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Low Prices on How To Play Scrabble. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order Make sure that you have a game board, that there are 110 tiles available in the bag, that there is a rack for each player, and of course, that you have willing people to play with. Each person should get a rack and a comfy position at board. Place all of the tiles into the bag and shake it to mix them up nicely. You are now ready to play Scrabble Scrabble is a fun, classic word game. The object of the game is to get the most points by playing words on a board that you connect to words created by your fellow players. To play Scrabble, you need at least one other player. You will also need an official Scrabble board with all of its components

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  1. Instructions Step 1: Draw seven letter tiles Have each player remove one tile out of the tile bag. The player that gets the letter closest to the letter A goes first. Each player then draws seven tiles from the tile bag
  2. Learn how to play Scrabble like a star today. It is such easy. But before that, how about we take a look at what the game is all about? The history, rules, and the importance of taking part it
  3. The player that has the letter that is closest to A will begin the game. A blank tile will win the start of the game. The tiles are them replaced to the bag and used in the remainder of the game. Every player will start their turn by drawing seven tiles from the Scrabble bag
  4. Setting ground rules is the first step of the game. While what is listed here are the traditional Scrabble rules, many people prefer to play their own variations of the game. It is important that all players understand the rules exactly from the beginning in order to ward off any disagreements. A dictionary must also be agreed upon

All players draw seven new letters and place them on their racks. #1. The first player combines two or more of his or her letters to form a word and places it on the board to read either across or down with one letter on the center square. Diagonal words are not allowed. #2 Steps. Set up the game by placing all the letter tiles from a Scrabble set face down on a suitable playing surface. You could put your scrabble board face down on the dining room table for example. Sit around the playing area. Players will take turns moving clockwise around the table

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Step 1: Make Your Tiles. To play Number Scrabble, you need a game board and tiles. Coincidentally, it is very easy to retrofit your existing Scrabble kit. You just need to relabel all the tiles. If you've seen the light, just grab a sharpie and you can write on the backs of all the tiles directly Section A: Before the Cheats & Tricks of SCRABBLE Play Step 1: The SCRABBLE Bible. OOGONIUM. QANAT. SIBILATE. CWM. These words might look like gibberish to you, but according to the OSPD (Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary), these are legitimate words that can be played in SCRABBLE, SCRABBLE Beta, and Lexulous Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLALQuK1NDrjBAbLdkD3_D1Yw01TNDbGS--Watch more Board Games videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/334117-.. In Scrabble, players earn points by constructing words with letter tiles and placing them on a grid. Each letter has a different point value, there are 100 letter tiles, and only one letter tile can fit in a grid space. Draw seven letter tiles: Have each player remove one tile out of the tile bag SCRABBLE Rules and Regulations For Beginners.Timestamps OR Chapters:0:00 How to Play Scrabble?0:50 Scrabble Tiles Point Values1:30 Word You Can Use in Scrabb..

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  1. Step 1: Cut. I made my tiles 2.5 inches square. You can make them any size, of course, but this made my finished product about 40 x 35 -- a good size for a wall hanging. To get the 2.5 squares, I used 1x3 boards. When purchasing your boards, be sure to check the face of the board for knots
  2. 9 Backyard Games to Make and Play This Summer This giant lawn version of Scrabble means the tiles to your favorite board game won't get lost in the grass. Clever project ideas and step-by.
  3. Open the https://pyx-1.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp, make a game room, and send the invite link to your buddies. You can tweak as far as possible, player cutoff, and decks to play. In case you're the Card Czar, pick a triumphant card from the white cards that you find most interesting, relating to the dark card given
  4. Scrabble is a universally recognized board game that can be used for a great craft item. It makes for a fun way to personalize items and gifts when you take the letter tiles and spell things with them, and even if you can't get your hands on the real game tiles, many craft stores do sell the letters in their scrapbooking areas, and sometimes even in multiple sizes

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  1. Step 1: Both players must install the Scrabble Go game on their phones. Step 2: Enter the game and add the other player either through Facebook, or their mobile number (if they provided it to sign-in). Rules: Each player is given 7 letters to make a word with. You must make a word that intersects with another word on the board
  2. Step 9: Attach the 1×12 and cut game board to size. Because a full sheet of plywood is 96 inches x 48 inches, I had to make it larger in order to accommodate the 220 tile spaces. The original Scrabble board is made up of 15 by 15 spaces (220 spaces total) and with 3 1/2-inch Scrabble tiles, the playing area needs to be at least 52 1/2 inches.
  3. Chess is a game of tactics and strategy. The more alert you are while playing the board game, the better you perform. To get familiar with strategies and moves in the game, you must spend time and practise more. Now that you have learnt how to play chess, here are the 15 reasons you should for you to start playing chess today itself
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i paid for pogo to play scrabble it won't let me on I have a chromebook and when i go on Pogo site to play Scrabble I cannot move th... I have been paying to play pogo for years but have not used it. Now I want to st... i paid to play scrabble but it won't let me on Since EA took over Pogo games I have had a lot of trouble Canasta game problems g... I an my mother have been Pogo subscribers. Greetings! I am Vijay, an Independent Advisor. Try to install this in compatibility mode. Right click on the setup file > Properties > Compatibility tab > Check the box - Run this program in compatibility mode > Select the right operating system > OK and install. Do let me know if you have any more question or require further help *NEW* A CROSSWORD GAME added to Foil SCRABBLE sticker. This period starts with the addition of A CROSSWORD GAME to the foil SCRABBLE sticker. Everything else is the same as before. The ca 1959? date is used for convenience. I can't say when the previous period ended. Here's a close-up of the box top sticker. (Click to enlarge. For games like Scrabble purchase the tiles at a craft store or make your own from small wooden tiles and a marker. Draw the Scrabble board onto the felt and use cardstock to make the trays. Fold the cardstock to where it makes a V with one side of the V being 2″ long and the other, 4″ long. On the longer side fold two inches of.

Scrabble word finder is created to help users to solve Scrabble words game online. We have our algorithm, which solves your scrabble or any similar games online. Scrabble is a word game which you can play with your friends or family. This game is very popular in U.S.A and Canda. This website is not affiliated with Scrabble® officials Description. Play free online SCRABBLE on Pogo™! Practice your skills against computer opponents, or create a game of SCRABBLE with family and friends. You can even take on other Pogo™ players, matched to your skill level. Free users and Club Pogo members also have access to other fun modes of play! In the classic game of SCRABBLE, you take. Gameplay data from Scrabble versions earlier than 5.0.0 will not be available in the new version of the app. Gameplay data from before you connected Scrabble to Facebook may be lost. If you are unable to connect to Scrabble on Facebook, the first step is to ensure your browser is set to allow third-party cookies The key to a fair Scrabble game is to come to a consensus on the debatable rules prior to playing. Visit INSIDER's homepage for more. Scrabble , a board game in which players create words in a crossword fashion with lettered tiles, was born out of one out-of-work architect's desire to lift the spirits of millions during the Great Depression in.

Instructions. Step 1: Set up Place the mancala board lengthwise between two players and put four stones in each of the 12 small cups on the game board. TIP: The six smaller cups are playing cups. The larger cup at either end is the mancala. Step 2: Pick up stones Pick up the stones in any of your six playing cups. Step 3: Position pieces Drop your stones one by one into sequential playing cups. Step 2: Create An Attractive Game Story. A story of a game gives its players a purpose to play. Moreover, it also helps to keep them engaged and hooked for hours. Think of such a game concept and then work hard to figure out how it will entertain the players. Step 3: Select A Mobile App Platform And Game Engin Scrabble is one of America's favorite board games. But at its highest levels, Scrabble is almost a completely different game than the one you play around the living room table on family game night Play Scrabble® GO with the Eco Mode enabled and your PC will utilize minimum resources in each instance. Real-Time Translation . Experience the thrill of playing Scrabble® GO in your local language. High FPS . Experience immersive gaming at every step in Scrabble® GO with BlueStacks

find the rules for the famous Memory game, know as Concentration card game or Matching Game. At the beginning of the game, all the cards are mixed up and laid in rows, face down on the table. Player 1 starts and turns over two cards: If the cards don't match (it's not a pair), he turns them back over and it's then the turn of player 2 to turn over two new cards Instructions. Step 1: Set up the board Place the Monopoly board on a table, with the game cards face-down in their allotted spaces. Step 2: Choose a banker Select one player to be the banker. The banker will handle any play money not owned by the players and will initially distribute $1,500 in play money to each player Four Corners is a game exactly like that. It's usually played as an elementary school classroom game, but you can play it at home as well. If you haven't played the four corners game yet, you'll be surprised how easy it is to learn how to play Four Corners! It's a great group activity for parents, children, and friends to take part in Overview. Scrabble, the classic crossword game, is full-on fun for friends and family. You can feel the excitement begin as soon as you rack up your letters, choose a great word, and hope to land on a triple-word score. Play the popular Scrabble game the classic way as you take on opponents head-to-head, for a challenging and fun time whether.

Step 1. Cut your magnetic strips into squares, peel off the backing and then adhere them to the back of your scrabble tiles. I had this old Scrabble game that I got from my dad, but sometimes you can find these games for cheap at dollar stores or garage sales. Step 2. Tape off the edges of the baking tray How to Play Flash Games with Flashpoint. Of course, the internet won't let all those classic Flash games disappear into the night. The solution is BlueMaxima's Flashpoint, a free, open-source application for Windows (Mac and Linux versions are in the works). Flashpoint provides everything you need to play classic web games Step-by-step pictures and instructions . In cat's cradle, two people make shapes with string and pass them back and forth. Many people know the FIRST move (the Cat's Cradle) -- but there are lots more: the Manger, Candles, the Cat's Eye, and Diamonds....it goes on and on. To play cat's cradle, you need: • two peopl

Step by step instructions on how to play Rummikub board game. This title, originally released in 1977, masterfully blends even older games Dominos and the card game Rummy. It is so good it even won a Spiel des Jahres , the most prestigious board game award given out each year Individuals of any age love to play Scrabble. It isn't just a family game yet, besides a challenging match having its opposition occasions. For example, utilizing the word generator and unscramble word cheat, we unscrambled the letters to make a rundown of the considerable number of words found in Scrabble.We discovered many words by unscrambling the words cheat Today I am sharing a project that I have been dreaming up for some time now. Ever since I got my very first iPhone and downloaded Words With Friends, I hav

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  1. Big Boggle is an alternate version of the traditional Boggle game, produced by Hasbro. The game differs from the original Boggle in that it has a 5x5 grid rather than a 4x4 grid, allowing players to find more and longer words. The game combines elements of classic word searches with speed and quick thinking
  2. The board game Scrabble has been around for more than 80 years and various knock-offs have existed in the app game space for over a decade. But since video game developer Scopely relaunched the.
  3. i games, My First BANANAGRAMS creates a step by step play-progression towards ultimately learning how to play a full game of BANANAGRAMS. A green banana perfect for the younger bunch! Contents include 80 single letter tiles, 13 combo-letter tiles and instructions. Ideal for ages four and up. 1 to 4 Players

Scrabble3D. Scrabble3D is a free Scrabble word game for Windows. It is an interesting Scrabble word game and a great time killer. It is a multiplayer Scrabble game that can be played with 4 players. Out of the 4 players, one must be a human. You can play Scrabble against computer or with other players on the same computer or across the globe Open the Word with words with friends cheat board. Step 1: Click on the word, rack or board you wish to view and click on Open.. Step 2: Click on the button marked Cheat Options.. Step 3: Choose which game you want to cheat on. The first game you choose will open the cheats options in a new window. You will then see a list of cheats Board Games. Welcome to LoveToKnow Board Games, your best source for board game information and tips. From gift suggestions to strategy, we cover all aspects of board games for fans and collectors alike. Get inspired to create your own games with our printables, which include blank game boards as well as original, ready-to-play games Word Search is a Classical crossword game for Android! The quick stacking word game, Upwords, has you competing to see whether you or your opponents can score the most points by stacking letters to make words. They then use the questions to play the game boards. Word Stacks is a beautiful and immersive word search game Create your own game board such a

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Blackjack is an enormously popular card game, with millions of fans playing it online across the globe. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that blackjack is that it's so simple to play. This is how you can learn how to play online blackjack in just seven steps: Step 1: place your bet. Make a bet from $1 to all-in. Step 2: receive. Step up your ASO (app store optimization) game: ASO doesn't end when your app launches! You can still affect the discovery of your app within the App Store by tweaking your app meta data. Use this 5x app store optimization strategy for the best tips on how to do that Family game night doesn't have to be canceled, just make it digital! Kids can get in on the fun with the help of parents and these games are fun for the whole family. 1. Card games . Play some of the classic games like Go Fish! and Hearts with the website Playing Cards. This website allows you to play games in real-time with friends but you. By step definition is - in a series of steps. How to use by step in a sentence IPTV Extreme developed by Paolo Turatti is a live tv channel streaming app using which you can watch sports, movies, serials, etc. You can watch any country channel with this with HD resolution. Most of the channels are from Brazil, Italy tho. However, the app does not contain any channel playlist, unlike ThopTV that contains different channels.You have to create or find a playlist from IPTV.

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Scrabble Pages - Learn How to Play Scrabble The main goal of Scrabble Pages is to present players with some great resources and news tidbits that will help them master the game of Scrabble. Many Scrabble resources can be found online, but my goal is for this to be the number one site for Scrabble information on the Internet How to Install SCRABBLE for PC: Before anything else, you must free download either Andy os or BlueStacks for your PC by using the download option made available in the beginning in this web site. If the download process is done click on the installer to begin the set up process. Check out the initial couple of steps and then click Next to. Children will enjoy playing this game and have no idea that they are learning to spell - they'll just enjoy the game ! The full alphabet is divided into groups of coloured tiles. The words are similarly colour coded so that a child shouldn't be put off finding a letter in a particular word if you show them that they just need to look at the colour of the letter first Scrabble adalah permainan yang menyenangkan dan memperkaya kosakata bahasa Inggris Anda. Tujuan permainan ini adalah untuk memperoleh poin terbanyak dengan menyusun huruf-huruf membentuk kata yang menyambung dengan salah satu huruf dari kata yang dibuat lawan main Anda. Untuk bermain Scrabble, Anda membutuhkan setidaknya satu lawan Before I explain each step, let me give you an overview of the scrabble game display. Each book was wrapped in a paper bag and had a scrabble tile taped to the front of the bag. Because the books were completely covered I wanted to give a couple of clues as to what the book was in the bag, in case a student wanted to check one out

How to Exchange Tiles in Scrabble. Exchanging tiles is a three-step process. First, remove the tiles you're going to turn in from your rack and place them face down on the table. Then draw an equal number of tiles from the bag and place them on your rack. Finally, put the face-down tiles back into the bag Classic Scrabble game with a Wizarding World theme - perfect for fans of Scrabble or Harry Potter! Celebrate the vocabulary from the World of Harry Potter including the Harry Potter books and movies. Like the original Scrabble game, you can play regular Scrabble words or your favorite Harry Potter words to score the most points Scrabble. Today, Scrabble is one of the most downloaded games. Scrabble is a simple yet fascinating game. You form words from lettered tiles. Each letter is worth different points. The goal is to use up all your tiles and get the highest score. Chinese checkers. Everyone knows the classic game of checkers. Chinese checkers is slightly more complex Most of the Scrabble papers talk about searching the whole board for the best word to play. But to solve your problem, as stated, there is a pretty simple algorithm. First, you know that the word you want contains 'app', and you know that the largest word you can make is seven letters long (3 letters already on the board, and 4 in your tray) Another thing that Scrabble can help you with is creativity and concentration. As you probably know, during the game, you draw seven tiles - each of them has a letter written on it. Unless you draw a blank tile, which can serve as any letter, you need to rack your brain in order to find a word that will be composed of those letters

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Letter Arrangement games. In this type of word game, a player has to form a meaningful word from the given words. These games serve two purposes - vocabulary testing and lateral thinking capability. Examples: Upwords, Bananagrams, Scrabble, Countdown, and Paperback The most useful way to get Help for Scrabble ® crossword game - Using the a large open-source Dictionary of words for Scrabble® crossword game, you can enter up to 12 letters. Enter them into the box, and use a question mark as a blank tile - Scrabble® crossword game help will produce all the words that can be made What an impossible, sh**ty task. In the early 1990s, two women were playing Scrabble in suburban Washington, D.C. At one point in the game, a word was challenged. The players decided to settle the. Step 2 - Make wood letter tiles. In a game of Scrabble there are 100 letter tiles. Again, I contemplated making my own to save some money, but the idea of cutting and sanding 100 tiles with four sides each made me want to hurt someone. So when I found these wood squares on Amazon I was totally in. No sanding involved Powerball scramble: On some holes, team selects one of its golfers to tee off from the forward tees. Reverse scramble: Same as the Bloodsome - use the worst ball after each stroke. Shamble: Pick the best ball off the tee, everyone plays regular golf from there into the hole. Step Aside: Same as a Florida Scramble

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A dinner party might change into a social game party as your companions break out several board games. Scrabble helps improve your emotional well-being and personal confidence. In Scrabble, you have to solve a logical problem in each turn of play. So, even if you do not win the game, you derive a great sense of achievement from playing it How to Play a Golf Scramble. A golf scramble is a format for a golf tournament. Two or more players form a team, with the rules emphasizing fun without the pressure of players keeping individual scores. Each player hits a tee shot on each hole, but everyone plays from the spot of the best shot, subject to certain criteria. Rules for playing in a scramble are informal, with tournament.

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  1. Play for free - there's no need to pay for hints or wait for daily puzzles. You don't need to guess an obscure word to unlock the next game. Play offline - you won't be able to search for definitions, but Stepwords remembers the words you search for so you can look them up again when you're online. A relaxing break to wind down - Its you don't.
  2. able when players are stuck and.
  3. Each player places one foot on yellow and one foot on blue. 3 players = two players face each other from opposite ends of the mat with one foot on yellow and another on blue. The third player faces the center by placing two feet on the two center red circles. 4 players = players are split into two teams of two players each

The game was trademarked SCRABBLE Brand Crossword Game in 1948. The Brunots rented an abandoned schoolhouse in Dodgington, Connecticut, where with friends they turned out 12 games an hour, stamping letters on wooden tiles one at a time. Later, boards, boxes and tiles were made elsewhere and sent to the factory for assembly and shipping DIY Giant Games Tutorials. 1. Giant Four in a Row ~ Home Depot really nailed this one. The tutorial for making this giant four in a row game is fantastic with step-by-step instructions which make planning and making the game much more do-able than you'd guess. Playing the game takes the fun factor to a whole new level! 2 In this article, we take a look at how you can download Flash games to play offline so that you can still play them after the takedown of Adobe Flash Player in 2020. We'll offer a step by step guide to help you download and play these games once downloaded. The entire process is very easy and won't take more than 10 minutes of your time Games, such as Mahjong, Solitaire, and Blackjack, are available for your Kindle Paperwhite. Some people are purists and believe that the Kindle Paperwhite should be used only for reading; others like having the option of playing a game every now and then. Given that many games are offered for free or put on sale on [

Step-by-step instructions for how to use this tool are below. Open the Word with words with friends. Step 1: Click on the word, rack or board you wish to view and click on Open. Step 2: Click on the button marked Cheat Options. Step 3: Choose which game you want to cheat on Learn How to Play Uno With These Simple Step-by-step Instructions. The different types of cards used in the game of Uno make it interesting and more exciting than the regular, mainstream card games. Read this article to understand the game and its rules

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Explanation: See monopoly game for instructions on how to play. Consider ways to make this activity more challenging or less challenging based on how she responds to the game. (example: to make the game easier, allow her to have a partner to help explain the game step by step. Step 5: Once the download's over, you can start playing the game for free. GTA 5 on Epic Games Store is free for lifetime. If you claim GTA 5 on Epic Games Store while the offer lasts, the game stays with you forever. This means you don't have to pay a single penny even after the promotion ends

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Step 1. How to Setup the Chessboard. At the beginning of the game the chessboard is laid out so that each player has the white (or light) color square in the bottom right-hand side.. The chess pieces are then arranged the same way each time. The second row (or rank) is filled with pawns Clue is a classic board game for players ages eight and up. The game takes about an hour to play and calls for three to six players to investigate a murder by gathering evidence. The winner is the player who, through the process of elimination, can figure out which three cards are hidden within the secret envelope that hold the answers to Mr. Boddy's murder

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The game Go has only one objective: control the most territory. But this simple board game, easily played by children and novices, can take a lifetime to master. There are more possible ways for a game of Go to play out than there are subatomic particles in the known universe [source: American Go Association].Even the most sophisticated computer programs can't come up with a definitive. Roblox coding is a great way to learn text-based computer programming, and Roblox Studio is a fantastic game creation engine that will teach you a lot about 3D game design. Here is a quick trailer of CodaKid's free Obby tutorial that is presented in the series of instructional videos below. roblox create tutoria

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Good article! My son started playing the game recently, but I had an advantage in the mechanics of the game because you can play the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (at pokemon.com) that has a tutorial on how to play the game and takes you step by step. sammychan Says: April 15, 2016 at 2:47 am | Reply. This is actually hilarious. LostMom Says From the rise of gamer parents to transparent game design, a step-by-step prediction of how games will be made over the next five years Kids are moving out of their bedrooms back into the living room Finally, each game also offers a variety of tips and tricks to help you master the game. The Overview and the How To Play sections offer a combination of text and graphics offer visual help in learning how to play the game. Step-by-step instructions are offered, making learning new games fun and easy Learn how to use redstone and follow step-by-step instructions for building redstone structures such as redstone doors, redstone traps, farms, and other contraptions. Redstone Minecraft guide features: ••Redstone doors. ••Traps. ••Farms. ••In-depth descriptions of all redstone items. ••Basic redstone circuit layouts and.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown: Step 1: Tap and hold on one of the apps you want to hide. (In the example above, this is GuitarTuna .) If you're running iOS 13.2 or later, you need to tap the. Travel Games Play Ideas : Good Play Guide. Travel Games. The real packing and preparation for travelling isn't in the clothes - it's in what you will use to entertain your children whilst out and about waiting for flight, food and transfers. Journeys can drag by, so here are some free ideas for fun on the go Card games like Go Fish are perfect for severe stroke patients who need to relearn skills such as memory and pattern recognition. The object of the game is to play all your cards by creating pairs, either by drawing new cards or asking your opponents if they have one you need. The first person to get rid of all their cards wins the game Step-by-step definition is - marked by successive degrees usually of limited extent : gradual - Tutorial - Step by Step 2018 Scrabble Championship Page 10/53. Get Free Scrabble Help Scrabble Word Finder And Scrabble Cheat10/10 Scrabble word game || how to play Scrabble go-stay home activity for kids \u0026 elders -quarantine days Word Finder Software - MyWordFinder30 Big Scoring Scrabble Words using the Page 11/53 Tutorial - Step by Step 2018 Scrabble Championship 10/10 Scrabble word game || how to play Scrabble go -stay home activity for kids \u0026 elders -quarantine days Word Finder Software - MyWordFinder30 Big Scoring Scrabble Words using the J,Q,X, and Z 20 Scrabble Words Every Crossword Solver Should Kno

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