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  1. The work required under this Section consist of all primary, secondary, Information Technology underground ducts and raceway, including manholes and handholes for the project as shown on drawings and/or as specified herein
  2. ates the need for encasing in concrete, propping up, or tying down. Since only a shallow trench is required, PVS duct will not float. And because no additional concrete is required, savings can be considerable
  3. C. Underground Plastic Utilities Duct: NEMA TC6 & 8, Type DB-60-PVC and Type DB-120-PVC, ASTM F 512, with matching fittings by the same manufacturer as the duct, complying with NEMA TC 9. D. Duct Accessories: 1. Duct Separators: Factory-fabricated rigid PVC interlocking spacers, sized for type an
  4. imum of 75-mm surrounding the ducts is filled with concrete. The distance between the ducts shall be 30-mm. Duct spacers shall be used every 2.0-m along the duct line to position the ducts

Technical Specifications for Underground Duct

Technical Specifications for Underground Duc

NEMA TCB-2 - Guidelines for the Selection of Underground Nonmetallic Duct - Download from NEMA. NEMA PRP 2 - Solvent-Cementing Joints for PVC Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit, Duct, and Fittings - Download from NEMA. Contact one of our sales representatives today. to inquire about a quote from Underground Devices. or call us today at 800-800-2118 Load Specifications #1 Standard 4-8 400 lbs./Linear Ft.10-12 600 lbs./Linear Ft.#2 Corrugated 14-36 1800 lbs./Linear Ft.* *All ducts 14 or more in diameter are corrugated for extra strength. Where deeper burial or heavier loading is required duct gauges can be increased. Also angle rings and/or special bracing can be used ABOUT PERRY FRP UNDERGROUND DUCTWORK. Perry Fiberglass Products, Inc. Experts in designing and manufacturing of odor control and air polluon control equipment 5415 Village Drive Rockledge, Florida 32955 / Phone: 321‐609‐9036 / www.PerryFiberglass.com Perry Fiberglass Products, Inc. was established in 1984 by Thomas Pulliam.. 4.3 Duct Configuration and Trench Depth 4 4.4 Ductbank Stubs 4 specification references only 13underground installations. High voltage services other than 13kkV V underground (4kv, 13kV OH, 34kV, 69kV, etc.) will be handled on a case by case basis due to the limite UNDERGROUND CIVIL SYSTEM shall mean the duct and structures referenced in Appendix B in This specification describes the materials to be used, the standard of work required, and the responsibility of the Developer in the construction of the underground electrical system

Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. (SMC) PVC Underground Pipe and Fittings with E-Z Flange and Barrel Clamp or Standard Slip Connection Single-Wall PVC Spiral Pipe Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. PVC spiral pipe is formed from a coil of metal into a rigid PVC tube with a 4-ply spiral lockseam University of Houston Master Specification <Insert Project Name> <Insert Issue Name> <Insert U of H Proj #> <Insert Issue Date> <Insert A/E Name> Underground Duct and Raceways 27 0543 ‐ 2 AE Project #: <Insert Project Number> UH Master: 03.2020 1.3 PREINSTALLATION MEETING P. NEMA TC6&8 - PVC Plastic Utilities Duct for Underground Installations Q. NEMA TC9 - Fittings for PVC Plastic Utilities Duct for Underground Installations R. SCTE 77 - Specification for Underground Enclosure Integrity, Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers S. UL 651 - Schedule 40 and 80 Rigid PVC Conduit and Fitting Polyvinyl Coated Ductwork Polyvinyl Coated Duct is often the best choice for underground duct systems and for many fume exhaust systems. PCD duct is a rugged, durable alternative to standard HVAC ductwork and is especially suited to underground applications. PCD ductwork eliminates the need for concrete and props, saving considerable cost Use the metal thicknesses listed in McGill AirFlow's specifications for underground ductwork. Water-based duct sealants should never be used in underground applications. Diameter (inches) Maximum Loading (lb/linear ft) 8 or less* 400 9 - 13 1/2* 600 14 - 36** 1,800 *uncorugated.

Underground duct systems are often chosen for aesthetic reasons and to save space in building interiors. When spiral duct is going to be installed underground, many special considerations need to be made in how it is designed, manufactured and installed in order for it to perform well in its submerged environment A. Underground Ducts for Electrical Cables Higher Than 600 V: Type EPC-40-PVC, concrete-encased duct bank. B. Underground Ducts for Electrical Feeders: Type EPC-40-PVC, direct-buried duct bank. C. Underground Ducts for Electrical Branch Circuits: Type EPC-40-PVC, direct-buried duct bank Insulated and non-insulated ductwork is available in, but not limited to, standard sizes 2 through 168 Custom sizes, larger and smaller, round or rectangular are available. Rectangular or square duct systems are not usually designed and laid out for underground use except for vertical boot risers The Contractor shall install underground duct banks and conduits at the approximate locations indicated on the plans. The Engineer shall indicate specific locations as the work progresses, if required to differ from the plans. Duct banks and conduits shall be of the size, material, and type indicated on the plans or specifications

Specifications and Drawings for Conduit and Manhole Construction, RUS Form 515c, issued May 25, 1989; and RUS Bulletin 345-152, Specifications and Drawings for Underground Cable Installation, RUS Form 515d, issued May 25, 1989. This bulletin can be accessed via the Internet at with each duct having a The duct is manufactured to comply with recognized industry standards and can be customized to your exact specifications. Durability HVAC underground ductwork - class 1 flame and smoke using our Perry Fiberglass 20S resin. Ductwork going over a road. Ductwork for a biofilter project in New York HVAC ductwork in floor slabs: this article describes heating and air conditioning ducts that have been placed in or beneath concrete floor slabs.. HVAC air ducts located inside concrete slab floors invite a surprisingly broad range of building problems that fall into two broad categories: functional troubles such as lack of air flow or collapsed ductwork, and environmental problems such as. 2. Manufacturers' specifications and other data required to demonstrate compliance with these Specifications. 3. Catalog cuts for the following products: a. Conduits. b. Underground duct system, including manholes, pull boxes, handholes, cable junction boxes, and termination boxes. c. Manhole, pull box, and handhole covers and frames. d

CONCRETE ENCASED DUCT BANK CHAPTER 4. DIRECT BURIED DUCT BANK CHAPTER 5. PADS SECTION V. PRIMARY CHAPTER 1. Conduit material specifications.. 1 - 2 II.2. Alignment drawings and the Underground Construction Standards Manual. Ducts shall be classified based on the maximum operating pressure of the duct at pressures of positive or negative 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0 or 10.0 inches (1 inch w.c. = 248.7 Pa) of water column. The pressure classification of ducts shall equal or exceed the design pressure of the air distribution in which the ducts are utilized Polyvinyl Coated Underground Ductwork & Fume Exhaust Specifications Sheet Metal Connectors, Inc. PVS spiral pipe is formed from a coil of metal into a rigid PVC tube with a 4-ply spiral lockseam. It has a smooth interior for low friction loss with the grooved seam entirely on the outside UNDERGROUND DUCTWORK AND STRUCTURES FOR FACILITY SERVICES RELEASE - R3.0 SECTION 20 50 16 BART FACILITIES STANDARDS ISSUED: January 2013 PAGE 5 OF 6 STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS 3.02 INSTALLATION A. Underground Duct System: Install as indicated. Conduit, pull boxes, and manholes shall be located as indicated UNDERGROUND DUCTWORK AND STRUCTURES FOR FACILITY SERVICES RELEASE - R3.1.2 SECTION 20 50 16 BART FACILITIES STANDARDS ISSUED: APRIL 2018 PAGE 2 OF 7 STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS 1.04 REFERENCES A. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM): 1. ASTM C33/C33M Standard Specification for Concrete Aggregates 2

AE Project Number: Underground Duct and Raceways 27 05 43 - 1 Revision Date: 1/29/2014 (NOTE TO DESIGNER: These Specifications are basic minimum criteria to be met in preparing the final specifications for this section, which is the responsibility of the Designer.) SECTION 27 05 43 UNDERGROUND DUCTS AND RACEWAYS. H. CONTRACTOR shall install underground duct at the approximate locations indicated in the layout plans. The Engineer shall indicate specific locations as the Work progresses. Duct shall be of the size, material, and type indicated in the plans or specifications. All duct shall be laid so as to grade toward han specifications, product data, and printed information in sufficient detail and scope to verify compliance with the Product requirements for underground conduit and accessories as listed herein. Specifically provide information on prefabricated, interlocking, plastic duct spacers and caps. B UNDERGROUND CONDUIT AND SUBSTRUCTURES SPECIFICATIONS No. 104 * (Revised 09-20-2013) CONTENTS Any conduit or conduit duct-bank that will house at least one (1) 600 volts or higher voltage cables shall be encased in concrete (330-C-1700 or equal). For residentia PVS is manufactured by a three step process: 1) hot-dipped, galvanized G- 60 steel is cleaned and fire treated; 2) a special epoxy primer is baked onto both sides of the sheet; 3) Finally, a 4 mil. polyvinyl chloride coating is heat fused onto one side (4 x 1) for underground HVAC or onto both sides (4 x 4) for chemical fume exhaust applications

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Underground Structural Customer Reference Specification Customer Installed Duct System 6-15-180 0000-000-ST-6015 Custom ID: DCS 6-15 Revision: 0 underground ducts and raceways, and precast manholes and pullboxes to form a complete underground electrical raceway system. B. The terms duct and conduit are used interchangeably in this section. 1.2 RELATED WORK . A. Section 07 92 00, JOINT SEALANTS: Sealing of conduit penetrations

Underground Duct. Ducts in Concrete Slabs or Under Slabs to make suitable selections does not mean the contractor must make up for the designer who writes a negligent specification. 1.4. FIG. 1-1 DUCT PRESSURE CLASS DESIGNATION. 1.5. TABLE 1-1 PRESSURE CLASSIFICATION FOR DUCTWORK The designer should review the HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test. • Install underground conduits and duct banks per Table 1, below, and locate a minimum of 1' from other utility systems, including phone, steam, sewer, chilled water, etc. Table 1 . The University of Arizona Manual of Design and Specification Standards 3 Pages 16115-2 03/04 Underground Conduit and Duct Bank Installation Requirements Above. UL 651A. Meets or exceeds the HDPE resin requirements per ASTM D 3350 UV Black (minimum carbon black loading of 2%), Sequential footage markings, permanent ink jet or indent print, tested and listed by Intertek Laboratories (ETL) to assure compliance with UL 651A, certified by Dura-Line to comply with all UL 651A property and testing requirements The major cost in placing underground utilities is the labor for digging the trench. Therefore, underground telecommunications distribution to permanent facilities shall always be placed in conduit, and encased in a concrete duct bank, to facilitate the easy installation of additional future cables. Key requirements for underground

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  1. contractor was placing concrete for underground electrical duct banks. The concrete contractor said that he usually spaded the concrete around the ducts while placing concrete, but the inspector insisted that a vibrator had to be used contractor what specification section the inspector was citing for this requirement. The contractor.
  2. g the followin
  3. The distance between the ducts shall be 30-mm. Duct spacers which is used for the separation of underground ducts shall be used every 2.0-m along the duct line to position the ducts. Use concrete vibrator-pokers- shall be of 30-mm maximum OD, and shall only be used in the 75mm plus space between the ductwork and the sides of the excavation
  4. Underground Air Duct System The BlueDuct®underground air duct solution is the only proven direct-burial air duct system made from ultra-durable, advanced HDPE (high-density polyethylene). Installed in thousands of commercial, industrial and residential buildings, The BlueDuc has provided trouble-free performance for more than a decade
  5. Specifications for Electrical Installations Underground Commercial Distribution (UCD) Installation and Responsibility Guide Electric System Bulletin No. 759B Conduit Systems in general: the Company requires a spare conduit for all Company owned duct systems, as shown in Company plans
  6. Outdoor Ductwork . Normally exhaust duct that is outdoors will require insulation to avoid internal condensation. The U-M master specification requires insulation. Drainage piping connected to such exhaust duct which is exposed to freezing conditions requires heat trace and insulation . Underground Ductwork

Duct Spacer Specifications. The following five paragraphs outline a suggested specification for Formex Interlocking Module Spacers to be used for underground distribution systems. For each suggested specification, the reasoning behind it is stated. On many projects, underground duct bank configurations are complex Get the security of knowing that you are installing an underground system that can be located at anytime in the future. It is available in a variety of wall thickness choices per ASTM F 2160. Alternate conductor sizes can be made available on request as well as other conduit sizes. Tonable Locatable Wire Specifications 16119 - UNDERGROUND DUCTS AND UTILITY STRUCTURES 1.1 Specifications include: A. Underground conduits and ducts, duct banks, pull boxes and hand holes, manholes, and other underground utility structures. B. Primary service transformer shall be utility owned and serviced, oil filled, outdoor wit underground services of the form and dimensions shown on the Drawings, and as specified in these Specifications. Where the words pipe, pipelaying, pipework, etc., are used in this Section to determine phases of work, those words shall include duct, duct laying, duct work, etc., as applicable. 1.2 Complianc Extend duct clear of foundations Leave duct plugged 450mm (18) minimum slow radius bend Floor level Ducts for electricity cables must be black plastic rigiduct to conform with Electricity Association (EA) Technical Specification 12-24 - 'Plastic Ducts For Buried Electric Cables'. Extend duct to the back of the footpath with draw cord


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HVAC - Master Specifications - Division 23 File Name File Title Rev. Date 23 01 30.51.docx HVAC Air Duct Cleaning 10/1/2012 23 05 00.docx Common Work Results for HVAC 8/1/2014 23 05 13.docx Common Motor Requirements for HVAC Equipment 1/23/2020 23 05 14.docx Variable Frequency Drives 10/2/2017 23 05 15.doc Our popular HDPE duct with a smooth outer wall and internal longitudinal ribs for a reduced coefficient of friction. Specialty Dura-Line's Speciality Conduits are designed and manufactured to perform to meet application-specfic requirements such as aerial, locatable, providing superior mechanical protection, and fire resistant spaces

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11kV Underground cables shall be routed through PVC duct or concerete encased duct bank in any of the case below : 1) Under road crossings. 2) In concerete paved areas where precast/ built in concrete trenches are not allowed (hazardous areas). 3) Under pipe crossings, if the distance b/w cables & underground piping is less than project. 3.7 UNDERGROUND CONDUIT AND DUCT SYSTEMS 3.7.1 Requirements 3.7.2 Treatment 3.7.3 Conduit Cleaning 3.7.4 Jacking and Drilling Under Roads and Structures 3.7.5 Galvanized Conduit Concrete Penetrations Specifications (UFGS) Format Standard when editing this guide specification or preparing new project specification sections. Edit this guid 2 Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems Option B - The second option is for the Tenant to design their system in accordance with the Land Securities approved design principles, as set out in section 4.2.2 of this document. Note that the comments provided by the Landlord at each key gateway must be addressed by the Tenan b. In general, underground conduits and duct banks shall be installed below sewer lines and other piping. c. Do not install any portion of the duct bank in the 45° cone of deflection from the low point of foundations. d. The top of the concrete envelope shall be located a minimum of 610 mm (24 inches) below grade -Conduit specifications have been specifically developed for the demands of telecomm, power, utility, aerial or underground applications - An inaccurate or an out-of-date product specification can cause confusion among suppliers or result in an inadequate product being installe

Quick Guide Duct Laying Avoiding damage to the Openreach underground network Openreach has an etensie underground network that can be located insideon the perimeter of a site. his network is ulnerable to ecaation related damage unless appropriate measures are taken. he precautions for aoiding damage to an underground utility plan The new California Energy Code became effective January 1, 2014. UnderDuct is the only product for direct burial underground ductwork to currently meet the new California Code and demonstrates Monoxivent's commitment to the highest quality standards. Test results for the standards listed above can be found here. RADCO Code Test Repor UNDERGROUND INSTALLATION DETAILS. 1. CONCRETE DUCT BANK SHALL BE PLACED ON 50mm MUDMAT AND POLYETHYLENE SHEET LINER ON TOP OF MUDMAT. 2. PROVIDE CONCRETE WITH MINIMUM COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH OF 16MPa AT SEVEN DAYS AND 25MPa AT 28 DAYS. SILICA FUME SHALL BE USED AS AN ADMIXTURE

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AmpCalc Version 4.0 Program Features for UNDERGROUND Systems. All program action centers on the main form with point and click access to all program features. System Data Input - This dialog allows specification of the type of underground system including concrete encased ductbank, direct buried conduits or direct buried cables Spunstrand® Inc. has been manufacturing underslab HVAC ductwork for over forty years in both insulated and non-insulated forms. Insulated and non-insulated ductwork is available in but not limited to standard sizes 2″¯ through 120″¯. Custom sizes, larger and smaller, round or rectangular are also available. Rectangular or square duct.

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  1. • Hydro Ottawa - WUS0003 - Exposing Underground Cable • Hydro Ottawa - WUS0004 - Breaking out Duct from Around Cable • Hydro Ottawa - WUS0005 - Excavating in The Vicinity of Direct Buried Cable. • Hydro Ottawa - WUS0008 - Installation of Split Bell Ends Around Underground Conductor
  2. Purpose This method of statement covers the installation of conduits - Cast in situ, Concealed on Block Walls, Surface mounted and Underground Installations as defined in the project general specification. Scope of Works This procedure will define the method to be used to ensure that conduit installations and workmanship are correct and acceptable and shal
  3. 1,594. Sep 13, 2011. #3. expanding foam can also be used to seal ducts. its good practice with expanding foam, to tape the cables up, above the level of the duct. spray the foam, and when it expands, it wont stci to the cable, once it leaves the duct.You then cut the foam down, and remove the tape. jobs a good un. O

HDPE Pipe: Duct & Conduit Supplier. What are the cost advantages of using HDPE pipe and conduit? HDPE pipe provides cost savings in several ways. It easily bends, allowing trenchless installation. Longer lines can be installed so fewer joints are needed. Heat fusing creates extremely strong joints, which means fewer leaks in the future This item: 2 in. x 50 ft. 20 Mil Pipe Wrap Duct Tape. $5.44. Nashua Tape 3 in. x 5 yds. Aqua-Seal Duct Tape in Black. $9.64. Nashua Tape 1 in. x 3.33 yd. Stretch and Seal Self-Fusing Silicone Tape in Black. $6.98 Transite HVAC air ducts: This article explains the potential hazards of transite (cement asbestos) air ducts - asbestos fiber release, radon, and indoor air quality concerns, and duct collapse when transite air ducts are is found in buildings. Transite pipe, an asbestos-cement product, was used for HVAC ducts and for chimney or flue material to. C. Underground Plastic Utilities Duct: NEMA TC 6 & 8, Type EB-20-PVC, ASTM F 512, UL 651A, with matching fittings by the same manufacturer as the duct, complying with NEMA TC 9. D. Underground Plastic Utilities Duct: NEMA TC 6 & 8, Type DB-60-PVC, ASTM F 512, with matching fittings by the same manufacturer as the duct, complying with NEMA TC 9 SECTION 16111D — UNDERGROUND DUCTS, MANHOLES, HANDHOLES, AND PULLBOXES Include the following information in specifications prepared for use on University of Cincinnati projects. This information is intended to be a complete specification. A. General 1. Minimum size manhole shall be 6 feet wide by 10 feet long by 6 feet, 6 inches high

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  1. UNDERGROUND DUCT BANKS AND RACEWAYS 260543 - 1 SECTION 260543 - UNDERGROUND DUCT BANKS AND RACEWAYS 1.0 Components of Underground Ductbank and Raceway installations shall meet all applicable Federal Specifications, ANSI Standards, ASTM Standards, NEMA Standards, NFPA70 Code, and UL listing requirements
  2. A.This section specifies the furnishing, installation, and connection of underground ducts and raceways, and precast manholes and pullboxes to form a complete underground electrical raceway system. B.The terms duct and conduit are used interchangeably in this section. 1.2 RELATED WOR
  3. UNDERGROUND DUCTS AND RACEWAYS FOR COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 RELATED DOCUMENTS A. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 01 Specification Sections, apply to the work of this Section. 1.02 SUMMARY A. Provide all materials and labor for the installation of a.
  4. Duct System Installation Specifications SCOPE The project consists of the installation of the complete underground duct system for both primary and secondary voltages, including conduit, pull boxes, sectors ground sleeves, equipment pads, riser poles, hand holes, etc., necessary for the installation of MTEMC'
  5. SECTION 260543 - UNDERGROUND DUCTS AND RACEWAYS FOR ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS. GENERAL. DESCRIPTION. This section describes conduit, ducts, duct accessories, handholes, boxes and manholes constructed and installed to form a complete underground raceway system. RELATED WORK SPECIFIED ELSEWHERE. Section 033000, Cast-In-Place Concret

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5.5.4 ASTM A312/A312M, Standard Specification for Seamless, Welded and Heavily Cold Worked Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipes. 5.5.5 AEIC CS31, Specification for Electrically Insulating Pipe Filling Liquids for High-Pressure Pipe-Type Cable. 5.5.6 NACE Standard SP0169, Control of External Corrosion on Underground o UNDERGROUND DUCTS AND RACEWAYS FOR ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS 26 0543 - 1 . SECTION 26 0543 - UNDERGROUND DUCTS AND RACEWAYS FOR ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS . PART 1 - GENERAL . 1.1 RELATED DOCUMENTS A. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 01 Specification Sections, apply to this Section

underground, while others are aboveground and may have a significant footprint. When assessing the impacts of underground transmission line construction and operation, the impacts of the ancillary facilities must be considered, as well. Vaults Vaults are large concrete boxes buried at regular intervals along the underground construction route High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) ducts are used for the construction of underground duct system for fiber optic and copper cables in the telecommunication's outside plant network. HDPE duct intended to be installed by direct buried in a normal trench or mini trench at standard depths. Today HDPE duct widely used in FTTH network all over the. MODEL PROJECT SPECIFICATION HVAC Duct Construction Standards Metal and Flexible • Third Edition vii DUCT CONSTRUCTION Ductwork and supports shall conform to the HVAC Duct Construction Standards, Metal and Flexible, Third Edition, 2005. Where fittings of configurations not shown in the HVAC−DCS are shown on the contrac

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Underground Secondary Cable Specification Duct Concrete Cross Sections - Construction Detail. 11. UDS0002. Trench Joint Utility 3 Party Main Residential - Construction Detail. 7. UDS0003. Joint Utility 3 Party Main Residential - Construction Detail. 7. UDS0007 UG-1: Conduits Greenbook Rev. #19: 12-17-20 062288 Page 1 of 22 Electric Distribution 062288 Asset Type: Function: Issued by: Date: 12-17-20 Rev. #19: This document replaces PG&E Document 062288, Rev. #18 For a description of the changes, see Page 22. UNDERGROUND CONDUITS Prepared by: ABB1 Design and Constructio

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These 2021 specifications consolidate and replace the Specification for Electrical Installation 202 0, and are in effect for the following National Grid companies: • Massachusetts Electric Compan 1Ø Transformer Pad Installation - UGS-621-A. Transformer Pad Installation for Duct or Duct C.I.C Construction - UGS-621.1. Switch Gear Fiberglass Box Pad Installation (For Series 9, 10, and 11, Switches) - UGS-660. Switch Gear Fiberglass Box Pad Installation (For Series 52F, 53F, and 64F, Switches) - UGS-661 10. Backfill evenly around duct with clean dry earth and mechanically tamp in 12 lifts. 11. Lengths of secondary duct banks shall be minimized to limit pulling distances and electrical losses. Any secondary duct lengths over 100 feet shall be approved by BGE prior to construction. 12. The minimum longitudinal separation betwee

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Duct Armor® a Rubberized Duct Liner making it Perfect for. Underground Duct Work. Specifically designed to restore your deteriorating duct work to better than new condition. Mold Remediation. Eliminates and prevents mold and other bacteria from growing inside your air ducts without the use of poisons. Overhead Metal Duct Work. This specification applies to the material, construction, and installation requirements for electric distribution underground structures throughout SMUD's service area. 3. REFERENCES (Latest Editions) 3.1. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F512, Specification for Smooth-Wall Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Conduit and Fittings fo Construction specifications include BESA154, SMACNA and other international standards. Plastica have successfully completed another underground Plastic Ductwork project. Plastica were commissioned by a leading UK design and build contractor to undertake the design, construction and installation of a Ductwork system at a state-of-the-art new.

Perforated Single Wall Duct | Plastech (Western) LtdCorrosion Resistant Plastic Ductwork, Fans, and ScrubbersContractors HC Supply - 2x20ft PVC-DWV S40 CC PE PIPECampbell International Specialist Tapes - Quality Tapes

3.4 Underground Duct and Conduit 3.5 Switchgear and Sectionalizing Units 3.6 Metering 3.7 Concrete Foundations 3.8 Fault Indicators 3.9 Grounding 3.10 Miscellaneous (including cable tags) 3.11 Street Lighting REVISED: March 31, 2021 The following are Halton Hills Hydro's Approved Materials Specifications to be used in conjunction wit Underground Utility Standards. ASTM underground utilities standards include standard practices for installing and operating optical fiber systems and repair of sewer systems. Underground utilities standards address safety and access rights, selection of the utility, and the continued maintenance of the utility once fiber has been installed The chemical inertness of PVS combined with the strength of Spiral pipe make Vinyl Coated Duct ideal for chemical fume removal applications and for underground HVAC applications where strength and resistance to corrosive salts and other minerals found in backfill are prerequisites. Our vinyl-coated Spiral pipe is UL listed and manufactured from. Caltrain Standard Specifications 16130-7 September 30, 2011 CONDUIT AND FITTINGS 3.03 REINFORCED PLASTIC MORTAR SPACERS (RPM) A. Duct Spacers: Refer to Section 02500, Underground Ductwork and Structures. B. Bore Spacers (For ducts installed inside casing): 1. Use one double wall bore spacer for every 5 feet of duct bank. 2

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