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Concrete poisoning can kill you if there's no medical intervention. Poisoning occurs when calcium oxide present in cement reacts with water molecules to form calcium hydroxide. Unless it's microscopically cleaned, the burn reaches internal organs, causing multiple organ failure and possible death Prevention of concrete poisoning. It is important that you prevent concrete poisoning in the first place by following these simple requirements: Keep at least 5 to 7 gallons of water for every worker nearby; Keep soap with a neutral pH for workers to wash with. You should not use soaps with alcohol, limonene, lanolin and perfumes Cement poisoning can cause dermatitis, which is a skin irritation that is red and inflamed with small blisters. Cement poisoning can also result in discoloration of your skin, which will progress to painful burns. What are the side effects of eating cement During the process of hydration the concrete hardens and solidifies gaing strength for years. By swallowing smaller chuncks of concrete you would poison yourself so don't do it. Wet concrete can still solidify in your digestive tract and kill you as well. Do not do this either

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  1. Swallowing cement can cause burns of the lips, mouth, throat, and stomach. Initial signs can include drooling, difficulty swallowing, or vomiting. In some cases, cement can harden in the gastrointestinal tract and cause obstruction. What would happen if you ate cement? Swallowing cement can cause burns of the lips, mouth, throat, and stomach
  2. What if you kill the wrong bird? The non-target risks are huge. Federal, state, and local wildlife agencies will jump into action when the first protected bird is killed, and the fines are immense. What if you kill a pet? Not only can the poison intoxicate the bird, but the neighbor's dog might eat it as well
  3. We all know ionizing radiation can be deadly, but how exactly does it damage the body? What does it do on a molecular level? What Does Nuclear Fallout Do To.
  4. If not addressed immediately, the concrete's alkalinity can kill your skin cells. This is called concrete poisoning, and it can be very serious. People who are exposed to concrete can get full skin necrosis and burns. In some rare cases, it's possible to have to amputate the appendage that was dipped in concrete. It's painful, to.
  5. What happens if you eat the oxygen absorber in beef jerky? Elemental iron can cause severe poisoning, even in the small amounts contained in one oxygen absorber packet. 2 It also irritates the gastrointestinal tract and has direct corrosive effects. After ingestion, vomiting (with or without blood) is one of the first signs of poisoning
  6. Early treatment is critical. If you suspect pigs may have ingested any of the poisons above, contact your veterinarian immediately. Blood tests may confirm poisoning. Salt Poisoning . Salt poisoning can occur in pigs either as a consequence of water deprivation or from sudden ingestion of too much salt
  7. Herbicides can kill trees and, properly applied, be safe for the environment. The most environmentally friendly options involve applying herbicide to a specific area of the tree. In some cases, however, the only viable option is to use herbicidal spray. There are five major types of herbicides, only some of which are rated for home or crop use
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1. Chemical Warfare. If you spray a little of these chemicals on the plant, it will die — and usually within a few days. However, it's extremely unlikely that you'll get all the poison ivy the first time you spray, so you'll need to check after a few days and spray whatever bits you missed There is very little you can do about this, you need the concrete for the edge but the grass cannot establish roots in such shallow soil. If you look around most places have the same. Just live with it for now and the grass may knit across a bit in time but it will always be a slightly balder patch than the rest Various medicines are added with no benefit and the fish continue dying. Another cause should be looked for other than disease and this could well be poisoning. There are many innocent ways to add harmful chemicals to your pond. Often a freshly installed concrete waterfall is to blame, or a newly slabbed area adjacent to the pond Studies in people who ingested large amounts of thallium over a short time have reported vomiting, diarrhea, temporary hair loss, and effects on the nervous system, lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys. It has caused death. It is not known what the effects are from ingesting low levels of thallium over a long time Cooking and reheating are the most effective ways to eliminate bacterial hazards in food. Most foodborne bacteria and viruses can be killed when food is cooked or reheated long enough at sufficient high temperature. The core temperature of food should reach at least 75℃. Cook with strong heat rather than low heat

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  1. How to Make a Flower Bed on a Cement Floor. At first glance, nothing seems less likely to host bountiful flower beds than a cement slab. Yet the beauty of building raised beds is that you can grow.
  2. If you eat a fresh harden concrete like after 24 hours it hardened, it can probably cause irritation because during those period there is still on going binding reaction between cement, water and aggregates.It can probably kill you due to on going reaction and your gastric acid will surely go up
  3. ate foodstuffs, scare the kids, and make creepy rat noises.
  4. Staph is a natural bacteria on everyone's skin but when your immune system is weakened the staph can really take over, I believe something in the concrete can weaken your immune system so much it is allowing this to spread. look up MRSA or staph infections/concrete poisoning. Good luck all! Crystal Martinez - Derby, Kansas
  5. Health effects. Cement can cause ill health by skin contact, eye contact, or inhalation. Risk of injury depends on duration and level of exposure and individual sensitivity. Hazardous materials in wet concrete and mortar include: alkaline compounds such as lime (calcium oxide) that are corrosive to human tissue
  6. cement water when I pour, and although I chase them off, they still get some. I never had any problems. What I am hearing from you would be (in a horse), a twisted gut colic. Thats the #1 killer for horses. Now, I know that horses have a unique digestive system, but I would tend to think that dogs can get it too. (only a guess)
  7. If not addressed immediately, the concrete's alkalinity can kill your skin cells. This is called concrete poisoning, and it can be very serious. People who are exposed to concrete can get full skin necrosis and burns. In some rare cases, it's possible to have to amputate the appendage that was dipped in concrete. It's painful, to.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause brain damage and death. You can't see it, smell it, or taste it; but carbon monoxide can kill you. Because carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas, it is known as the silent killer. Carbon monoxide is produced by common household appliances This colorless, odorless chemical can stay in your home — poisoning everyone in it — for weeks after you've been told it's safe to return. And it can attack your brain, destroy your organs and even kill you before you ever realize you're in danger. The pest that won't go away Life as he's known it has been stolen from him. On the other hand, the pufferfish is only lethal if you want to eat it, but if it is well prepared, meaning the venom is taken out, the only thing left is the adrenaline of eating something which could kill you. 5 Polonium. Polonium is a radioactive poison, a slow killer with no cure. One gram of vaporized polonium can kill about 1.5 million.

Can Eating Cement Kill You? - Ceramic

  1. If your poison ivy is itching really bad, here is what you do. Grab a piece of steel wool and rub it vigorously until the rash starts to bleed. The irritant oil is embedded in the upper layer of skin, so if you remove that, problem is solved. --Nick (nicademus8@NOSPAMyahoo.com) submitted 14/Jun/2003. [Top
  2. Most people get silicosis from a workplace where they inhale large amounts of silica dust. Learn more about the causes, risk factors, symptoms, treatments, and how to prevent this lung disease
  3. For a smaller tree stump, you can use the dark-colored bucket for cover. After you have blocked moisture and sunlight, use a weight to keep the cover in place. Expect results in approximately two months or less. You can also employ this method for a weed killer that will not kill grass. Cover weeds with plastic or a bucket
  4. You can find the beautiful variable poison frog (also known as the spash-back poison frog) living in the rainforest of Ecuador and Peru. But don't try looking for it — or at least if you do look.
  5. If you opt for this poison recipe, make sure you keep it away from kids and pets, as it can be harmful to them as well. For mice, crush up the zinc and mix it up with bait. After ingesting the zinc, it will create a toxic gas in their digestive system that will result in death. Ways To Get Rid Of Mice by Budget 101. Cocoa Powder Bai

His hospital diagnosis was CO poisoning. Five workers were treated for CO poisoning after using two 8 horse-power, gasoline-powered, pressure washers in a poorly ventilated underground parking garage. A plumber used a gasoline-powered concrete saw in a basement with open doors and windows and a cooling fan Mercury poisoning is a type of metal poisoning due to exposure to mercury. Symptoms depend upon the type, dose, method, and duration of exposure. They may include muscle weakness, poor coordination, numbness in the hands and feet, skin rashes, anxiety, memory problems, trouble speaking, trouble hearing, or trouble seeing. High-level exposure to methylmercury is known as Minamata disease Chemical Poisoning. Symptoms: Some manufacturers add anti-algae chemicals to the liner which kill fish. Some pools can be used after being filled and left to age in sunlight for a few weeks. If you build a concrete pool for your goldfish, the concrete has to be aged before it can be stocked with fish..

Well, MSDS for cement puts the LD50 (amount to kill 50% of rats dosed) at 2000mg/kg. If a rat weighs 0.5kg then you would need to feed each rat 1000mg of cement to kill 5 out of 10 rats. Since you have put out 600,000 mg there would need to be more than 600 rats eating the cement to bee less than the LD50.So. my guess is you are killing some rats Parker knew, however, that when someone is subjected to radiation poisoning they melt. He describes it as, putting salt on a slug. Tissue is breaking down. Skin just slips off. It'll just go. One day you move your arm and the skin will just fall off. Australian archaeologist and Chernobyl and radioactivity specialist, Robert Maxwell, tells. Bongkrekic Acid Poisoning From Fermented Food. Bongkrekic acid is a deadly poison that is found in fermented food including wet noodles and presscake from China, Indonesia, and Mozambique. Bongkrekic acid attacks the mitochondria and can cause liver failure, kidney injury, and death. There is no safe dose of this poison

Concrete can leach lime into soil, that's why you can sometimes run into trouble if you plant acid lovers like rhodies & azaleas near the foundation of a house. But as long as you're planting things that don't need acidic soil, you should be fine, it won't raise the pH enough to cause problems with most plants Toxicity to pets. Alkaline substances, which are also called bases, have a pH > 7. Exposure to alkalis can result in a range of signs from mild tissue irritation to severe corrosive or caustic injury, and severity can vary based on the concentration of the product. Common household products containing alkaline or basic chemicals include bleach. Hogs are known to eat turkey, quail, pheasant and even eggs, and to kill and consume deer fawn. Many states allow landowners to use whatever methods necessary to kill wild hogs. Here are some methods you, too, can employ to tackle wild hog populations. 1. Hunting. This is actually the least effective form when employed in the traditional way Cement Spilled On Grass: What You Should Know. When cement is split on a lawn it can retard the growth of grass by altering the chemical composition of the soil preventing the uptake of nutrients for healthy growth. Cement can kill lawn grass within 2 to 3 days. The cement contains limestone which is essentially calcium carbonate (CaCO3)

People severely affected by strychnine poisoning are not likely to survive. How you can protect yourself, and what you should do if you are exposed to strychnine. Since ingestion is likely to be the primary route of exposure, if poisoning is suspected, avoid any further ingestion and call 911 immediately Calcium gluconate (a calcium sugar) containing gels, solutions, and medications are used to treat hydrogen fluoride poisoning. How you can get more information about hydrogen fluoride. People can contact one of the following: Regional poison control center: 1-800-222-1222; Centers for Disease Control and Preventio Protein poisoning is due to excessive protein intake without carbs and fat balancing out nutrients. Protein toxicity is the buildup of protein metabolic wastes due to under-functioning kidneys Copper nails are routinely used to kill a tree. This method takes a long time before you see any result. Hammer the nails into the lower part of the tree and push them completely in. You can put up some posters on the tree with the help of copper nails. You can make a hole and insert a copper tube and then cover it up There are many common, daily things that can kill your cat, and some can be found in your own home without you realizing.If you are a new cat owner, or if you're thinking about adopting a cat, it is essential for you to do some research and learn how to identify the most dangerous items, foods and plants for your cat so that you can prevent accidents

HUMANE HINTS: If you are interested in killing a possum, there may be nothing I can say to dissuade you.But in general, it's easier to trap the animal in a cage and relocate it, rather than killing it. Regardless, since relocation is often hard on animals, and you want to kill the problem possum, you may as well do it as responsibly and humanely as possible This gets any dry dust into the mix rather than at the end when you need just a little bit and all you get is that unmixed dust. I also wear a latex glove for the hand that handles the cement. I don't know what 'cement poisoning' is but I've heard you can get it by excess contact so it's a glove for me Can You Put Poison in Holes to Kill Chipmunk? Poison pellets or baits are effective in eliminating chipmunks forever. But these do have their own pros and cons. First of all, while using the fatal baits and poisons you should take precautions while handling them. These can be found by your pets or kids and have severely harm them Recognizing early warning signs of CO poisoning is sometimes difficult because early symptoms of CO exposure (headache, dizziness, and nausea) are nonspecific and may be mistaken for symptoms of other illnesses such as colds, flu, or food poisoning. Confusion and weakness can inhibit a person's ability to escape the hazardous environment

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Mixing ammonia with bleach creates chloramine gas that leads to instant death. Whereas only ammonia leads to dizziness. Here is a step-by-step guide to using bleach and ammonia to kill gophers: Step 1: Cut the gopher hole into two halves with the help of a shovel. The success rate in eliminating gophers without this step is high too BENTO 42 CONCRETE FIRE PIT Electronic Ignition Installation + Owner's Manual Using it in an enclosed space can kill you. Never use this appliance in an enclosed space such as a camper, tent, car or home. poisoning can lead to death! CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING: Early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning resemble the flu, wit by Connie Oswald Stofko Is it safe to use cinder blocks in a raised bed, or might chemicals from the concrete blocks leach out of the blocks to contaminate your soil and food plants you grow there? Can you use pressure treated lumber? Can you grow food plants in the hellstrip, the area between the street and sidewalk? John Farfaglia, extension educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension in. You could pour bleach into the entrance to the burrow. This will deter the rats from going into the burrow and will kill any rats that ingest it. Bleach is an awesome weapon in your battle against rats! Not only will it deter the rats, but it can also kill them (if it is ingested)

Your local poison center can be reached directly by calling the national toll-free Poison Help hotline (1-800-222-1222) from anywhere in the United States. This hotline number will let you talk to experts in poisoning. They will give you further instructions. This is a free and confidential service Picking the right one to make can be a doozy. That said, here are a few pointers that will help you successfully whip up a batch of killer baking soda poison no matter which route you go. Mask The Scent Of The Baking Soda. Whatever you do, make sure that the smell of the sodium bicarbonate is hidden from the rats keen sense of smell

@TheEvilGreebo: Unless you cap the entire yard with concrete I don't think a few concrete plugs are going to stop a determined animal that can just dig another hole. Unless the county inspector specifically requires concrete I wouldn't bother. Plus if you have to do several rounds of this, you're going to end up with concrete all over your yard The typical internal combustion engine used in most cars and trucks, can produce extremely high concentrations of carbon monoxide. Changes in engine design, fuel, and emission control devices have dramatically reduced the emissions of carbon monoxide. Still, operating a motor vehicle introduces risk from carbon monoxide poisoning The symptoms of antifreeze poisoning in cats. Clearly you want to know your cat has been poisoned with antifreeze before this point. The signs and symptoms of antifreeze poisoning in cats can be broken down into 3 stages: Stage 1 starts as early as 30 minutes after consuming the poison and lasts up to about 12 hours post ingestion How Does Mouse Poison Work. The answer to this question depends on which poison is being used. Some poisons affect the central nervous system, some cause Hypercalcaemia which will eventually shut down vital organs, and some stop blood from clotting. This leads to the mouse bleeding to death Mold in homes can be a costly and dangerous problem, particularly when infestations of toxic black mold occur. The symptoms and health effects of black mold exposure and black mold poisoning cover a wide range of health problems, but understanding the indicators can help keep you and your family safe

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  1. Thallium is a tasteless, odorless, and extremely potent poison - acute ingestions of as little as one gram of thallium salt may kill an adult. Thallium is a well-known poison cited in numerous works of fictional literature, but is also a popular real-life agent of murder with worldwide homicidal usage documented since the 1800s. Case presentatio
  2. Our Herbal Formula Is Clinically Proven to Improve Quality of Life. Learn More Today
  3. I told her to send him back with powdered cement and a bag of oatmeal. You can mix the two and put down a bowl of water. They eat it and walk away and there not poisoned. They're part of the food chain. Right -- they're prey for all those wolves, eagles, tigers etc. that are just walking all over the Kandahar camp
  4. It can probably kill you due to on going reaction and your gastric acid will surely go up. 29 Related Question Answers Found Is cement toxic to humans? Cement poisoning can occur if the wet cement comes in contact with your skin. Dry cement contains calcium oxide, which isn't normally dangerous, but when it is mixed with water, it changes to.

In 1990, just standing on the shore for an hour would give you a radiation dose of 600 roentgen, more than enough to kill you. On the plus side, lakefront property is probably really, really cheap My dog ate some cement/concrete (dry mix in a bag that he shredded). She was panting and drank some water (about 1/2 - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website If you can see or smell mould, you need to have it cleaned up and removed immediately, as mould can damage surfaces it grows on. The longer it grows the more damage it can cause. Mould only grows when there is sufficient moisture. When mould appears, the first task is to try to establish where the moisture is coming from. Some causes include If you've heard of Freon causing serious health problems, you might be thinking of a condition known as refrigerant poisoning. This can occur when someone intentionally inhales Freon for a high. Early symptoms include a headache, nausea, dizziness, and irritated eyes, nose, and throat. With continued exposure, the symptoms can progress. Fipronil's LD50 rating is 177, meaning it requires 177 milligrams per kilogram of body weight to kill 50 percent of laboratory animals exposed to it. The level of exposure that causes an observable effect in laboratory animals is a much lower 5 milligrams per kilogram, so even small amounts can cause headache, nausea, dizziness and weakness

The carbon monoxide can also cause retinal haemorrhages that cause blood vessels in the eyes to burst open. Prevention. Carbon monoxide poising can catch you unaware. There are few steps that you can do to ensure that are not affected by the dangerous gas. Don't keep a vehicle running in an enclosed environment like a garage Funnel. Shovel. Once you get everything ready, carefully follow the next steps to kill weeds using diesel fuel: Go to your local gas station and fill the jug with 1 or 2 gallons of diesel fuel. Use the funnel to pour the diesel fuel into the spray bottle. We recommend you do this in your garage, tool shed, or any other place away from plant.

Know that some poisons take almost a week to kill a mouse, and, if the dead rodent is consumed by a pet or another animal, the poison can be transferred. The products below were selected as the. ROBATA 72 & 54 CONCRETE Electronic Ignition Installation + Owner's Manual Using it in an enclosed space can kill you. Never use this appliance in an enclosed space such as a camper, tent, car or home. poisoning can lead to death! CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING: Early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning resemble the flu, wit If you change this to read large amounts of fresh, unleached concrete can kill fish due to alkalosis (high-pH), then you would be correct. Concrete is harmless to fish once it has been leached. How do you leach it? After the concete has cured (30 days), fill the pond with water and add muriatic acid (pool acid) to drop the pH into the upper.

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Texas enabled the worst carbon monoxide poisoning catastrophe in recent U.S. history. A family used their car to stay warm when a storm brought down the Texas power grid. In a state that doesn't. To kill them, poisons are a good idea because you can make it for cheap, and in large quantities, meaning that you can get more coverage in your home to ensure maximum damage. There are many different poison products available, so which one should you pick? Tomcat mouse poison has shown to be an effective option. Go here for more details

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  1. You've probably noticed you don't pass out every time you take a shower. I can't imagine many people showering much, if that were the case. However, it's still pretty likely that you're being exposed to low levels of chloroform in your shower. Even the CDC admits it. (26) This isn't a shock to most people
  2. As an alternative, you can make rat poisons at home from common household items, like cornmeal, plaster of Paris, or flour. Though these are less toxic, you should still keep them out of reach and kids and pets when possible, as they shouldn't be ingested once mixed into poison for the rats invading your home
  3. You can but do not need to call in a mold inspector as there are many online kits you can test for in your mold detox protocol From my research - It has been estimated that up to 25 percent of people have a genetic and immune system predisposition to mold mycotoxins says Dr. Jim Ken Ph.D
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Below, you'll find the steps to kill weeds on your brick patio: Remove all weeds in between pavers. Pack in between the pavers using Polymeric Sand. Make sure you give your patio a good clean wash to remove all signs of the sand. Use either paintbrush or paint roller to apply the Drylok Latex Clear Natural Look Sealer To kill a tree stump with Epsom salts, you'll need: A drill with a long drill bit about 25mm (1) wide. You can use a drill with a spade bit or an auger bit as shown below. An electric drill with spade bit and hand brace with auger bit for drilling a tree stump; A packet of Epsom salt Mix some sugar and powdered chocolate or cocoa powder. Alternatively, you can prepare one of the poison recipes above. Fill the milk just half-way with water. Add some of sugar or poison mixture and screw the lid on. Dig a hole in one of the spots where rats are present. Bury the jug in the hole until it's even with the ground Use of Poison There are no types of poison that can be used to kill a snake. Poisoned Water If the locations of drinking water are limited, this method can work. A mixture of one part 40% nicotine sulphate and 250 parts of water can be made and placed in a shallow tray. Care should be taken to prevent birds and mammals from drinking it Ficus roots can be quite problematic. The tree is known for vine-like surface roots that can smother neighboring plants and crack through concrete sidewalks and building slabs, as well as deeper roots that invade plumbing pipes and septic tanks. Removing ficus tree roots is a multiple-step process

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Poisoning is when a person is exposed to a substance that can damage their health or endanger their life. In 2013-14, almost 150,000 people were admitted to hospital with poisoning in England. Most cases of poisoning happen at home, and children under 5 have the highest risk of accidental poisoning. In around 1 in 4 reported cases, the person. Carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no smell or taste. Breathing it in can make you unwell, and it can kill if you're exposed to high levels. Every year there are around 60 deaths from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in England and Wales. After carbon monoxide is breathed in, it enters your bloodstream. Mercury poisoning symptoms can arise from dental amalgam mercury fillings, also called silver fillings, as they continuously release mercury vapo Use a skin block lotion to protect your skin from poison ivy oil. You can find this at a drugstore without a prescription. Wash clothing after possible exposure: If you think you have been near a poison ivy plant, wash the clothes you were wearing separately from other clothes. Rinse the washing machine well after you take the clothes out For additional treatment advice, contact the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. If you wish to discuss a pesticide problem, please call 1-800-858-7378. How does boric acid work? Boric acid can kill insects if they eat it. It disrupts their stomach and can affect their nervous system. It can also scratch and damage the exterior of insects

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Ivy Dry I have been plagued by poison oak and ivy outbreaks since I can remember. The best treatment, after an outbreak that I have found is a product called Ivy Dry.--Becky fortner ([email protected]) submitted Jun/23/2000I was unfortunately a recent victim of poison ivy/oak/sumac, I am not sure which one, and have not re-investigated the site where I contacted the plant The sheer potency of ethylene glycol as a poison in cats and dogs, along with this change in available first line treatment options, should hopefully encourage you to: Purchase and use a pet-safer antifreeze (see options below) Ask your car maintenance facility what they use to top up your engine and insist on a pet-safer option Once the odor is gone, you can use cold water to rinse away the solution. You can also consider using Pet Stain & Odor Miracle Enzyme Cleaner for Cat Urine to effectively remove stains and odors. Conclusion. Living with cats is a blast but experiencing the symptoms of ammonia poisoning from cat urine isn't How to Treat Weeds in Cracks Naturally. Concentrated vinegar is one of the best methods you can use if you wish to avoid chemicals. Highly concentrated horticultural vinegar will work on many broadleaf species. Household vinegar is not strong enough to do more than kill the leaves, which will over time reduce the vitality of the plant but must. The easiest method of control is to use a non-selective herbicide such as glyphosate, sold as Roundup or Kleeraway. You must spray the plant when it has leaves and is growing. Cut it back and wait.

Unfortunately, lime kills all insects, including beneficial ones, and it can also kill your plants if you use too much. Since it's used to keep insects away, homeowners often wonder if lime can be used to keep larger pests away, including rodents and snakes. Some people believed that the strong smell would deter these animals Put the trim back up, remove the boric acid. You can leave any of the corn-jam boric acid in place, on your walls. It will harden in place and will continue to provide protection in that spot. Remove the jam-boric acid egg cup. You can use this to deal with invasive ant nests in your garden.(See below. This foam can be placed on the concrete surface or on grass. Foams are made of polyurethane or polystyrene material that is easy to trim and comes in different thickness. The advantages of this pad include: Easy to shape and cut. Comes in different thickness. Perfect for grass and concrete. The main shortcoming is that it is often expensive

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If you do need to resort to poison, be sure to call a reputable exterminator and follow the guidelines on how to safely poison the rats. Steps to Get Rid of Burrowing Rats (Without Poison) Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get rid of rats without using toxic chemicals that are harmful to all living organisms Light the fuse on the canister and drop it into the remaining open hole. Cover the hole to trap the gas and the groundhogs inside. After a few hours have passed, open up the holes. Remove and bury any corpses and fill in all holes. This guide should have provided help in getting rid of groundhog infestations through the use of deterrents, traps. See a doctor if you have symptoms that don't improve when you are away from the fuel oil vapors. Important Contacts for a Spill. Call your oil delivery company. They may be able to help with the clean up. The DNR 24-hour hotline for reporting spills is 1-800-943-0003. Call your local fire department if you feel there is a fire or explosion hazard Some cats and dogs will chase and kill gophers; however, gophers can carry diseases, so this isn't always a good idea. Ultimately, the biggest threat to pets from gophers is if they get ahold of one that has ingested poison, thus transferring the poison to your dog or cat - one huge argument for not using any type of gopher poison or gopher bait

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