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Pumpkin can make dogs poop due to the fiber content which draws water into the stool, making it poop out easier. Fiber is a natural product that acts as a laxative to help with canine constipation. Does pumpkin make dogs poop more? Pumpkin should make dogs poop more, due to the fiber content An easy, at-home treatment for constipation is to add canned pumpkin to the diet. Pumpkin is a high-fiber food and is perfectly safe for a dog to ingest, but make sure to purchase pumpkin that has no added salt or sugar If, after this time, your dog still hasn't managed to poop, you should not give anymore pumpkin but instead, seek advice from the veterinarian. How fast does pumpkin cure constipation in a dog? Based on how long it can take a dog to digest food, you can expect to see results from the pumpkin in around 8 to 10 hours

Feed a pumpkin to your dog to help treat constipation. Pumpkins have high fiber and water content that prevent constipation. Fiber in pumpkins dissolves in water and forms a viscous gel that soothes irritated bowels Pumpkin—Weirdly, this dietary fix works in some dogs for either constipation or diarrhea. It is high in both fiber and moisture, and many dogs like the taste, so they'll happily take this. Some veterinarians recommend feeding a constipated dog canned pumpkin. Most dogs love the taste and will usually eat it readily. The water content and high fiber will help the puppy poop. But please don't use pumpkin pie filling, as it contains sugars and spices — only canned pure pumpkin will do the job If you take your dog for a walk in a spot where another dog has recently pooped, it could trigger a poop thought in your pet's mind. 8 . Changing Dog Food. What your dog eats could have an effect on bowel movements. If your dog eats dry kibble, you may want to consider mixing some wet food into their food for a little while Why Your Dog Hasn't Pooped for a Few Days. There are quite a few different reasons as to why your dog hasn't pooped for a few days, with some reasons being more serious than others. Sometimes just a change in diet can cause your dog not to poop for a few days, such as starting on a new kind of dog food

The question on how many days can a dog go without pooping is an interesting one. Well, usually a healthy dog that is fed well is supposed to defecate at least twice a day. But if your dog is not well fed, it is supposed to eliminate waste once a day. If your dog does not defecate for two days, on the third day you are required to take it to. A low-residue diet is often a better long-term solution for persistent constipation. This kind of diet means your dog may digest more nutrients and have less waste to pass into the colon. This might be better than a long-term high-fiber diet. Fiber absorbs water from the colon and can aggravate constipation over time

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If your dog has an abscess, antibiotics would be prescribed, Mahony said. If your veterinarian believes diet is the cause, then he or she might recommend adding a bit of fiber in the form of one to three teaspoons of canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filler), bran or an over-the-counter stool softener to get things moving again, both experts said Canned pumpkin is beneficial in adding fiber to a dog's diet. Not only do dogs love the taste, but it's inexpensive and mixes easily into food. Canned pumpkin is one of the most recommended treatments for canine constipation. If it's been a few days and you're starting to worry, try adding some psyllium husk to some canned dog food If he has had a whole can of pumpkin though, you might be looking for the diarreah posts next. Good luck! Dogs not very active won't have bowel movements every day. Constipation is small, hard and dry feces, straining or general problems. Constipation is most often related to diet. Imabalanced diet is one casue

Offer the pumpkin once or twice per day on your dog's food. Alternatively, feed your dog 1 teaspoon of coconut oil per 10 pounds of your dog's body weight once to twice daily to help lubricate his stool. Ground, dark, and leafy vegetables are high in fiber, which can help to stimulate your dog's bowel movements One of the easiest and most common at-home treatments for constipation in dogs is to feed them some canned pumpkin. Pumpkin is a high-fiber food and is perfectly safe for a dog to ingest, as long as nothing else has been added to it If a dog is constipated, pumpkin will loosen the stools. If the dog has diarrhea, pumpkin helps firm up the stools. Most dogs won't need much coaxing to eat this, but even if yours won't eat it plain, you can still feed pumpkin to your dog. Step Someone once advised me to put a dollop of canned pumpkin as a topper on our dogs' food daily for digestive health. Because I've also heard that pumpkin is great for loose stools, I thought a daily spoonful might be too much. So I passed on that well-meaning advice. We give our dogs pumpkin as a treat throughout the year (easy recipe below)

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Snack on pumpkin or fig. If your dog isn't able to poop regularly, severe constipation, known as obstipation, can occur. A large build up of fecal matter can enlarge the colon, making it even tougher to for your dog to pass feces on his own. This condition is called megacolon and in some cases, it requires surgery.. Sometimes a dog will not go for 24 - 48 hours after anti-diarrheal medications have been started. Think of it like this: the system was essentially empty due to the diarrhea, and if the medication is effective, it will slow down the transit time of food through the GI tract and it will take a couple of days for him to actually need to poop again Constipation in dogs is the inability to pass stools normally and easily, which can lead to further symptoms. It should not be ignored, as it can lead to further complications and symptoms

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Put Pineapple in Dog Food. Many dogs love pineapple, despite usually being deterred by scents of citrus. It's safe to say, however, that this pizza topper is a one-way ingredient for most canines - pineapple-scented and flavored poop is a no-go for the average pooch. Put Spinach in Dog Food Get Food and Accessories for Your Dog. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders A general guideline for the amount of pumpkin to feed to your dog is 1 tablespoon for every 5 to 10 pounds of body weight. Too little won't help, and too much fiber can make your dog's symptoms worse. It is important to note that the pumpkin being referred to here is canned pure pumpkin and not pumpkin pie filling

My dog has been constipated for two days.ive given him canned pumpkin with his food but still can't poop.he is a little bloated.what else can I do tianna Rodriguez on October 24, 2018: My puppy maybe 1 and 1/2 years old was throwing up then had diarrhea now making some awful sound when tried to poop but nothing comes out and his back arched and. I was going to buy some canned pumpkin today to see if it might help him poop, otherwise I'm lost for ideas. I know walking is supposed to help get things moving but he doesn't want to go anywhere. Poor guy, it's so hard to understand what he's feeling Wheat bran also works as a great alternative to pumpkin. Increasing your dog's exercise will also help for the healthy movement of fecal matter. This will reduce your dog's discomfort and straining while eliminating. If all these solutions don't work, you should bring the dog to the vet

When fighting indigestion and upset stomach in dogs, 100% canned pumpkin is a favorite of many holistic veterinarians. It has a low glycemic index, so it slowly absorbs, which helps with upset stomach and digestion, Dr. Bearman says. Make sure to get 100% canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie mix, as you don't want to feed your dog spices and. ShopPetX.com | Dog Supplies | Cat Supplies | Pet Supplie If you're looking for a gentle recipe that won't trigger loose stools or other stomach problems, this one is a good choice. Dog poop should be moist, firm, and easy to pick up. The soluble fiber content in pumpkin adds bulk to your dog's stool and helps firm up loose stools It can be frustrating when your dog won't poop, even if you're taking all the right steps. In these cases, it's wise to look at some other factors. First off, your pup may be having a medical issue my dog seems bloated and won't eat, but drinks water and acts sick. I think she needs to have a bowel movement and hasn't had one in 2 days. I have given her 1 tsp of olive oil last night and 1 tsp th read mor

Supplements. Some supplements or food added to your dog's diet can make the resulting feces taste nasty to him. The enzymes in fresh pineapple change the taste of feces so dogs won't eat them. Pumpkin and anise seeds may also do the trick. Supplements are available in pet food stores that you can add to your dog's food to help end the habit In some extreme cases, a dog's poop becomes so hard, dry, and compacted it stays in the digestive tract because the dog simply can't get rid of it. This is a condition called obstipation. Obstipation is a more severe kind of constipation and is very serious

What you should avoid when your dog won't poop outside. Having a dog pooping inside the house may be frustrating and even enraging at times, but there are things that could actually make it worse. If you want your dog to stop pooping inside the house, avoid doing the following: - Don't punish them for pooping inside. Dogs won't. So we have an emptied-out dog or cat, possibly given meds to slow down the pooping, and being fed a diet meant to minimize poop production. It's easy to understand how a dog or cat can go from diarrhea to not pooping for a few days. Most animals tend to poop within 2-3 days One superfood that a lot of vets recommend is canned pumpkin. Yorkies particularly love this food because it has enough sweetness in them. Conclusion. To summarize, the dog's constipation usually doesn't pose a threat to a dog's overall health if treated promptly. It often goes away when you switch diet to a healthier option 2. Pumpkin Seeds. One of the safest and most effective ways to treat worms is with pumpkin seeds. That's because pumpkin seeds contain an amino acid called cucurbitin. Cucurbitin paralyzes and eliminates the worms from the digestive tract. When feeding your dog pumpkin seeds, use raw organic seeds

Dog Constipation: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatmen

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  2. Your dog probably won't seem out of the ordinary, aside from some loose stools. You will, however, need to follow the vet's advice to get their stomach back to normal. This can mean DIY solutions at home for mild cases of diarrhea - pure steamed pumpkin added to their food, and a probiotic supplement to repopulate their good bacteria
  3. 1. Take your dog to the vet. If your dog is acting unwell and you think that it has eaten something that is obstructing its digestive system, it's a good idea to have the animal seen by a vet. The vet can do an x-ray, ultrasound, or endoscopy to assess whether there is indeed an obstruction in your dog's system
  4. She has been throwing up, won't eat her dog food, won't drink water, she loves her wet food normally but she doesn't want that either. pumpkin, she won't eat or Very active! Poop is 99% normal most of the time, but we have spells every few months or so where he wakes up and is VERY nausea and throws up once before eating. White bile
  5. My mother and I just bought a a dog from a nice lady. She said her friend's ex left her tied to their fence. She is a 7 year old Shih Tzu mix (probably poodle as well). That being said she got fleas pretty badly which we are taking care of. When I walk her she goes pee, but she won't poop

My dog ate a whole pumpkin (poop, diarrhea, food, cats) User Name: Remember Me: Password Most dogs really like pumpkin. It won't hurt him. Canned pumpkin can be frozen, Dave. Freeze it in serving size pieces, just thaw what you want to feed that day. 10-18-2015, 12:19 PM. dogmom192. Give him a tablespoon of mineral oil, (or canola oil, or olive oil). Hairball Remedy for cats (by Hartx)- at Walmart works just as well. To administer, get a baby medicine dropper in the plunger style at a drug store, (cut off the tip to make it wider) and plunge into back of mouth/throat Pumpkin. What you need: canned pumpkin. Preparation: Canned pumpkin has amazing health benefits for your dog. Pumpkin is high in fiber and will help to regulate your dog's stool, making it more solid. It also includes a variety of vitamins and minerals that will speed up your pet's recovery

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First, don't panic. Observe your dog to see if he is showing any other worrying signs. If your dog is acting perfectly normal then the yellow or orange poop may have been caused by the dietary change. If your dog is showing other worrying symptoms like a lack of appetite or vomiting then we advise you visit the vet straight away Moreover, why won't my dog pee or poop? A dog that won't pee is just as serious as a dog not pooping. Pumpkin: Feeding your dog a little bit of pumpkin with his food is a great way to prevent and cure constipation. Pumpkin is high in water content and a great source of fiber If your dog goes for 24 hours without drinking water or eating ice chips, see the vet immediately. Fasting. Fasting will help your dog's gastrointestinal system to rest and recover. With food out of the way, there are much more chances of less vomiting. If the dog vomits yellow bile, it simply means that the dog is vomiting on an empty stomach Add powdered probiotic. IMPORTANT: too much pumpkin can actually cause diarrhea (because of the fiber), so don't overdo it: 1 tbsp per feeding for large dogs and 1 tsp per feeding for small dogs. My dog is around 65 pounds and I give her 1 about cup of white rice with 1 tbsp pumpkin and 1/2 - 3/4 cup ground meat

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  1. You can use the options below to customize a bland diet for your dogs at home, using the recipes based on your dog's body weight. Protein choices = Chicken, turkey, or lean beef. Carbohydrate choices = White rice, brown rice, or whole wheat macaroni. Vegetable choices = Cucumber, celery, lettuce, culinary mushrooms, or pumpkin
  2. Hi all, Adopted a 3y10m old Grey yesterday. He is my first dog. Everything else has been going well so far but I can't seem to get him to poop. Whenever I take him out he's been going #1 fine but will not go #2. He's eating his full meal. Apparently his foster place didn't give him breakfast yesterday so I figured maybe he'd have to go by today
  3. Eating and exercise will make the dog poop. Give the dog some treats to make it feel better so it can relax around you. I recently discovered Lamb Lung is like crack for dogs. This will sound disgusting, so brace yourselves. When I was a vet tech, we had lots of nervous dogs who wouldn't go
  4. Won't touch canned at all. If this works for his poop I will update the review but already I have high hopes. Gobbles Not sure yet if this will work for my dog who has had diarrhea consistently for the last 2 years, but he sure gobbles it up! First time that I have found him to actually eat pumpkin. Won't touch canned at all
  5. A typical healthy adult dog should pee three to five times a day. A younger dog or an older dog might have to pee more often. A dog that won't pee is just as serious as a dog not pooping. He could be experiencing any number of critical health issues. If your dog is truly unable to pee, the inability for the bladder to remove toxins from the.
  6. d that after having diarrhea it may be normal for your dog to not have a stool for a day or so until he gets back to normal. However if he is not eating or drinking he needs to be seen..

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Dog Constipation Following Diarrhea. My four month old English Bulldog Herbi has not pooped going on the third day today. As of Monday June 13th, he had diarrhea in his cage at 2am, diarrhea about 5 minutes later in the bathroom after his bath, diarrhea again at 6am, and again when I took him outside to use the bathroom. The diarrhea outside. If your dog won't eat, it's possible that he could have a temporary gastrointestinal upset. Look for signs that he has some diarrhea or notice if he has vomited somewhere. Your dog's body will attempt to get rid of whatever he has eaten that has upset his digestion. In the meantime, he won't feel much like eating

If your dog has tummy troubles, add a tablespoon of pumpkin into their normal food. Just remember to use organic fresh or canned pumpkin - not pumpkin pie filling. The pie filling might contain sugar or xylitol, a common sugar substitute that is toxic to dogs. 2,3 Also, the spices in the pie filling could upset the gastrointestinal tract Reputation: 18773. Advertisements. A dog has been running loose around here for a month. Finally someone captured him, sadly because he seems weak. He won't eat. He consented to an anti-anxiety treat, but I can't feed a bunch of those, and then (over hours) two small bites of chicken. Won't touch dry food, canned food, or other treats Always check your dog's poop not just for diarrhea but also for blood and mucus. Make sure your dog doesn't eat too much fat and carbohydrates . Limit all grains from your dog's diet as well It is high fiber and Bo always ate it so it is OK for diabetic dog. Also like Terry says pumpkin is good for fiber also. If the imodium stops it I would get some pumpkin and add about a tablespoon or 2 to his food for a few days. mlwschultz. 936. mlwschultz. 936. Post May 13, 2010 #7 2010-05-13T09:03 It could be This only leads to dogs associating pooping in front of the owner as punishment. He occasionally gags a bit or throws up shortly after eating,... (28622 views), Constantly meowing for food. Thank you Janice. A once luscious lawn can become unsightly when dog poop takes over and leaves patches in the grass. Training Your Dog to Use the Carpet. Complain to Your Neighbor. Species.

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My puppy is now ten weeks old i believe. She has started eating from our cats litter box. I have known a lot of dogs that eat their own poop, but never seen a dog eat cat poop though im sure its common. Anyway, does anyone have any tips on how i can keep my dog from eating the poop A balanced diet can help your dog poop regularly. Feeding raw food or yourself preparing food for dog with natural recipes and balanced ingredients is the best way to keep your dog's whole body function well. Make him do plenty of exercises - until and unless your dog's body moves well, he won't be able to poop Pumpkin: Canned pumpkin is nature's laxative. It is high in fiber and water, and most dogs will willingly slurp it up. Adding some canned pumpkin as a treat or to your dog's meal can help ease mild cases of constipation. Boost the fiber: If canned pumpkin isn't your dog's thing, up to their fiber intake in other ways Pumpkin has an amazing ability to ease constipation, diarrhea and upset stomach. This veggie will settle down a tummy and it works for animals too. That's right! Pumpkin will add bulk to your dog's stool. It's a soothing, time-tested digestive tract remedy for both people and their pets. By contrast, regular laxatives are too dangerous

Pumpkin contains dietary fiber to sooth the digestive tract, absorb moisture and firm the stool. Add a small quantity to your dog's regular meal, usually 1 to 2 teaspoons for a small dog and 1 to 2 tablespoons for a large dog. Or add a spoonful of low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt to your dog's regular food. High in calcium, these foods can. Owners can try giving their puppy canned pumpkin with their meals, which can loosen the stool. Puppy not pooping before bed. A puppy that isn't pooping before bed could benefit from eating dinner two hours prior to bedtime. Owners should also use a leash for taking their puppy out to poop, and not confuse this time with playtime Related: Smashing Pumpkin And Carob Dog Treat Recipe. 4. Switch to canned food - but only for a short time. Now, if your dog typically eats dry kibble, mixing the above items into his food won't work. However, the dry kibble might actually be the culprit! So, why not try switching your dog onto a quality canned food for a few days

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Reasons. There are many different reasons why dogs have trouble pooping, including, but not limited to: constipation, blockage, or internal damage. If your pup is constipated, the reasons may be. Why Does My Dog's Poop Get Stuck? The number one, most common reason why a dog ends up with poop lodged in the middle of no-man's-land is due to a little affliction called constipation. By the sound of it, your dog has quite the serious blockage. Constipation is when a dog is unable to poop normally on a regular schedule. They will either not be able to go to the toilet at all, or will. It is all natural and it is like 80% silica, which our bodies need anyways. My Bailey has had her share of (I won't even try to spell it) loose stools lately. So other than pumpkin, and feeding more bone, I don't know what else. Love your dog's name, too, by the way. My last dog, a doberman, was named Moose Crumbly or chalky poop can also be normal for dogs on a raw diet with plenty of bone. Most dogs have 1 to 2 bowel movements a day usually around the same time of day. When your dog has diarrhea, his stools may look like pudding, they could be thin and watery, there could be diarrhea with mucus and even bloody diarrhea

Natural Pet Remedies: Pumpkin, tripe, probiotics, and cayenne pepper are all popular home remedies for diarrhea in pets. However, a combined remedy in the form of a pumpkin and chicken puree is so far the most popular and effective natural cure for diarrhea. Check out the recipe below. Sort by Default New Loved 7 Natural Ways to Stop a Dog from Eating Poop 1. Clean up Immediately. The absolute best thing you can do is to clean up after your dog, or your cat, right after they finish their business, whether it's on a pee pad, litter box or outside. That way, your dog won't have anything to snack on TASTY DOG TREAT: The powder form of this dog bowel and anal gland supplement is infused with impeccable flavor and pumpkin to encourage your dogs to indulge in the dog treat supplement. PET PRODUCTS YOU CAN TRUST: Since 1994, NaturVet has been serving the four-legged community with wholesome, vitamin-infused dog supplements so that your pup or. If your dog is eating his own poop, try mixing in pineapple, pumpkin or store-bought deterrent supplements with his food. That way, once he sniffs out his own waste, he won't be tempted to munch on it. Be sure to check with your vet to make sure your dog isn't allergic to these foods before you give it to him

In this case, dogs with a poor quality diet won't get enough of the good nutrition they need and will look for supplements in unsanitary places. 2. Prevention is Key. A no brainer! Pick up your dog's droppings right after she's done, and keep her well-supervised when on walks. 3. Apple Cider Vinega An enlarged prostate pushes up against a dog's rectum and makes the pelvic canal smaller. Then, when the dog needs to poop, he will strain to push it through, causing pain, constipation, and pain in the enlarged prostate. Excessive grooming can cause your dog to ingest too much hair and make it hard to pass the stool Why a Dog's Poop is Brown. It is good to know why poop is brown since it can help determine what went wrong to make it orange or any other odd color. Bile carries a pigment, Bilirubin, that is responsible for making your dog's poop brown. Bilirubin is naturally yellow, but during the digestion process it creates a brown product The easiest way to ensure your dog won't eat feces is to pick up the area where he eliminates each time he has a bowel movement. Some owners have found success adding pineapple, pumpkin filling, or carrots to their dog's diet, but this is not a guaranteed cure. Teach Your Dog to Leave I Dogs, like humans, get diarrhoea, and often in the recovery period, they become constipated, as the bowel adjusts to a normal rhythm again. Cook up a bit of pumpkin and put 1-4 tablespoons in his food. If you use canned pumpkin, make sure it's uns..

Dog Constipation: Why It's a Medical Emergency PetM

Dog Won't Sing, Poop or Pee in the Rain. November 27, 2013 cats • dogs • pets • veterinary health. Also, Rubin suggests asking your veterinarian about adding pumpkin or fiber to the dog's diet to encourage regularity. It's unusual for dogs (especially small dogs) to go 24 hours without urinating. Is it possible this dog is having. Recent diarrhea....if a dog has had several bouts of diarrhea in a short amount of time, it may take a day or two for them to defecate normally again. This is because the colon is empty, and it won't be refilled until the dog eats several times, and digests the food Let him sniff. If he turns/backs away or avoids it, reward him with praise. If he eats it, allow him to drool, etc, and don't give water for about 20 minutes. PROOFING Later in the day or the next day, put the hot sauce on the material/poop and introduce it to your dog. At this point, he should turn away My Puppy Won't Poop Before Bed If your puppy doesn't poop before bed, it could be due to an altered routine or something in the area preventing your dog from pooping comfortably. Otherwise, a refusal to poop can be caused by any of the reasons mentioned in the previous section, such as dehydration or a lack of exercise

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  1. My dog will pee on leash but won't poop on leash. HELP!! please We took in a stray dog. My main problem is she will pee on leash but not poop. She poops in the house and knows its wrong. I believe someone once beat her. Even though we have a fenced yard she can get into wooded area which we don't want as when we got her she had fleas and ticks
  2. When your dog is waking up in the middle of the night to poop the first step is to figure out why. Your dog may need more outside time, a smaller space at night, or more time spent on house-training. It could also be due to an age-related or medical problem. For behavioral issues, easy changes to your routine or household can help solve the.
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  4. The best ingredients in the world won't make a difference if your dog won't eat them. PetHonesty chews are naturally flavored with real chicken, duck or pumpkin for a flavor that will win over even the pickiest eaters. They're soft, bite-sized and tasty, so giving your buddy his joint relief or probiotic supplement won't feel like a battle
  5. Hot weather and Runny poop. Anybody have a dog that reacts like this? Rudi usually has firm poop and goes once in the morning and once at night. This week, with the heat and humidity being so terrible, he goes once, then walks a bit and goes at least once more. The first is usually very soft and unformed, the second (smaller amount) is still.
  6. utes before bedtime. Wait for your dog to poop, if they do reward and praise them. In the first few weeks, tether your dog to your waist or belt using a short dog leash
  7. I've put warm water in the food, worked once. He won't eat treats, doesn't care if my dog and cats go eat right from his bowl right in front of him. He constantly tries to eat the cat food and my dog's food and human food. I'll give my dog small bites of cheese or meat and the shih tzu is all over that
My Dog Won't Potty on Leash!

Over a dog's life, families can expect to spend ~$16,600 on vet care alone! 6. From everyday ruh-rohs to catastrophic accidents and chronic illnesses, the costs of vet care can really add up over a dog's life. If your pooch gets hurt or sick, Pumpkin Dog Insurance (AKA dog health insurance) can pay you back for 90% of covered vet bills How much canned pumpkin is recommended for a 50-60 lb. dog ? I'm trying to firm up Tyson's poop as I just switched to Taste of the Wild and his poops are little soft but stil pickup-able. LIKE 14 REPLIES 8802 VIEWS LAST POST BCMIX With limited, natural ingredients, dog owners can feel safe that this food won't cause diarrhea, and it might be perfect for any pooch suffering from a bout of runs. It contains Blue's LifeSource Bits formula, which contains antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. No allergens like eggs, chicken, beef, corn, soy, dairy, or wheat. Pros

How to Make Homemade Chicken And Rice Dog FoodHigh Protein Homemade Salmon Dog Food Recipe (withLil' Miss SmartyPants: Halloween Party!!Frenchie Blanket | Frenchiestore | Pumpkin Spice PupcupFake Dog Poop Treacle Spice Cookies Recipe

Often you won't know until you stop seeing worms in their poop. Which begs the question really about how long it takes for your puppy to poop worms after deworming. I needed to know to help my friend out, so did all the research for you Dogs allowed in pumpkin patch. Only service dogs in the corn maze. Maris Farms. 24713 Sumner Buckley Hwy. Buckley, WA 98321. Leashed dogs allowed in pumpkin patch and corn maze. Register your dog at information booth when you arrive. Bring poop bags! Most of the dog friendly pumpkin patches and mazes around Seattle in late September and October Medical Reasons an Old Dog May Stop Eating. I lump medical reasons into one possible cause - #12 - that your old dog won't eat but, in reality, there may be meany medical reasons for your dog's lack of appetite Incorporate canned pumpkin pulp into your dog's food. A small dog only needs about 1 tbsp. per feeding. A large dog of 50 lbs. (22.67 kg) or more can use 1/4 cup (236.58 ml) per meal. [3

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