online. The site offers sunglasses frames for men and women starting at $19. Since frames often cost more than prescription lenses, choosing affordable frames is a good way to save. Shipping and returns: You'll receive your order in seven to 14 business days

Buy Glasses Online from the UK's favourite Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses retailer Since 2008, Perfect Glasses has provided British consumers with high quality optical frames and prescription sunglasses The Vault @ eyeglassX.com: Get exclusive daily deals on high-end eyewear, frames or glasses. Shop for your lenses at up to 70% Off. Free Shipping Available Prescription Eyeglasses; Prescription Sunglasses; Shields. View All; Football Shields; Hockey Shields; Sunglasses. View All; Best Sellers; High to Low PRESCRIPTION 8 Colors Customize now. Plazma $214.00. PRESCRIPTION 26 Colors Customize now. Holbrook™ $183.00. PRESCRIPTION 5 Colors. Savitar $278.00. PRESCRIPTION. Glasses & Sunglasses - Prescription Eyewear from Eyewear Canada. Welcome to EyewearCanada.com, here you can buy cheap eyeglasses with high quality at discounted price. Choose your eyeglass frames & lens, fill in your prescription, and you will get your cheap prescription glasses delivered to your door. We sell cheap glasses from just $9.00 Are you a male runner who wears prescription and never thought you could get high-performance frames for your next run? SportRx has you covered with 5 styles..

Ray-Ban Oakley Gucci Glasses Tom Ford Glasses Costa Sunglasses Versace Glasses Prada Glasses Champion Glasses Persol All Brands Explore Vision Insurance UnitedHealthCare FSA/HSA Student Discount Affiliate Program Referral Program Prescription Scanner Try On Glasses Online Our light-weighted sunglasses and high quality lenses keep you comfortable throughout the day. Whether you are looking for Rx sunglasses for women or men, consider CA Glasses the best destination for shopping online. Check out our new collection available at an amazingly low price Prescription glasses are available with single vision, bifocals, varifocals, blue reflect and as sunglasses. Extra costs apply for blue light coating and transitions lenses Trifocal glasses, however, are not appropriate for everyone. Other types of glasses include: Standard eyeglasses. Standard eyeglasses are the most common type of corrective eyewear prescribed for many different vision problems. A single vision prescription is made on the lens of regular glasses. Bifocals

We include the following with your new prescription glasses. Free anti-reflection lenses. FREE single vision lenses including coatings (frame style & prescription dependent). Full lens price list here. Free worldwide delivery. Spend over $69.58 and we'll ship your order free of charge from the UK to anywhere in the world Our prescription glasses feature high quality and fashionable designs with lenses made in our own UK based laboratories, carefully overseen by qualified professionals. With the entire collection available online, you can buy your glasses direct when you need them, delivered to your door for a hassle-free buying experience High Prescription Safety Glasses. A common problem for people who wear glasses with a very high prescription strength is a lack of selection when it comes to frames. As you increase the curvature of lenses, they become thicker. With higher prescriptions, lenses grow so thick that they can come in contact with the eyelashes or face, and. We can currently fill designer prescription glasses online with a spherical value (SPH) between -6.00 and +4.00 up to a -/+2.00 cylinder (CYL). If you have astigmatism, we need both your cylinder and axis values in order to fulfil your Rx. If you need a prescription, you can obtain one by scheduling an eye exam with your local eye doctor.

Since fashion eyeglasses have become the very fashion item, Firmoo are willing to be helpful on your way to fashion. Firmoo offers a huge collection of high fashion eyeglasses and frames for men and women. And those eyeglasses are made according to the eyeglasses fashion trends 2011, e.g.: retro vintage, oversized, plastic, horn rimmed, etc. at the lowest possible prices, including non. Buy stylish and cheap glasses online, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, prescription glasses and glasses frames. We provide all kinds of glasses, such as cat-eye glasses, blue light glasses and reading glasses Luckily, there are many fashionable, flattering eyewear options to flatter your face shape and meet your prescription needs. Other Considerations for Best Frames for High Prescriptions Beyond the world of full-rim vs. rimless glasses, you also need to consider the shape and size of your frames Prescription glasses start at $199, while non-prescription sunglasses are available as low as $120. Free U.S. shipping and returns are also available. Add to cart : Sexy Specs , See 2952 , See. Sports glasses practicing innovation. The collection of sports glasses and sports eyeglasses on our online shop are made from a wide range of high tech materials, making them ideal for any kind of sport possible. Whether your activities are suited to high density plastics or technologically advanced titanium, we have glasses that will suit you

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Enjoy the largest selection of prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses online. Starting at just $19. Order now for FREE shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee Womens Glasses. Buy Glasses Online in South Africa. Stylish prescription glasses and sunglasses online from R19. It's simple, you either love your new glasses and sunglasses, or get your money back. New Arrivals R21 onwards. Rimless Glasses R21 onwards. Sunglasses R39 onwards. Designer Glasses R69 onwards

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High index lenses are typically recommended for individuals who require a strong eyeglass prescription for common vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. In the past, individuals with such strong prescriptions were left with coke bottle glasses Cheap glasses online. Buy $6.95 Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses Online. We provide high-quality eyeglasses and cheap glasses frames. Shop cheap eyeglasses online now When you buy prescription glasses online from Optically, you are buying directly from an optical lab. This is why our eyeglasses are affordable when compared to high-street eyewear retailers. All the prices mentioned on our website include the optical frame and standard single vision lenses for distance or reading use

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Prescription Shooting Glasses and Tactical Sunglasses from ADS Sports Eyewear are surfaced with a new Free-Form Digital lens technology to provide the best vision possible, and the most distortion-free peripheral vision. Unique accommodations can be made for shooters who require progressive lenses to focus on their front sight. First responders who require ANSI Approved safety glasses for. The base curve of frames can determine whether lenses with high diopters or prescription powers fit. Safety glasses frames are available with either a 6-Base or 8-Base curve. If you have a high-power prescription, you may want to avoid wraparound frames. Check to see whether frames are high RX compatible Astigmatism is a vision condition that causes blurred vision due either to a misshapen cornea or sometimes because of an irregular curvature of the lens inside the eye. Problems with either the cornea or the lens prevents light from focusing properly on the retina. When this happens, vision becomes blurred and/or distorted at any distance Order your prescription glasses online and in-store for just $95. We are excited to offer QUAYRx at select stores, find your nearest location here. For online orders, you'll receive your prescription glasses within 12-14 days after your prescription is validdated

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Online Eyeglass Prescriptions. Whether you get glasses from a local shop or the Internet, you need a current prescription. You can get one from an ophthalmologist (a medical doctor who specializes. One of the most awarded sunglasses in the running space, the Phantom includes fingerprint-resistant mirror lenses, corrosion resistance thanks to its titanium construction, and a sweat-proof grip—plus plenty of style. . Hand it to Roka for knowing how to make sunglasses aimed at go-fast jocks that are truly stylish and—better yet—fun. Before buying glasses online, you can find frames locally or use a website that will let you try them on at home, like Glasses.com, which sells designer frames and will send you one pair of.

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If you're unsure of your child's frame size, you can order our FREE home try on kit to make sure they are the perfect fit before you buy your infant prescription glasses! Sort Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to ne Regarding lens materials for your prescription glasses, you can choose between high-index lenses, polycarbonate lenses, CR-39 plastic lenses, Trivex lenses, and even glass lenses. Glass does provide the clearest vision but is much more fragile and heavy than plastics and tends to be less desirable for those reasons Prescription Sunglasses, Safety Glasses, Goggles, and Eyeglasses. Are you looking for some awesome prescription eyewear? You've come to the right place. Whether you're hitting the hiking trails, hopping on a bike, or working in a factory, we have an incredible selection of prescription eyewear that can be custom-tailored to your needs

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The thickness of prism lenses will vary by prescription, but generally speaking, they are not very thick-certainly not noticeably thicker than other prescription glasses. A very high prism prescription may be noticeably thicker towards the bridge of the nose, but using high index lenses can ensure a thin, lightweight lens Unfortunately, you can't order prescription glasses online from Sam's Club. In fact, Sam's Club doesn't provide a lot of information online about its optical centers. While you'll find great prices on frames and lenses in-store, you won't be able to see the available selection or estimate the cost by shopping online Our premium quality prescription glasses and our sunglasses are made with high quality lenses and frames. Even with superior workmanship, you can still save an amazing 80% by ordering our eyeglasses today. Prescription-Glasses.com Makes it Easy to Buy Your Eyeglasses Online Select glasses that flatter your face as you focus on the savings Shop affordable, high quality glasses and prescription eyewear online. Choose from a wide variety of popular frames, colorful lenses, and other customizations

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The advice I'd impart to a friend is: If you have a high prescription, or a new prescription, or a difficult-to-fit face, don't buy online. Further reading The Best Blue-Light Glasses You can also choose a pair of designer sunglasses. We are authorised dealers of top brands of designer glasses and sunglasses online including Carrera, Esprit, Benetton, Police, Guess, Gucci, Safilo, Polaroid and many more. You can save upto 70% of high street prices when you buy designer glasses or prescription sunglasses online Wraparound Safety Glasses. Our in-house line of wraparound prescription safety glasses is functional, stylish, and perfect for protecting you from harsh elements outdoors. At VS Eyewear, we take special care to ensure that we are creating the highest quality wraparound eyeglasses for our customers. No detail is too small

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Women's stylish eyeglasses with free prescription lenses included & free in-home try-on. $0 shipping and returns—find eyeglasses you love. Delight Guaranteed Prescription Safety Glasses RX-15011. For safety glasses that still give you that hipster vibe, the RX-15011 from Rx-Safety fits the bill perfectly. With permanent side shields, this ANSI Z87-certified frame has a fully adjustable nose piece to ensure a snug, comfortable and secure fit Luckily, shopping for prescription eyeglasses online doesn't require a life-defining tragic event or a triumphant return to Pride Rock. It just requires a little research and know-how. It just. Product Title Maui & Sons Men's Prescription Glasses, MS 500 -- Grey Average Rating: ( 1.0 ) out of 5 stars 1 ratings , based on 1 reviews Current Price $37.06 $ 37 . 06 List Price $46.32 $ 46 . 3 The EyeBuyDirect BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE Sale is back! Effective Monday, February 18th and running through Thursday, February 28th, you can find high quality prescription eyeglasses starting at $14.95, lenses included, and get 2 FOR THE PRICE of 1

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Payne Glasses from $5.95. At $5.95, San Francisco-area startup Payne Glasses (PG) clocks in at the absolutely lowest priced complete pair of glasses I could find online. This price includes includes 1.56 standard, single-vision prescription lenses, anti-scratch, anti-reflective / anti-glare coatings, and 100% UV protection RueDeWakening Fri 16-Dec-11 23:01:26. I got my glasses from here, they were very good and arrived pretty quickly too. It worked out at £70 or so for frames with high index lenses plus anti-glare and anti-scratch at (almost exactly) your prescription plus a correction for astigmatism. My lenses are about 3mm thick and plastic, so they're lighter Prescription Glasses Sunglasses Online | Zenni Optical. This color is out of stock. Sign up for an email reminder when this color is back in stock by clicking on the image. CONTINUE. CAD $24.95. CAD $0.00 Why Buy Prescription Sunglasses Online? Blog Prescription Sunglasses. Nov, 25, 2017 by Bestpriceglasses.com Prescription sunglasses are an important accessory whose main use is to protect your eyes from the dangerous UV rays of the sun. The right pair will help you enhance your personality and at the same time it will also ensure perfect vision