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Save Time and Shop Online for Your Kitchen. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Buy Curtain Poles - We carry all Type, Finish and Width options! Metal Curtain Poles. Chrome Curtain Poles. Swish Curtain Parts. Copper Curtain Poles. U. Measure from where you would like the pole to start to the first angle, then measure from angle to angle around the bay window and finally from the last angle to where you want to pole to end. Bear in mind you might need some overhang on either side of the window so the curtains don't block the view when they're drawn back Measuring for Bay Curtain Poles Start at one end of the bay and measure the wall where the pole is to be fitted (excluding finials). Measure across this section of wall to where it meets at the angle of the next section of wall

Measure the width of the first side of your bay, where the pole is to be fitted, up to where it meets at the angle of the next section of the bay. Allow for an additional 15cm along this side so that the pole can pass past the window along the wall and your curtains can be pulled past the window when opened. Write down the measurement Curtain poles are the most popular style of modern window treatment and our ranges for bay windows have matching counterparts for you to also use in your straight windows. This type of curtain pole, when used in a bay window, is not suitable for eyelet or tab top curtains, as the curtain needs to hang from the ring Step one in getting the perfect fit for a curtain pole for your bay window is taking the correct measurements. Expert blacksmith Richard Fishenden from Made.

To measure the angles, you simply line up the corner marked A on the two pieces of the protractor, and place the edges marked Wall Side Left and Right against the appropriate wall. The scale with the numbers should be at the bottom. You'll then see an arrow pointing to the appropriate number Please select from the following ranges for your mage to measure bay window quote: When you have completed the form, please send this, along with the pole you require a quote for, to: info@polesdirect.com. Or post to Bay Window Quotes, Poles Direct, Unit 2 Jubilee Way, Grange Moor, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF4 4TD It takes less then 5 minutes to understand how to measure curtains for bay window. Check our tutorial here and start measuring today

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If you'd prefer to use a curtain track to hang your curtains, the process of measuring for a track is much the same as measuring for a pole. Take the full measurement of all windows in the bay and add an extra 20-30cm each side. Then measure the drop - the distance from where the track will sit to where you want your curtains to finish In order to get the right sized pole for your bay window, you certainly need guidance on that. Technology has transformed the ways things are being done these days. Some enterprises dealing with bay window curtain poles have been innovative and inventive enough, and have come up with ways of assisting clients and prospective clients to be able to supply the details, and specs for their bay. The central bracket supports the weight of the bay window pole and should be located three inches above the window frame to prevent light seeping in above the curtains. To ensure your bracket is.. 2. Slide the curtain panels onto the curtain rods. If you're using straight curtain rods, put a pair of panels on each rod. If you're using a bay window curtain rod, put 2 panels for each window frame on the rod and adjust the curtains so the bent corners of the rod are exposed Measure in millimetres from 1 to A = Measure in millimetres from 2 to F = • Take the measurements along the walls where the pole is to fix and include the full length of each wall section (even for ceiling fix poles). We will work out the pole size to fit allowing for bracket projection from these measurements

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Measuring for curtains in normal style windows is easy enough to do, but if you have a bay style window then you may not find it as simple. The style of bay windows mean that they stick out from the wall, not only creating a great look, but also letting in plenty of light into your room too 01. WIDTH. Measure from outer edge of window frame (A) to bend (B), bend (B) to bend (C), bend (C) to outer edge of window frame (D) and the bay opening (A to D) 02. HEIGHT. Measure the height from where you would like to install your pole to the floor (we recommend 30cm above the window frame, or more if there's space) 03. DESIGN YOUR CURTAINS To fix a curtain pole in a bay window, you use brackets, like you would with a regular window. If you have less than 15cm of space between the ceiling and where you want your curtain pole to sit, you'll need to use ceiling brackets. If more, then you can use wall brackets or ceiling brackets The Silent Gliss 6130 Metro Pole is the best selling bespoke curtain pole for bay windows. This is because it operates like a track but looks like a pole. The gliders and brackets are fitted in separate channels on the pole so that the gliders and curtains can run smoothly around bends and past the brackets without any restriction or interruption You will need paper, a pencil, a metal measuring tape, a stepladder (optional depending on the size of the bay window) and a friend. We strongly advise you to measure with a friend as accuracy is hugely important. With the right friend, this may even be fun

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Measuring the correct curtain width. Measure the curtain track or pole width, not the window. If fitting a new track or pole, this should extend 150mm to 200mm either side of the window and at least 150mm above. Pinch pleat curtains have permanent sewn-in pleats; this means that you will be unable to adjust the width of the curtain once it's made Unique, Bold & Creative. Discover The Newest Trends at Dunelm. Buy Online Now! Discover Our Wide Range of Curtain Tracks & Poles. Available Online. Buy Today

There are varieties of poles available in the market, ranging from traditional wooden poles, polmets and bay-window poles. Curtain poles are not only considered as a functional element but they also help in enhancing the ambiance of the room. Usually for bay windows, curtain poles in 43mm, 55mm and 67mm diameters are most appropriate Fit the centre part of the rod by slipping the poles of the ends of the rod over the inner pins of the corner bracket and the other end on the bracket next to the side of the window. If needed, move the curtain casing a little so that none of the hardware is showing from the bay window curtain poles. Add the finishing touches by choosing. Measure the width of the first side of your bay, where the pole is to be fitted, up to where it meets at the angle of the next section of the bay. Allow for an additional 15cm along this side so that the pole can pass past the window along the wall and your curtains can be pulled past the window when opened Metal pole and flexible joint systems. You can get C rings and brackets with C-shaped supports that allow the rings to pass over the brackets, so you can still use 2 curtains instead of 3. Unbranded parts based on 28mm diameter poles are readily available in the UK. For a 3-section bay, you'd get three metal poles, cut them to size with a. Bay window metal curtain poles made to measure and expertly fitted by Paul Christian in the Bristol and Bath area. Make drawing the curtains a joy by installing gliderpoles with their smooth and easy glide action. Quality poles made in the UK by Bradley. Choose from hand-drawn, chorded and electric options

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Essentially you are treating your bay window like 3 separate windows, hanging one pole and a pair of curtains in the centre and individual poles and single curtains drawing outwards on either side. This is the only way you can hang eyelet curtains on a bay window Country: Have a 4m bay, with 4 bends. Wife doesnt like any of the off the shelf bay curtain pole kits and would like a wooden one. Tracks are not an option, as we are wanting to remove the old plastic ones. I can only find 2 places selling wood bay poles . One doesnt display prices, the other quote was £450

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  1. How to Measure for a Bay Window Installation. Retrofitting new bay windows or before installing windows in a new bay window requires measuring the openings. Typical bay windows have a large window.
  2. Bay windows are normally delivered to you in 10 to 14 working days depending on the complexity of the bay. If you require help when choosing a pre-packed bay pole or mix and match pole set again, using the diagram let us know your measurements and the pole set you would like and we will see if it will fit your bay window
  3. Recommended reading: Neo Bay Window Curtain Poles - compatible with heavyweight, eyelet curtains. Download: Neo Bay Pole fitting instructions (PDF). Step 1: Measure the width of the bay (A) and mark the centre (Fig.1). Place the centre bracket approximately 100mm above the window, remove the cover plates and mark the exact position of the.

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  1. If you wish to ceiling fix (top fix) your curtain track or pole then you can measure your window, frame or sill size, but you must tell us, when asked on the web site, if you want the track or pole to be fitted forward of these sizes and by how far. Always use a metal tape measure when measuring
  2. Can you get curtain poles for a bay window? Yes, says Judith Strong, who favours a metal pole with finials, bent specially to fit. There are a few on the market that can be bent to the shape of the bay, Matthew Connellan says. The type that have the track inside the pole [where the gliders peep out of the bottom for the hooks to be inserted] can be a nice look
  3. Installing Curtain Tracks in Bay Windows. To fix a PVC curtain track in a bay window, fit the supplied brackets using the same method as for a pole. Bend your curtain track to fit the curve or angles of your bay (gently, so that you don't create any kinks or cause the track to snap), and mount the track on the brackets
  4. The 4 Best Ways to Hang Bay Window Curtains. Flexible Curtain Track. No matter the shape or size of your bay window, a flexible curtain track can be installed to fit the area. Bay Window Curtain Rod. Bay curtain rods are designed to fit traditional, three-section bay windows. Straight Curtain Rods. Tension Curtain Rods

Feb 5, 2018 - Made to Measure curtain poles from Silent Gliss. See more ideas about bay window curtain poles, bay window, curtain poles How to measure curtains fitted to a pole. With a curtain pole in place • Width of curtain pole. • c. d. Curtain pole eyelet ring to desired curtain drop. Without a curtain pole in place • Measure the width of the window opening plus the amount you wish the curtains to cover either side of the opening Can you get curtain poles for a bay window? Yes, says Strong, who favours a metal pole with finials, bent specially to fit. There are a few on the market that can be bent to the shape of the bay, says Connellan.. The type that have the track inside the pole [where the gliders peep out of the bottom for the hooks to be inserted] can be a nice look Our made-to-measure curtains are suitable for bay, box and bow windows. All our curtains are available with blackout and thermal linings. Choose from a range of stylish curtain poles and tracks specially designed for bay windows. All our curtain fabrics are also available as Roman blinds for a coordinated look An angled pole is fixed to the wall with brackets, and curtain rings are used to attach the curtain to the pole. Decorative finials at each end of the pole make sure the curtains cannot slide off the pole. Curtain poles are not suitable for curved bow windows. If you have a curved window you will need a curtain track instead

How high should the curtain track or pole be hung? Usually, the best area to fit a pole or track is midway between the top of the window opening and the ceiling coving, says Fearn. A minimum height to consider would be 10 to 15 centimetres above the window opening.. Connellan advises fixing the track to the ceiling within the bay if. This company make forged iron curtain poles to measure. They have a number of bay window options. The thing with bay windows if they only have brackets at the ends and centre, they can move about unless the brackets are very substantial. Unless you are desperate for the look of a pole, a neat low profile track will save you x100 the hassle

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Buy a flexible bay window curtain pole kit, these come in various diameters and colours with finials which can be changed to suit. Whether you're looking for a small curved bay window pole or a larger size, these kits go up to 6m with diameters to suit all trends and requirements. The cost can be key, with curved tailor-made poles being quite. The amount of sides your bay window has will determine the number of brackets and elbow connectors you will need for your curtain poles. For a 3-sided angled bay window: 1 x 2.5 pole + 2 x 1.5m poles (cut to section lengths) + 5 wall brackets or 5 ceiling brackets + 2 bay bend brackets or 2 elbow connector To prepare for hanging a curtain pole, you will need to measure and mark out where your curtain pole is going to hang. You want to measure the curtain pole height according to the height of your curtains. The curtains may be to the floor, or just below the window, and it is essential to factor in the measurement where the curtain eyelets will be I have taken quite a few of these bay poles down and replaced them with a bay window curtain track. One customer had spent over £ 800 on a double bay pole. This was custom made to fit their bay exactly. I replaced it with a double bay track costing less than half that. The customer keeps telling me how much happier they are now

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Eyelet curtains should be hung from curtain poles. Simply measure between the finials (the decorative ends) to obtain the width. Drop: The inner edge of the eyelet is set down 3cm from the top of the curtain so you need to allow for this when measuring or your curtains will be 3 cm too short Our curtain fitters make the track on-site and follow the curve of the bay; if it is a square bay window then the track would need to be bent in a more acute manner. Bay window curtain poles are an option, however they are always made bespoke to the window shape and are more expensive than tracks and also don't offer full coverage of the window Step 1: Measure for your curtain pole or track. To measure for a pole or track fitting, first measure the width of the window recess. Your fitting should extend about 15cm each side to allow your curtains to fully block any light, so add a total of 30cm to your recess measurement. This is the width your pole should be When the provided pole is too small, you can stretch it with a connector and if it's too long you can make it shorter. Since you are looking for a bay window curtain pole, you will need to buy flexible bay window corners. With these it can be placed against the wall properly. Measuring the length of the pole To know which curtain pole sizes.

DIY BAY WINDOW CURTAIN ROD. Measure the distance along the wall from the outside of one window casing to the outside of the other casing. Allow for any overhang that you want. Purchase this length of metal conduit at your local home improvement store. Measure from the outside of the casing to the first bend in the wall Choose a curtain pole that's long enough to allow your curtains to stack back to the sides of the windows. Wood poles come with a double end screw to join them; you'll need an extra centre bracket for poles over 180cm in length. If you can't find what you're looking for, we have a made to measure service too Swish Elements 28mm Belgravia Bay Curtain Pole. £ 115.00. Universal 28mm Bay Window Curtain Pole with Ball finials. £ 45.00 - £ 55.00. Swish Design Studio 35mm Bay Window Curtain Pole Mondiale. £ 123.77 - £ 188.48. Rolls Neo 35mm 3 sided Bay Window Curtain Pole (Eyelet Compatible) with Oak Stud Finials

Bay window curtain poles are specifically designed for more traditional bay window designs. Corner curtain poles come in a range of styles from classic to modern, and are strong enough to support full-length curtains. Produced as either a single piece or a modular design that fits together to span the entire width of the window area The internal facet widths are 649mm in the above diagram, 625mm in brackets and 600mm for the centre window. The smaller size would be the window manufacturing size as the UPVC bay pole assembly will then sit in the gap in between the two frames. The method above allows the calculation of the angle where the two windows meet using trigonometry Universal Metal Bay Window Curtain Pole Satin Steel 28mm x 3m (9841T) 6 of 6 ( 100%) reviewers would recommend this product. Stylish satin steel bay window pole with ball finial. Includes passing rings which glide over the brackets and corner joints which are flexible and allow to fit the contours of a bay window Curtains are always a great addition to a space and can look really wonderful when fitted into a characterful bay window. They also offer the potential for a 3D layered effect in the home. Consider partnering your curtain with a roller, Roman or even Venetian blind for a warm, comforting feel. At Blinds Direct, we have a wonderful range of.

Step 1: Measure the Window. Fix your curtain pole or track in position. Measure Pole length - the length of the track or pole excluding finials or end caps. Decide on where you want the curtain to finish - eg whether to the sill, to the floor or over long etc. Measure the Hook Drop - The distance from the curtain ring eye where the curtain hook. The Silent Gliss Metropole bay curtain pole is ideal for bay windows of many shapes and styles and is custom bent to fit each unique window. Wrought Iron effect curtain poles for Bay Windows by Cameron Fuller in 12 metal finishes c.. Contemporary 23mm diameter hand operated Metropole in an Ecru Off White finish. Sil. The Bay Poles Made to Measure section includes poles that are made and pre-bent for you specific to your bay window shape and sizes like the Silent Gliss 6130 30mm diameter Silver whereas the Bay Window Pole Kits has either pre-pack pole kits or range like the Rolls 28mm Neo For Bays Stainless Steel Ball where the individual components can be.

Bay Pole with Ready Made/Custom Made Curtains: A continuous pole can be achieved around a bay window with the addition of elbow joints and open brackets. These essentially allow you to turn any 28mm pole into a bay window pole - an elbow joint is added at the corner between two separate lengths of pole and an open bracket is used on either side. Why curtain rods are a great choice. Compared to many other solutions, curtain poles are very easy to assemble. You just mount the brackets on each side of your window, then you pull the curtain pole to the desired length and put it up. Thanks to this smart, flexible design, you can quickly adjust their position to your liking Remove the first pole and trim one side down, attach the swivel socket and verify your measurement. Once you're satisfied, you can mark the other side and trim it down too. Continue the process for each window in the bay. And, depending on the size of each section, you may need to pre-trim larger poles before you dry fit them How to measure a bay window for curtain pole or track tracks direct blog china how to measure a bay window for curtain track and fabric how to measure a bay window for curtain track china and fabric made in com how to measure a bay window guide using our free protractor tool tracks direct blog

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Usually for bay windows, curtain poles in 43mm, 55mm and 67mm diameters are most appropriate. For installation, you must follow these steps. First of all, you should decide a position in the wall where you are going to place the window A quick note on continuous curve poles: If you want a continuous curve pole, but have a bay with bends and angles, you will still need to measure your bay window according to its corresponding bay shape below.Tell us in the comments box that you want a curved pole and we will design one to fit into the bay shape (assuming it is practical and possible) Tracks Direct For Bespoke Made To Measure Bay Window Curtain Poles John Lewis Partners Made To Measure Classic Bay Bend Curtain George Clarke S Top Tips On Window Dressing Crall And Bay Made To Measure Curtains North London China How To Measure A Bay Window For Curtain Track READ. Mark the measurements of where the bends should be using a Sharpie. To find the angle of the walls, I simply held two pieces of cardstock in the corners and stapled the papers together to hold the angle. Next we made the bay window curtain pole by bending the electrical conduit to the correct angle. Our oldest son held one end while my husband.

For this bay window I purchased 2 curtain rods, one for the large window and the other to be used over the 2 smaller windows. You'll want to begin by hanging the rod over the large window first. Once the rod is secured into place you can measure how long the rods need to be for the smaller windows How To Solve The Curtain Problem When You Have Bay Windows. Bay windows are a bit odd and this means they sometimes pose problems. A bay window is actually just a regular window but the unusual feature is the way it communicates with the rest of the house and its walls Project Source. 36-in To 54-in Bronze Steel Bay Window Curtain Rod. Model #08-3839. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 2. Hart & Harlow. Lockseam 28-in To 48-in White Steel Bay Window Curtain Rod. Model #LKLS-BAY Then in your blog post, you recommended hanging Roman shades with no mention of curtains. Are curtains always a 'no' when it comes to bay windows? I have attached a picture and link of the curtains and rods I purchased. I am planning to hang a bay window rod with four curtains—one on each side of the three windows

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Rod Desyne Arielle 3-Sided Double Bay Window Drapery Rod with Finials. NON-MEMBER PRICE. $184.99. BEYOND+ MEMBER PRICE. $147.99. Ships free orders over $39. BlockAide 38-Inch to 78-Inch Bay Window Curtain Rod System (5/8-Inch Diameter Rod) 7 Buy curtain poles from Just Poles with the largest selection of curtain poles, curtain tracks and curtain accessories, we supply curtain poles and tracks from all of the major curtain pole designers and manufactures Jun 12, 2020 - Measuring up a bay window for a custom curtain pole is quite a challenge. Made by the Forge have made the process easy with clear diagrams and simple instructions. See more ideas about bay window pole, bay window, curtain poles Bay windows come in many different shapes and sizes providing a wonderful aspect to any room and for many the prospect of curtaining a bay window and finding a suitable bay curtain pole or bay.

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This doesn't mean that you can't hang curtains to split off one side of the room from the other, but rather you need to come up with alternativ This could be the case if you have a window that is set back, such as a bay window or if you simply don't want to hang the curtains from the window frames. If this is the case then you need to work out how you want your nets to hang and then work out the measurement for the drop size Combining Curtains and Blinds. Ok, I admit that finding curtains or blinds that work with when deciding how to dress a bay windows is often a challenge. There are logs of things you need to consider before making a decision. Think about the following: • Window Angles - they are pretty tricky to measure up and overcome Bay Window Curtain Rod (or Any Odd Shaped Space) To make the copper curtain rod for a bay window, or any odd shaped space, the initial instructions are the same, but the elbow pieces will be used to get around the corners. 1. Screw in the first flange to the wall. 2. Loosely screw an adapter in Our eyelet heading curtains will fit poles up to 30mm in diameter. Simply measure from the top of the pole to where you want the curtain to finish at the bottom. We will make the curtain with 3cm of fabric above the top underside of the eyelet where it sits on the pole. We add this automatically so simply measure from the top of your curtain pole

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Bay windows are a beautiful feature in any room, but dressing them can be tricky business. While the architectural detail is an attractive addition to add interest for any room it presents an awkward shape for window treatments - but with the right know-how bay windows can be easy to dress with curtain ideas, blinds and shutters. 'If you're lucky enough to have a beautiful bay window in. Measure your window and decide whether you would like a curtain pole or a track. Measure the width and height of your window recess. If you would like eyelet curtains, you will need to go for a pole. Pencil pleat curtains can be fitted on a pole or track. We have a wide variety of styles and finishes to suit all homes

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Find & buy your perfect bay pole using the filters Bay Sides, Bay Shape or Suitable Curtain Heading. Use our site menu for some quick links. Reliable service from the UK's leading bay window curtain pole experts. All the choice of colours & finials you need to suit your bay Bay poles are a relatively new invention. They can either be bought in a kit form or made to measure to fit a bay window exactly. Both options can cost considerably more than a curtain track but will certainly provide a designer look to the window dressing For curtain poles, measure from the bottom of the curtain ring to the floor, this will give you the final drop. For the width, simply measure the working length of the curtain pole, don't include the finial as these are just decoration. For curtain tracks, measure from the top of the track to the floor, for the final drop Bay Window Curtain Poles. Hunter & Hyland provides a bespoke, made-to-measure service; offering a wide variety of bay window curtain poles. Choose from metal (brass and iron), plain, reeded or fluted wood and acrylic curtain poles for bay windows. All of which can be bent, curved, angled or swept to exact specifications