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I have been told if it's clear I'll just be referred back to M.E clinic, that I'll hear mri results through a letter. Keep trying to put it to the back of my mind, but so hard. I may write. Thank you x. Inactive_User. 25 March 2021 22:58 #5. P.s sorry Andy that you were told in such a casual way, must have been hard x. Hi my sister went for an MRI scan a few weeks ago for ms we were told the consultant would send out an appointment to discuss the results. I have just had my sister on the phone in tears she has a letter which says things like white matter changes in demyelination, prominent canal and minor disk bulge, syrinx of the spinal cord etc and that she. It took 9 days for radiologist to actually send the results over to consultant and then him another three weeks to arrange the phone call. Last time I had letter advising of the results and a call a around 2 months after to arrange follow up mri. Just scared with it being different this time and him telling me over phone and not letter Depends on the hospital, part (s) of the body being scanned, how urgent the scan was requested, how the results were communicated, how busy the radiologists were, whether any abnormalities were identified, how long it takes for the secretaries to type up the letter, whether you had it as an inpatient or outpatient etc. etc

I had an MRI of my head and neck and it took about three weeks to get the results in a letter (nothing to worry about in the end). That was a scan requested as 'urgent' by my GP. Is it your own scan you're concerned about? Add message | Report. boble1 Tue 10-Mar-20 22:00:05. Hell The results will be sent to the doctor who referred you. If you make an appointment 2 weeks after your scan, your results should be available. For urgent problems, the results will be available sooner. If you are an inpatient, the results will be given to the doctors looking after you on the ward. Useful Links: Cardiac Stress Perfusion MRI Sca When my dad had to go for the results of his MRI the letter did not mention taking anyone (i dont think) so he went alone, this was when he was told it was almost conclusive it was cancer, but they did not or could not say where it was for certain due to the issue of the pancreas not showing properly on the MRI. All they would say that there. The MRI is for a separate issue, but it's been 3 weeks since I had the scan and no letter yet. My friend had the same scan at the same place last year and got her results in 2 weeks. I'm wondering at what point I need to phone someone up and queery when my results will be available

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  1. The process after an mri involves a radiologist reviewing the test, sometimes discuss with another consultant if anything not 100% clear. This usually happens with 48h of SCs ning, hence the quick call if anything suspicious. What takes a lot of time is the typing of the results which will be dictated. Its 100s of letters a day
  2. Had an MRI a few weeks back and just phoned for results. Secretary said they couldn't give out results over the phone, which I understand. I said so is there no information you can give me? and she said hold on, I'll just have a look at them. She then came back and said yes, as I said, there's no info I can give you over the phone
  3. So I have had my mri results today over the phone after ringing up and still not receiving a letter. The secretary said that the mri showed that there are enlarged lymph glands, which I'm not sure what that means really in terms of what's wrong but I am quite worried. Apparently there will be a meeting to discuss in 2 weeks and go from there.
  4. ation. If you have a query Please visit www.intalink.org.uk or phone 0300 123 4050 for detail s of bus and tr ain routes, timetables and fares
  5. After an MRI scan. The radiologist, a doctor experienced in MRI and X-rays, will analyse the images and write a report interpreting the scan. The MRI results are then passed back to the referring doctors, who will explain them to you. Specialised types of MRI. Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRI) - to look at blood vessels
  6. Contact us. Call us on 023 8120 6588 between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Will anything prevent me from having an MRI scan? MRI uses a very powerful magnetic field which can cause you harm if you have anything metallic, magnetic or electrical inside or attached to the outside of your body - please make sure MRI staff are made aware of this
  7. Our online medical team will refer you and will provide medical recommendations for onward referral once we have received the results of your MRI scan. Partnered with over 200 scanning locations We are partnered with over 200 MRI scanning centres throughout the UK

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Cancer Research UK is a registered charity in England and Wales (1089464), Scotland (SC041666), the Isle of Man (1103) and Jersey (247). A company limited by guarantee. Registered company in England and Wales (4325234) and the Isle of Man (5713F). Registered address: 2 Redman Place, London, E20 1JQ Sample MRI Reports » MRI Brain without contrast » MRI Knee » MRI Lumbar Spine » MRI Lumbar Spine Felxions & Extensions [1] » MRI Lumbar Spine Felxions & Extensions [2] » MRI Neck » MRI Wrist [1] » MRI Wrist [2] Support CALL US. 888-733-9674 888-SEE-XMRI. Subscribe to ou Your prostate biopsy results will show how aggressive the cancer is - in other words, how likely it is to spread outside the prostate. You might hear this called your Gleason grade, Gleason score, or grade group. To work out your risk, your doctor will look at your PSA level, your Gleason score and the T stage of your cancer

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COMMUNICATING MAMMOGRAPHY RESULTS TO WOMEN The following seven sample letters were developed by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR), as guidance for communicating results t MRI OF THE BRAIN WITH AND WITHOUT CONTRAST: TECHNIQUE: MRI was performed of the brain prior to and following the administration of IV gadolinium utilizing standard protocol. No prior study is available for comparison. CLINICAL INFORMATION: The basilar cisterns, ventricular system and cortical sulci appear unremarkable for a 67-year-old patient. The visualized mastoid air cells and paranasal. At Pall Mall Medical, you can book a private MRI scan without any NHS referral needed. We can organise appointments for a single area or multiple MRI scans with expert diagnosis of any injury, condition or just for peace of mind. Prices start from £400 using at our state-of-the-art, purpose-built Hospital in the North West with easy access. MRI Knee Indicated (9) - (Following X-Ray)In patients over 50 a plain film should be performed before requesting MRI as this can highlight joint degeneration. Ankle and Foot. Ankle and foot symptoms. Specialist referral. MRI should be used selectively and normally only requested by a specialist clinician. Shoulder

However, the interpretation of MRI results is not clear cut. The machine provides a view inside the body, but it is up to human eyes and the judgment of the radiologist to analyze what the machine has recorded. Help Ensure the Accuracy of Your Exam with an MRI Second Opinion. For the best diagnostic results, you need an MRI second opinion Last time I was in the x ray dept I asked the receptionist how I could get copies of all my X rays and scans. She called in the lady in charge and I was told to just write her a letter asking for them. The cost was £15 and I got them all on a CD. Of course that's only scans done at that hospital; any done elsewhere weren't included • Test results, such as blood and urine tests, peak low readings for breathing dificulties. • X-rays and scans. • Notes about your appointments with doctors and nurses at your surgery. • Letters from hospitals, community nurses, such as district nurses, podiatrists and other medical staff that look after you Your MRI scan needs to be studied by a radiologist (a doctor trained in interpreting scans and X-rays) and possibly discussed with other specialists. This means it's unlikely you'll get the results of your scan immediately. The radiologist will send a report to the doctor who arranged the scan, who will discuss the results with you MRI. MRI scans are offered across Tayside and your appointment could be at any of the following three sites - Ninewells Hospital, Perth Royal Infirmary, Stracathro Hospital. Please refer to your appointment letter to confirm the location, date and time of your appointment. Appointments at Ninewells. Monday - Thursday

Results seemed to come in drips and drabs in my area. The 10 days seems to be just what they tell patients to give a rough idea. I discovered this when I queried if it was 10 working or calendar days and no one knew or really had thought about that. They may want you to have a MRI or CT scan as well and that may also determine your treatment. For results/general enquiries for Oxford Road Campus and Trafford call 0161 276 8766, Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 6.30pm. For results/general enquiries for Wythenshawe Hospital call 0161 291 2126. (Last reviewed May 2021 Review sample diagnostic radiology reports from NationalRad's subspecialty radiologists, including MRI, CT, arthrogram, cartigram, musculoskeletal ultrasound and PET-CT. 877.734.6674 leads@nationalrad.com Client Login (for Practices) Second Opinions (for Patients Waiting is the absolute worst! My doctor always schedules my appointment with him 2 or 3 days after any scans and lets me know the results in his office. I would say that since it is an MRI and a CT scan, they will tell you the results in the office so that you can discuss the results and appropriate actions in person. Hoping for good news! TAn

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£30 could process one blood sample, giving researchers crucial information about genes and the immune system. £50 could pay for an hour on a microscope, so scientists can study cells and tissue in greater detail and improve their understanding of the biology of MS. £100 could pay for half an hour of MRI use, so researchers can monitor the success of clinical trials and understand MS in more. According to various sources, the cost of a CT scan in the U.S. can range from $270-$2800 and the cost of an MRI scan can range from $400 to $3500. To understand the reason for these broad price ranges, you need to know what's included in the bill. There are 3 fees included in the bill for imaging studies: 1) the technical fee, 2) the. The MRI Client Support team delivers high-quality service to ensure your success. With live phone support, self-service resources, and tailored Concierge Support options, we give you the flexibility to get the most from your software. Live Support. MRI experts are available for one-on-one consultations to assist in your software inquiries

Introduction. MRI is the most sensitive imaging method when it comes to examining the structure of the brain and spinal cord. It works by exciting the tissue hydrogen protons, which in turn emit electromagnetic signals back to the MRI machine. The MRI machine detects their intensity and translates it into a gray-scale MRI image.. Thus, for describing the MRI appearance of the parts of the. EXAMINATION: MRI Lumbar Spine INDICATION: Chronic low back pain, right lower extremity pain, radiculopathy. TECHNIQUE: Magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbosacral spine is submitted with standard protocol, sagittal and axial T1, T2 and/or gradient echo sequences, without IV contrast. Exam performed on 1. My MRI was unremarkable with no enlargements/ lesions etc.It turns out my pancreatic protocol CT Scan picked up a small bowel wall thickening but the MRI was clear. At the time of the MRI results were given to me the gastro doc said that he was booking me for a non urgent endoscopy (NHS) to test for celiacs ( already had bloods for this which. Usually, an MRI test is ordered by a specialist such as a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon. If the MRI test is ordered by a surgeon or a specialist, then there are many chances that the results for the MRI test would also be interpreted by those doctors or surgeons who ordered for the MRI test or for the MRI scan

MRI results show bulging discs: what are my options? Posted by saleha59 @saleha59, Oct 22, 2020. I recently learned I have some bulging discs again (past history of this 2 decades ago, HAD totally numb feet back then). I also have a vertebrae out of place. All are pressing on spinal cord (worse with the lower vertebrae) A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI )exam is among the most powerful diagnostic tools for detecting many types of illnesses. Your doctor ordered an MRI exam because he wanted to make sure you had the best diagnostic care possible, leading to the best treatment, if treatment is needed. An MRI second opinion is an important part of that process

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an important tool for diagnosing and evaluating diseases. The process can be summarized as induction of protons by a magnetic field, followed by excitation with radio frequency pulses and subsequent readout with receiver coils. Outpatients and day patients. If you have an appointment in a hospital or clinic but do not need to stay overnight, it means you're being treated as an outpatient or a day patient. You may be having an appointment for treatment, diagnosis or a procedure. Before your appointment, you'll receive a letter, email or text message from the hospital.

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  1. MRI scanners make images like slices through the body. MRI scanners use very strong magnetic fields and radio-waves to take images. The actual process is very complex. Do MRI scanners use x-rays? No. Unlike many other imaging devices in hospitals, MRI scanners don't use x-rays. As a result, you won't get any x-ray dose from having an MRI scan
  2. Shields provides MRI, PET/CT, and ambulatory surgery services to patients at more than 30 locations in New England. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, provider expertise, and affordability, Shields prioritizes the patient experience above all. Shields offers high-field open-bore MRI machines that allow for greater patient comfort while maintaining clear images
  3. An MRI machine itself is a long tube that you lay down in and take pictures of your insides. In the case of lower back pain, an MRI creates a detailed image of your spine and can pick up injuries, or other changes that may happen as you age. This allows doctors an inside look as to what may be causing your back pain
  4. www.uhs.nhs.uk Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatographic (MRCP) scan We have given you this factsheet because you have an appointment for an MRI scan. It explains what an MRI scan is and what to expect at your appointment. Your appointment letter will also give you details of your appointment date and other useful information
  5. Self referral CT and MRI scans on many locations. Get Really Fast results. Radiologist report provided, Book your appointment today
  6. g slightly better than the phone.
  7. Unlike x-rays and CT (computerised tomography) scans, MRI scans do not use radiation. An MRI scan to help us find the cause of your problem and the best treatment options for you. MRI scans are particularly good at identifying problems in the spine, brain and joints. A standard x-ray does not give the same level of detail as an MRI scan

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  1. This may be to a GP or at a follow up appointment in Outpatients. Radiographers are not able to give results directly to the patient. Department Opening Hours. Normal opening hours are 08.30am-5.30pm, Monday-Friday. However, we do have extended opening hours in Ultrasound, CT and MRI at weekends and up to 8.00pm on evenings
  2. ation written in lay terms to all patients within 30 days. The lay letter need only be a summary. It must be a written summary, however; a phone call or verbal communication are not sufficient
  3. Enquire now. 0300 123 6200. Back to top. Enquire now. Or call us on. 0300 123 6200. Your doctor or healthcare professional has recommended an MRI scan because it is the best way to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. YouTube. Nuffield Health
  4. Breast Imaging Resources. The ACR has compiled comprehensive breast imaging resources for you and your patients. Information includes: ACR policy statements. Appropriateness criteria and practice parameters related to breast imaging. Educational products and resources. National Mammography Database. Patient information
  5. MRI is a type of scan that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed images of the inside of the body. It is a painless and safe procedure. The results of an MRI scan can be used to help diagnose conditions, plan treatments and assess how effective previous treatment has been. Preparing for your MRI abdomen or pelvis sca

active suicide intention, positive results in the earliest convenience and family. Vice versa and nvc expedite for her last visit to date was filed his family can ask for information about the processing? Begun assisting his mri technology is taking its parents, and tends to spiral downward into the uk Knee MRI scan. A knee MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan uses energy from strong magnets to create pictures of the knee joint and muscles and tissues. An MRI does not use radiation (x-rays). Single MRI images are called slices. The images can be stored on a computer or printed on film A breast MRI is a safe procedure that doesn't expose you to radiation. But as with other tests, a breast MRI has risks, such as: False-positive results. A breast MRI may identify suspicious areas that, after further evaluation — such as a breast ultrasound or breast biopsy — turn out to be benign. These results are known as false-positives For people with multiple sclerosis (MS), frequent MRI scans are crucial to tracking whether treatments effectively reduce brain and spinal cord lesions. The results inform neurologists. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. An MRI scan uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create pictures on a computer screen. It can show tissues, organs and other structures inside your body. This image is an MRI scan of a brain. The person's eyeballs can be seen at the top of the picture

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September 22, 2020. Getting called back after a screening mammogram is pretty common but can be scary. But getting called back does not mean you have breast cancer. It means that the doctors have found something they wan to look at more closely. If you get called back, it's usually to take new pictures or get other tests Advanced MRI Scans, CT Scans and other Medical Diagnostic Services. Top Mri helps you save money on your medical imaging services and book quicker appointments at diagnostic centres near you. We facilitate high quality medical imaging, diagnostics and radiology services at multiple centres across the UK Take these steps: Ask how soon the results will be ready. When you have a medical test, no matter what kind of test it is, ask how soon the results will be ready. You may be told 10 minutes, two days, or even a week. It's not that you are trying to hurry anyone; you are only managing your expectations. Ask how you will be notified of the results MRI T2-weighted MRI. Prostate zonal anatomy is best demonstrated with MRI. On T2-weighted sequences, the normal prostate can be divided into the peripheral zone, which shows high signal intensity. Number: 0105. Policy. Aetna considers magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), with or without contrast materials, of the breast medically necessary for members who have had a recent (within the past year) conventional mammogram and/or breast sonogram, in any of the following circumstances where MRI of the breast may affect their clinical management:. For individuals who received radiation treatment.

Internet Lifestyle Advisory. Helping you get the life you deserve! Menu and widget Why Is It Taking So Long To Get Mri Results. Oh, good, that leads to my joke about the open mri. i.guim.co.uk. An mri is a test your doctor can use to diagnose and monitor different conditions. Mri scans typically take about one hour to perform. it had a black screen with white letters, blah blah blah, a problem occurred and anyway.

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Bilingualism and multilingualism are highly prevalent. Non-invasive brain imaging has been used to study the neural correlates of native and non-native speech and language production, mainly on the lexical and syntactic level. Here, we acquired continuous fast event-related FMRI during visually cued overt production of exclusively German and English vowels and syllables Mine I have signed to get a copy of the letter going to the docs. If it's got anything like a diagnosis being sent to my gp I will get the same letter so could find out by post!!!. Inactive_User. 25 March 2021 22:03 #6. I was told my MRI results would go to my neuro - my first appointment is this week, but as it happened they went to my GP. Location: UK. I am currently: General Medical Question - Non Urgent - MRI Head Scan. I had my MRI (Head) results back today; kinda. all blood tests get the letter back containing the words please, do not be alarmed which is counter-productive, and is used whatever the results (even if they come back clear) An MRI scan is a non-invasive way of looking inside your body to help diagnose medical conditions and guide treatment. An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner is a short tunnel that is open at both ends. It uses a powerful magnet, radiowaves and a computer to produce images of the internal structures of the body. MRI does no

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Smear borderline 4K29 You will receive a letter direct from the NHS Cervical Screening Programme confirming the result of your smear test. Once you have received the letter, should you have any concerns or queries please ask for a call back with your GP. Smear inadequate 4K21 Smear mild dyskaryosis 4K23 Smear moderate dyskaryosis 4K2 An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan uses a magnetic field rather than x-rays to take pictures of your child's body. The MRI scanner is a hollow machine with a tube running horizontally through its middle. Your child will lie on a bed that slides into the tube. An MRI scan usually lasts between 20 minutes and an hour when I had my biopsy done I had to wait 2 weeks for the results because of xmas and new year holiday. a few days after Christmas I had a letter from the hospital asking me to go in the following week for a review of my results when I got there I was told by the consultant that it was cancer and then told me what they were planning to do, I think each hospital is different in how they give.

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An MRI scan is a safe, painless and non-invasive procedure which captures high-quality images of inside the body. MRI scans are widely used to view the joints, muscles, nerves, bone marrow, blood vessels and other body structures. During an MRI scan, the patient lies down on a table that slides through a large tunnel containing powerful magnets I had an MRI last week of my head (yes, I am definitely claustrophobic, but that's a topic for another thread:scared1: ) . The nurse called today to say that I needed to make an apt to come in and discuss the results with my dr. I explained to her that I just started a new job and don't have.. This is a list of post-nominal letters used in the United Kingdom after a person's name in order to indicate their positions, qualifications, memberships, or other status. There are various established orders for giving these, e.g. from the Ministry of Justice, Debrett's and A & C Black's Titles and Forms of Address, which are generally in close agreement; this order is followed in the list

If you have tattoos, the Mayo Clinic advises asking your doctor whether they might impact your test results, since some darker inks can contain metal. The most important part of having an MRI. An MRI scan creates pictures of the inside of your body using magnets and radio waves; a CT scan uses X-rays. An MRI scan creates more detailed pictures of your soft tissues. An MRI scan doesn't use any radiation, whereas a CT scan does. If you have an MRI or CT scan, you doctor may use a contrast medium (dye) to make the pictures clearer A referral letter is an essential means of communication between primary and secondary care, giving the receiving clinician/department a detailed summary of the patient's presenting complaint and medical history to ensure a smooth transition of care. It is often the only way information is passed from general practice, so it is important to. I need my patient's MRI results FAST. You wouldn't be ordering an MRI if it wasn't essential to find out what's going on with your patient. Getting the MRI results back quickly is a must. A1 Medical Imaging will provide you with a detailed report within 24 business hours from the time your patient is scanned

From that point, it is up to the physician who ordered the MRI scan to share the results with the patient. First, the physician must obtain the radiologist's report; at some medical centers, this can quickly occur through the internet, whereas at smaller clinics it may take a few days to arrive by mail or fax Results. FDA received 1568 adverse event reports for MR systems between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2017. (FDA product code OUO). A device product code is a unique three letter identifier assigned by FDA for a specific device type. The name and product code identify the generic category of a device for FDA. MRI is generally perceived. That sinking feeling of anxiety is something many of us have experienced when waiting for the results of a medical test. Whether it's cervical screening or the results of another type of examination, it is out of our hands - but that doesn't stop the worry from eating away at us, as we imagine the worst case scenario coming true.. Firstly, it's important to recognise that it's normal to feel. Brain MRI scans MRI scans use magnetic fields and radio waves to produce images. An MRI scan of the head produces a detailed image of the brain and brain stem. Why am I having a brain MRI? From your brain MRI scan, doctors can understand whether you've had a stroke or have vascular dementia, or both. It may also be used to investigate whether.

According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Department of Health and Human Service regulations guidelines the doctor or hospital being requested to give medical records may charge a reasonable fee for copying the records. They may also charge for postage if the individual requests the records be sent to a specific address An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan uses magnets to create a detailed picture of your prostate and the surrounding tissues. In many hospitals you may have a special type of MRI scan, called a multi-parametric MRI (mpMRI) scan, before having a biopsy. This can help your doctor see if there is any cancer inside your prostate, and how quickly.

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Usually, test results are easily presented and discussed over the phone. Even if the results are complex and perhaps bring bad news, you can start making a plan of action and arrange to see your doctor in person for a more complete discussion. Make it clear that you want to know the results — even if everything's OK XMRI is a division of SecondOpinions.com, the number one rated online medical second opinions company that is trusted by patients in over 120 countries around the world. XMRI specializes in teleradiology, which is the remote delivery of radiology reports. With a shortage of radiologists around the world, teleradiology is increasingly important.

Charge Nurse in the Radiology Department. On-Call Policy for Interventional Radiology Nursing Staff. Nursing Staffing Plan and Structure. Protocol for Heparin Flush. Protocol for Oral Diazepam and/or Lorazepam for Outpatient Adult MRI, Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound Patients Requiring Oral Sedation. Staffing/Vacation and Holiday Scheduling Some MRI studies will provide you with structural MRI images if you do their study. They definitely won't interpret it, and there's a good chance the MRI they'll do will be absolutely useless for your condition, but you can look around at neuro labs in your area. I'd strongly consider getting over whatever fear you have of a CT & spinal tap Previous MRI scans have had reliability issues but the Prostagram, which identified about 75% of aggressive prostate cancers in volunteers, is the first that is accurate enough to be considered.

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Results. The biopsy samples will be examined by the pathologists and the results are . usually available after 2-3 weeks. You will have an appointment made to come to the cancer centre (even if there was no cancer found) for these results. The Trust provides free monthly health talks on a variety of medical conditions and . treatments GFR - A blood test measures how much blood your kidneys filter each minute, which is known as your glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Urine Albumin - A urine test checks for albumin in your urine. Albumin is a protein that can pass into the urine when the filters in the kidneys are damaged. 3. Explain the progressive nature of CKD and the basics. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan uses magnets and radio waves to produce both two and three dimensional pictures of the inside of your body. It's suitable for every part of the body, including bones, soft tissues (such as blood vessels, ligaments and muscles) and the brain, and so can help to diagnose and monitor many different medical. MRI. An MRI uses a powerful magnet and radio waves to take pictures of your body in slices. These slices are used to create detailed images of the inside of your body, which can show the difference between healthy and unhealthy tissue. When you have an MRI, you lie still on a table that is pushed into a long, round chamber


ii. MRI results confirm meniscal tear in patients < 30 years of age; iii. MRI results confirm displaced tear (any age). 3. Excision of a popliteal/Baker's cyst or exploration of causative pathology may be medically necessary after a failed trial of nonoperative conservative therapy. 4 When it comes to diagnosing most back pain, MRI machines are like Monty Python's medical machinery that goes bing. For back pain, MRI and X-ray are medical machines that make false alarms.. They don't always make false alarms, of course. MRI especially is a miracle technology, no doubt about it — the ability to get clear images of soft tissues deep inside the body is valuable, and. MRI-Scans-Final. Page last updated: 16 October 2019. Share this page. Print this page. Follow us on social media for all the latest news and announcements. Facebook Twitter. Trust Headquarters. Lister Hospital, Coreys Mill Lane, Stevenage, SG1 4AB. Telephone 01438 314333. Services For premenopausal women, the best timing for breast MRI is days 7-15 of your menstrual cycle . For postmenopausal women, breast MRI can be done at any time. For high-risk patients getting both mammography and breast MRI every year for screening, your health care provider may stagger the tests so you get one test every 6 months Objectives To determine prevalence and types of potentially serious incidental findings on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in apparently asymptomatic adults, describe factors associated with potentially serious incidental findings, and summarise information on follow-up and final diagnoses. Design Systematic review and meta-analyses. Data sources Citation searches of relevant articles and.