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CHE 311 Transport Phenomena. CHE 312 Experimental Design I. CHE 321 Applied Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. CHE 322 Experimental Design II. CHE 324 Process Control. CHE 411 Mass Transfer, Separations, and Bioseparations. CHE 412 Integrated Chemical Engineering. CHE 413 Reaction Kinetics and Reactor Design. CHE 415 Design Analysis Curriculum. Lafayette's mechanical engineering curriculum is designed to ensure a thorough understanding of math and science through both required and elective courses while providing a solid technical background via fundamental and advanced engineering courses. Mechanical engineering students study a broad spectrum of courses offered in. Curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to meet the demands of a 21 st century civil engineer, including an option for students to integrate a dual major with International Studies. Students at Lafayette may choose to focus on structural, environmental, geotechnical, transportation, construction, or water resources engineering Curriculum. Lafayette's Engineering Studies curriculum is designed to provide a thorough understanding of engineering design along with a range of subjects beyond engineering. Students choose a combination of electives from within and outside of the engineering division to develop their individual interests and expertise

The Lafayette Common Course of Study (CCS) was revised by the faculty in 2012 to create an all-inclusive core. Information The CCS establishes an outcome-based, all-inclusive academic core that will evolve and change as we review how well we are accomplishing what we aspire to teach our students Majors. AB International Studies/BS Engineering Major. Africana Studies Major. Anthropology and Sociology Major (Class of 2020, 2021) Anthropology and Sociology Major (Class of 2022 and beyond) Art Major (Class of 2020, 2021) Art Major (Class of 2022 and beyond) Asian Studies Major. Biochemistry, A.B. Major College Catalog. Library. Academic Support. Academic Calendar. Lafayette offers 51 areas of study across four academic divisions: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. Or work with professors to create your own major. Our interdisciplinary curriculum transcends academic boundaries and gives you the breadth and freedom. Lafayette's faculty are influential thinkers and leaders in their fields. As a student, you'll discover they're the College's greatest asset. They love teaching and mentoring. That's why we have one of the highest percentages of any college or university for students working with faculty on research. Get to know our new faculty

Study Abroad Resumes. Fifteen students and two faculty members spent three weeks in Greece, where they became immersed in the unique blend of Middle Eastern and European cultures. Lafayette Commemorates Juneteenth. New College Hill Restaurant Opens to Public. Lafayette Students Raise $5,000 for Local Nonprofits Change of Curriculum or Major. A student desiring to change from one curriculum major to another must petition the Academic Progress Committee. Petition forms are available in the Registrar's Office or online. Students may direct questions to the Registrar, who is Secretary of the Academic Progress Committee The Lafayette Common Course of Study (CCS) is an outcomes-based curriculum and includes goals that will be assessed on a continuing basis. The result is an organic general education program that will evolve and change as we review how well we are accomplishing what we aspire to teach our students The B.S. Program in Neuroscience at Lafayette educates students to understand nervous systems from a variety of scientific perspectives. Within the major program, students have the freedom to create their own combination of electives that reflect their particular interests

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  1. College receives grant to further support women in STEM, an important step in supporting a collaborative and inclusive community. Join Us on Social Media. Engineering Programs. The programs are grounded in Lafayette's traditional strength in discipline-specific engineering and complemented by the College's excellence in the liberal arts
  2. Requirements (Classes of 2021 and 2022): Mathematics 161, 162, 263, 272 or 300, 282, 306, 335, 336. Economics 101, 251, 252, 253, and two electives numbered 300 or higher. A capstone experience in the form of a one-semester course, taken during the senior year, designed to integrate the ideas and techniques students have encountered in their.
  3. Explore Majors & Programs. Lafayette offers 51 areas of study across four academic divisions: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. Or work with professors to create your own major. Our interdisciplinary curriculum transcends academic boundaries and gives you the breadth and freedom to study what you're passionate about

Engineering Studies embodies the Lafayette ideal of integrating engineering and the liberal arts. Celebrating 50 years! Uniquely integrating engineering and the liberal arts, the Engineering Studies program has been preparing students to be broadly educated sociotechnical citizens since 1970 Program. 7 Pictures. The Department of Computer Science believes that students must be provided with multiple options so they can best meet their own personal goals of study. Thus, the department offers a variety of majors and minors that provide a range of options: Bachelor of science degree. Bachelor of arts degree. Minor in computer science The programs are grounded in Lafayette's traditional strength in discipline-specific engineering and complemented by the College's excellence in the liberal arts. Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering Integrative Engineering: Bioengineering Concentration Integrative Engineering: Environment & Energy. Programs of Study. AB International Studies/BS Engineering Major. Africana Studies Major (Classes of 2016 and 2017) Africana Studies Major (Class of 2018 and beyond) American Studies Major. Art Major. Asian Studies Major. Biochemistry, A.B. Major. Biochemistry, B.S. Major Program. The Department of Chemistry offers programs that introduce students to the study of the properties, composition, and structure of matter; the changes that alter the identity of substances; and the energy changes that take place during such transformations. The department is approved by the American Chemical Society for the professional.

Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental physical and biological principles that govern natural processes. Collect and interpret scientific data in both field and laboratory settings. Integrate information from across the scientific disciplines and apply these concepts to complex environmental problems. Identify the complex relationships. 120 Rockwell Integrated Science Center. Easton, PA 18042-1778. (610) 330-5456. (610) 330-5705. dearworj@lafayette.edu Courses and Curriculum. The Engineering Studies Program at Lafayette educates students to develop engineering habits of mind. In addition to the major, the program offers a variety of courses to all students on campus.Visit the Course Catalog for the official course description and listin Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. 406 Acopian Engineering Center, Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania 18042. (610) 330-5428. 610) 330-5059. ece@lafayette.edu Lafayette's chemical engineering lab evolves and innovates to provide students studying remotely critical lab experience, a hallmark of the program. Engineering Programs The programs are grounded in Lafayette's traditional strength in discipline-specific engineering and complemented by the College's excellence in the liberal arts

Lafayette College does not maintain a list of pre-approved or affiliated programs for summer and interim study abroad. Students may select from the wide range of programs available, provided that the program: does not duplicate a program being offered by Lafayette during that term, offers a US transcript or has a US School of Record, an The department offers a program major leading to a bachelor of science degree, and a minor open to any Lafayette student. The curriculum's solid foundation includes mathematics, science, and technology, along with electives in the humanities and social sciences Over the January break, sophomores, juniors, and seniors have an opportunity to shadow a professional in the field. During a two-to-five day period, you'll become immersed in your host's daily activities to gain a better understanding of their work, their career path, and their industry as a whole. Hosts include alumni, parents, and friends. Curriculum. Economics; Curriculum; Subnavigation. Economics. Program; Courses; Honors in Economics; Opportunities; Economics Awards/Prizes; Seminars; Faculty and Staff; Lafayette College Plan a Visit Contact (610) 330-5000. Connect With Us Twitter Facebook Flickr YouTube Instagram. Directory Offices & Resources College Store Employment Virtual. This program is designed and operated in accordance with the requirements of the Honors program as administered by the Academic Progress- Committee. Lafayette College Plan a Visit Contact (610) 330-5000. Connect With Us Twitter Facebook Flickr YouTube Instagram. Directory Offices & Resources College Store Employment Virtual Tour. 730 High.

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ECON 223 - Money and Banking. This course analyzes the financial and monetary systems in the United States. We will cover a variety of topics including the role of money in the financial system, the structure of financial institutions, types of financial instruments, monetary policy and the macroeconomic implications of those policies both domestically and internationally Academic Programs Up one level 2020-2021 Catalog. In this section Degrees. Graduation Requirements. The Major. The Minor/Certificate Academic Services. Part-Time Studies. Honors. Special Academic Opportunities. Library Resources. Information Technology Services. Lafayette College Plan a Visit Contact 610.330.5000. Connect With Us. Directory. This program is designed in accordance with the honors program of the College. Enrollment is limited to selected seniors in Mechanical Engineering. Students who take the honors sequence in place of the senior design sequence (ME 497/ME 498) must fully participate in the lecture portion of ME 497 and ME 498 College Writing Program. Since its establishment in 1987, the College Writing Program (CWP) has worked to integrate the practice of writing into courses across the curriculum. We support writing through faculty development and through our writing associates program. The CWP staff trains selected undergraduates as writing associates, who help.

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The programs in environmental science and environmental studies are designed to allow students to study these and other environmental issues using a multidisciplinary approach. Students learn environmental fundamentals across a number of departments on campus, then progress through more specialized courses in their chosen area of study. Lafayette College has one of the largest contingents of student presenters at NCUR. How to Get Involved. The program is open to sophomore, junior, and senior full-time Lafayette students in all disciplines who have at least a 3.00 GPA. Research opportunities are available in engineering, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences

Program Chair. Wendy Wilson-Fall. 210 Oechsle Center for Global Education. wilsonfw@lafayette.edu. (610) 330-5993 Program. Reflecting our position as a modern, research-oriented department of a liberal arts college, the biology department offers two degree programs. The bachelor of science (BS) curriculum is broader in basic sciences, and it allows the student ample opportunity to explore advanced areas in biology (suggested BS course schedule). The.

The requirements are as follows: The Core Computer Science Courses. Intro courses (CS 104, CS 105, or CS 106), Data Structures and Algorithms (CS 150), Computers & Society (CS200), Analysis of Algorithms (CS 202) [See Dept. Policies Page for Note on Math Requirement,] Computer Organization (CS 203) For programs occurring on multiple days, choose the day that works best for you! Open registration takes place within the first three weeks of each semester, but you can reach out to the Landis Center (engage@lafayette.edu) if you learn of a program throughout the year and would like to participate. Community Resource Team Urban Garden Initiativ

During the 2019-20 academic year, approximately half of Lafayette's students received assistance through the College's financial aid program. College-funded scholarships, grants, work opportunities, and loans total more than $55 million Major in Theater: In consultation with a theater faculty advisor, a student chooses a program of study composed of Theater 120 and Theater 121 (Practicum), 1/4 credit courses taken four times, and at least eight other courses, including Theater 107 (Introduction to Theater), Theater 207 (Theater History); two courses in fundamental theater skills chosen from Theater 108, 130, 221, 230, 235. The series, called Teach and Tech, is listed in the Center calendar. Additional partnerships on programming occur between the Center and Skillman Library, the College Writing Program, the Dyer Center, the Landis Center, and others. Occasional programs are also held throughout the term on specific topics as requested by the faculty and departments

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  1. Lafayette's Daniel and Heidi Hanson '91 Center for Inclusive STEM Education is a hub for community and collaboration, coordinating support for students and faculty in STEM with excluded identities, faculty development of inclusive pedagogies and curricula, and faculty research in inclusive education and STEM studies
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  3. Lafayette offers many study abroad options including a full semester abroad in Spain and Germany as well as interim/summer study abroad courses in several other countries. Instruction in semester abroad programs is in English. Representative schedule for Classes of 2014, 2015, 2016. Representative schedule for Class of 2017 and beyon
  4. imum of 10 courses, including three introductory courses in art history (101, 102, and 140), Fundamentals of Drawing (), one additional studio course, and five additional courses chosen from offerings in art history or studio art.Students emphasizing art history must take a 300-level se
  5. The requirements for the B.S. degree in Physics are: Three introductory physics courses: Phys 130; Phys 131 or Phys 151; and Phys 133 or Phys 152. Two Intermediate physics courses: Phys 215 and Phys 218. Five advanced physics courses: Phys 327, Phys 335, Phys 338, Phys 342, and Phys 351. Two additional physics courses numbered 200 or higher

The mission of the Government and Law Department within the College's liberal arts tradition is: to educate students in the theories, processes, institutions, and historical development of domestic and global politics, law, and governance. to provide students with intellectual tools and knowledge for informed citizenship and political. Study Abroad. Study Abroad. Studying abroad is an adventure that brings participants face to face with new perspectives and cultures. Students have the option to join programs led by Lafayette faculty or apply to approved programs sponsored by other institutions When it comes to the value of a college degree, Lafayette gets high marks across the board. Reports in The Wall Street Journal , Bloomberg Businessweek , and Payscale.com have ranked Lafayette as one of the top schools in the nation in highest return on investment for liberal arts graduates Stay on top of everything you need to complete your Bachelor of General Studies degree. This degree requires 120 credit hours, composed of: 39 hours in core general education requirements 36 hours in enrichment areas 24 hours in your concentration area 21 hours of free electives As always, if you need help navigating your curriculum, talk to your advisor Lafayette students studying abroad with an affiliated program (e.g., Boston University, Temple University, Syracuse University, IES, CIEE, SIT, etc.) must pay Lafayette College's tuition (or higher, if the program's tuition exceeds Lafayette's). Students will be charged the tuition through the Lafayette billing system

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  1. g or a virtual event like the online book club, Lafayette alumni, parents, and friends always enjoy being together. View a full list of all upco
  2. Research Associates (RA) Programs Research Associates (RAs) are college students and graduates who volunteer one 4-hour shift per week in the emergency department as participant enrollers and data collectors for clinical studies. Within the structure of research, RAs have meaningful interactions with hundreds of patients and visitors in the.
  3. LEARN Program. If you're a neuroscience major, take note of a unique partnership that takes place every summer: The LEARN Program connects you with Lafayette alumni who work in the neurosciences. You'll take part in cutting-edge research while receiving a full-time salary for 8 to 10 weeks. And your travel and housing expenses are covered
  4. Lafayette has developed several semester-long faculty-led programs in partnership with overseas institutions to suit our students' academic needs. Typically, faculty directors from the College rotate each semester and bring their unique expertise to a given program by offering a course their respective disciplines
  5. d. You have the opportunity to learn about the different disciplines of study, enabling you to make an informed decision about your major
  6. Programs. Lafayette College's Recreation Services offers fitness activities and intramural sports for students to encourage lifelong healthy habits. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodations or have questions about the physical access provided, please contact Accessibility Services at resourcehub@lafayette.edu or 610-330-5098 in.
  7. ors in French, German, and Spanish, as well as

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Program. The bachelor of science program, directed jointly by the psychology and biology departments, helps students understand nervous systems from a variety of scientific perspectives. Hands-on learning opportunities are emphasized through laboratory courses and undergraduate research experiences. Although not required, students are. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has launched a new concentration for chemical engineering majors who envision careers in fields such as the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, environmental remediation and renewable energy. Registration is under way for UL Lafayette's new bioengineering concentration. Courses will begin this fall for the concentration, the only program of its. Program Chair. Nandini Sikand 248 N. Third St. Easton, PA 18042 sikandn@lafayette.edu (610) 330-3049 Third, Room 103 Easton, PA 18042 notarobc@lafayette.edu (610) 330-3242 Lafayette College Plan a Visit Contact (610) 330-5000. Connect With Us Twitter Facebook Flickr YouTube Instagram. Directory Offices & Resources.

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Alcohol and Other Drug Program. Lafayette College is committed to helping students reduce the harm related to alcohol and other drug abuse. As a community, we believe that students are most likely to thrive when their decision making in the AOD space is responsible, legal, educated and safe. Lafayette embraces the spirit of Cur non. Seeing is believing: Lafayette is beautiful Come see for yourself the wide range of attractive buildings, park-like grounds, technology-enhanced classrooms, great art facilities, expansive athletic complex, and superb library. Previous

The International Affairs Program provides an intellectually vibrant and inclusive environment for everyone at Lafayette College. Students learn about globalization through the study of specific world regions and focused themes, linked by a core set of courses. Our engaging and rigorous curriculum, coupled with the thought-provoking co. Lafayette College's trademark licensing program strives to promote, enhance and elevate the image of the College by authorizing the use of our marks on high-quality, socially-responsible and tasteful merchandise and apparel. The program is administered by the Communications Division and in partnership with IMG College Licensing Mission Statement. The International Affairs curriculum focuses on transnational issues linking the global to the local. The IA program provides students with a multi-disciplinary set of intellectual tools and practical skills to engage in a continually changing world as effective, knowledgeable, and ethical citizens

Lafayette College focuses exclusively on the education of undergraduates. As a result, students have opportunities to work closely with faculty on undergraduate research, in laboratory courses, and in classroom learning (see Newsletter Fall 2013) Within the liberal arts learning atmosphere of the College, the Chemical Engineering program offers a curriculum that prepares its graduates to pursue a wide spectrum of career paths in chemical industries and enroll in top-ranked graduate programs. The graduates will have the necessary technical, communication, teamwork, and social skills to. Lafayette offers 49 majors across four divisions, but the College also offers students the option to design their own major with faculty guidance. These students tailor a curriculum to fit their own academic interests and individual educational goals. Read Mor

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Lafayette College is a private liberal arts college based in Easton, Pennsylvania, with a small satellite campus in New York City. Founded in 1826 by James Madison Porter and other citizens in Easton, the school first held classes in 1832. The founders voted to name the school after General Lafayette, a hero of the American Revolution who toured the country in 1824-25, as a testimony of. The anthropology and sociology major consists of at least 10 courses in the department. Students are required to take the following core courses: A&S 102 Cultural Anthropology. A&S 103 Introduction to Sociology. A&S 200 Research Methods and Design (formerly A&S 345) A&S 342 Theories of Society. In addition, students in the class of 2021 and. Program Schedule March 24, 2021 - 4:10-5:30 EDT. Ian Smith Lafayette College Introduction Shakespeare, Race, and Queer Sexuality: A Conversation Among Scholars. Jean E. Howard Columbia University Moderator. Arthur Little, Jr. University of California, Los Angeles. Mario DiGangi Lehman College and the Graduate Center, CUN Hands-on involvement in research is a central component of the neuroscience program. Learn more about research opportunities. Several Lafayette students contribute to neuroscience study headed for publication. Mar 1, 2021 Lafayette College Plan a Visit Contact (610) 330-5000

Excellence in teaching at Lafayette extends beyond traditional academic programs of study. Today we focus on the Summer Program to Advance Leadership in STEM (SPAL) which continues to positively impact high-achieving female, underrepresented, first-generation, low-income, and geographically diverse Lafayette students Creative Writing Events Spring 2021 (Virtual) Past Events. Get involved in Lafayette's lively literary culture! Accomplished published writers in the English department offer courses in creative writing, screenwriting, advanced creative writing in fiction and in poetry, playwriting, environmental writing, creative nonfiction, humor writing.

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The Department of Music offers a wide range of courses, catering to all levels of musical experience. Many of our courses can be taken by students who have no prior musical experience, and often these courses fulfill requirements of the College's Common Course of Study Pre-Law Advising. Pre-Law Advising. The Pre-Law Advising program provides guidance and resources to students so they can make informed choices about whether and how to pursue a career in law. The program encourages students at all class levels to engage with members of the faculty to explore their interests in legal issues and/or a career in law Program for Majors & Minor. The Department of Music at Lafayette College is committed to the study of music as an important element of a truly excellent liberal arts education. A primary goal is to offer students—regardless of their major field of study and whatever their career goals might be—the opportunity and means to experience. The art community surrounding Lafayette guarantees exciting internships and apprenticeships. Distinctive programs such as the Rothkopf Scholars Trip and Save Venice internships are an integral part of the curriculum. Lafayette's location means field trips to museums in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., that offer experiential learning Participation in a study abroad program is strongly encouraged. We encourage students to participate in study abroad programs located in the regions selected as concentrations. Lafayette College Plan a Visit Contact (610) 330-500

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Lafayette provides a credit evaluation only after extending an offer of admission The Office of the Registrar will make the final determination on what college credits will transfer to the institution. In order to estimate which courses will transfer to Lafayette, use the following guidelines: Lafayette must offer an equivalent cours Both programs are designed to easily combine with majors in other departments-this is very common with our students. Lafayette College Easton, PA 18042 takacsg@lafayette.edu (610) 330-5356 (610) 330-5058 Lafayette College Plan a Visit Contact (610) 330-5000. Connect With Us. Program. The study of religion is a vital component in understanding the various cultures of the world throughout history up to the present. The major introduces students to world religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and religions of Africa, as well as courses on sacred texts, religion and society, and theories. Eighteenth Century Collections Online I and II. Full-Text. Digital collection of 180,000 English language books, pamphlets, essays, and broadsides published from 1701 to 1800. Titles cover history, fine arts, medicine, science, literature, law, philosophy, and religion The curriculum and the interests of the faculty span a wide range of topics from sedimentology, paleobiology, climate change, and geomorphology to geophysics, geochemistry, and earth materials. a student of high academic achievement whose leadership and participation has contributed to the geology community at Lafayette College

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Lafayette College is committed to trying to maintain the cost of off-campus interim programs to make them as affordable as possible. Costs for off-campus interim programs typically range from $4,800-11,000 depending on the program. That amount typically covers tuition, airfare, accommodations, on-site program-related transportation, admission. We're working to cut global warming emissions, integrate sustainability into the curriculum, and cultivate solutions to ensure a healthier environmental future. Our campus is a living laboratory for environmental sustainability with green buildings, a community garden and robust food loop. Lafayette College Plan a Visit Contact (610) 330. At Lafayette College, the French program offers a broad range of affiliations with other Departments and Programs, such as Africana Studies, International Affairs, Government and Law, Medieval, Renaissance, and Early Modern studies, Film and Media Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies The members of the McKelvy Scholars Program are sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Lafayette College. Explore this section of our site to see what our members are passionate about, and how they feel about being a part of our community. Learn more about McKelvy House Lafayette's German program offers a vibrant environment for students interested in a broad range of areas including engineering, economics, science, and the humanities. Our faculty-led study abroad programs include the Lafayette Engineering in Bonn semester program and the six-week German Language and Culture Summer Immersion program

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Lafayette College Grants. Full-time students are eligible for grants from Lafayette College if they demonstrate financial need based on our individualized review of all required documents. Grants are need based and are supplemented by loans and/or federal work study. Students must make satisfactory academic progress and must reapply each year. Professor of Government & Law and International Affairs. 212 Oechsle Center for Global Education. (610) 330-5172. stewarth@lafayette.edu. View Profile. for David Stifel Associate Professor of Religious Studies. Pardee 323. (610) 330-5685. (610) 330-5585. bluntr@lafayette.edu Learn more about how each of these areas of well-being can help you THRIVE during your time at Lafayette. The THRIVE program is made possible by the generosity of the Lafayette Class of 2018 who designated their class gift to the Counseling Center to support the emotional health and well-being of future generations of Lafayette students

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Research Students Present at 2019 GSA Northeast Section Meeting. Profile on Emilie Henry '19. Professor Lawrence highlighted in IODP video series. College Holds Annual Awards Banquet. Research by Prof. Kira Lawrence Published in Science. Faculty and Staff Saluted for Distinguished Teaching, Scholarship, and Service at Annual Awards Banquet Students may join a Wellness Living Community where residents explore wellness in eight dimensions aligned with the LiveWell Lafayette program: emotional, environmental, intellectual, professional, physical, social, spiritual, and financial wellness. On these floors, students have opportunities to participate in special programming and create an environment where healthy choices are encouraged. The mission of the College of Education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is built on the three pillars of the academy: Teaching, Scholarship, and Service. A commitment to high standards in each of these areas enables the College to be responsive to community, regional and state needs while addressing national and international concerns 2021 Summer Academic Enrichment Program at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Lafayette College Plan a Visit Contact (610) 330-5000. Connect With Us Twitter Facebook Flickr YouTube Instagram. Directory Offices & Resources College Store Employment Virtual Tour. 730 High St, Easton, PA 1804 The Lafayette College Counseling Center provides a 9-month, advanced practicum for doctoral students who are currently enrolled in counseling or clinical psychology programs. The practicum offers an opportunity to develop the professional skills needed to work effectively in a college or university setting. The position requires 14-16 hours per. This is a brilliant program, and it's remarkable on Lafayette's part because these are students who require full financial aid. It changes their entire life. Lafayette has made an investment in these Malagasy students, and the Lafayette students themselves have made an investment. Lafayette College Plan a Visit Contact (610) 330-5000