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  1. Raffles Health Screeners is a dedicated health screening centre that offers holistic, comprehensive and a personalised approach to preventive care. With over 30 years of experience, our professional team offers quality one-stop services. Treasure your health by choosing from our 11 enhanced health screening packages and book an appointment now
  2. Many of us find fitting in appointments for gynaecological check-ups into our schedule may prove to be challenging. Remember, not all issues necessarily come with symptoms. Going for an annual check-up can reveal changes or raise issues of concern, allowing you to be proactive in prevention and early detection
  3. Get an overview of your health with Raffles' Health Screening Packages. Health screening allows diseases and medical conditions - such as cancer and stroke - to be detected early, making them easier and less expensive to treat. Going for full body checkups also help you find out if you are at risk of developing medical conditions or chronic.
  4. Raffles Medical Group » Services » Health Screening » Essential Packages » Raffles Basic Understand and Manage Your Potential Health Risk Raffles Basic helps shed light on key health indicators - blood sugar and count, urinalysis and cholesterol profile-helping you take control and manage potential health risks

*All prices are inclusive of GST and subject to changes without prior notice. Related Information: Pre-Screening Dos and Don'ts. Advisory for Ladies on Health Screening: Ladies planning on mammogram and/or ultrasound breasts for screening are advised to arrange appointments 8 weeks after completing the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.If you are experiencing symptoms or have concerns. Raffles Medical Group » Services » Health Screening » Essential Packages » Raffles General Gain Insights on Your Body's Key Functions Featuring the all-important blood, liver function, kidney function, stool occult blood, and ladies' Pap smear assessments , Raffles General is a step-up from Raffles Basic At Raffles Medical, a comprehensive range of baseline assessments - the Raffles Essential Packages - offers personalised packages for both men and women of different ages. The Raffles Essential Packages are available at our wide network of Family Medicine clinics where our friendly doctors will review and advise you on health risks.

Health screening is essential for the early detection of diseases and conditions. Lifestyle and stress of modern living or family medical history can have an adverse impact on your health by predisposing you to silent killers such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancers Raffles Deluxe helps maintain your prime through screening for lifestyle diseases and adopting prevention care though early detection

Recommended Health Screening Package: Raffles Platinum (For Ladies) With the number of tests in a health screening package, it may be difficult to find a suitable package. But by knowing more about the tests you need, you can hopefully narrow down the choices available and select one that meets your needs *All prices are inclusive of GST and subject to changes without prior notice. Related Information: Pre-Screening Dos and Don'ts. Advisory for Ladies on Health Screening: Ladies planning on mammogram and/or ultrasound breasts for screening are advised to arrange appointments 8 weeks after completing the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination

At Raffles Medical our dedicated team of experienced dentists can address all your dental requirements. Our Dental Check Up covers comprehensive consultation and includes two bitewings x-rays (or teeth cleaning if preferred). This check up is an optional extra for all our health check screening programs Raffles Deluxe Plus is an enhanced package of Raffles Deluxe with ultrasound screenings option for the various organs. This screening package includes: Applicable at Raffles Health Screeners (Singapore) in Raffles Hospital, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Raffles Holland V and Shaw Centre. Price is in Singapore dollars and inclusive of GST Some may prefer getting a holistic view on their health by going for a full body check-up instead. For those preferring comprehensive health screening packages, I usually advise them to ensure the package they choose screens for three components: chronic diseases, cancers, and certain infectious diseases, said Dr Wong

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A step-up from Raffles Basic, Raffles General includes the all-important blood, liver function, kidney function, stool occult blood, and ladies' Pap smear assessments. This screening package includes: Family History and Physical Examination. Clinical Measurements. 12-Lead Resting Electrocardiogram. Lipid/ Cholesterol Profile. Fasting Blood Sugar Raffles General (with Pap smear) $169.05. Add to Cart. Raffles Lifestyle. $262.15. Add to Cart. Raffles Executive Sports Screening. $768. Add to Cart Hence, you should pick a private hospital depending on your budget and the specific elements you'd like to test. If you want a very basic and cheap option, go for Raffles Medical's basic package, which is $74.90 - that's even cheaper than what some public hospitals charge. Another option is to check out private clinics

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Annual health check screening is one of the best ways to protect your health. A healthy lifestyle means making the right choices in diet and exercise and also having regular health checks to ensure your body are on the right track and to identify any emerging health issues or problems Mediway Premium Package @ $300.00. Mediway Premium Package is the best health essential and easily affordable package that is always highly taken up by a lot of individuals & corporate companies' employees because it helps to ascertain the health risks that may come with age such as the risk factors for diseases and cancers such as prostate cancer in men, and ovarian & breast cancer for women Raffles Premarital. $165.85. Raffles Premarital is an essential basic test for gentlemen and ladies prior to making plans for a family. This screening package (for one person) includes: Interview on Medical History by Doctor. Physical Examination by Doctor. 12-Lead Resting Electrocardiogram One Raffles Quay Robinson Road. The Arcade-General Practice The Arcade-Health Screening. NORTH. medical conditions at an early stage, so as to allow Basic Health Screening Packages Keywords: Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Height and Weight, Physical Examination, Colour Vision, Visual Acuity, Blood Count, Bone Joint Profile.

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  1. At Lifescan Medical Centre Singapore, we provide an extensive range of full body check up packages that cover all your health and medical needs. Choose from our Enhanced Screening or Customised Screening packages for the health screening package that best meets your needs
  2. This package is only available at Raffles Fertility Centre @ Raffles Hospital, Level 12. Upon purchase, we will send to your email a redemption letter that you can use to redeem your package. Please call 6311 1250 (office hours) or email fertility@rafflesmedical.com together with the necessary details as stated below to make an appointment and.
  3. With early health screenings and packages, we are able to uncover health issues in advance to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment, and improve quality of life. At T Wellth Clinic, we provide a variety of comprehensive and customised health screening and medical check up packages based on your risk assessment and health status
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Available at Raffles Medical clinics. Travel Wellness. Travel Health Consultation from S$17.30; Vaccinations; Available at Raffles Medical clinics. Executive Medical Services. Consultation by a senior physician from S$48.15; China visa check-up at S$290; Available at Raffles Executive Medical Centre (REMC) at Raffles Hospital Level 12. Dental. Nawaloka Hospitals Medical Check-up Package - Mydeal.lk, Health Check-up - Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital - SJGH, Full Body Checkup Package at Nawinna Medicare Hospitals, full body check up nawaloka, full body checkup charges, asiri hospital full body checkup package, asiri central hospital health packages, full body checkup charges in. Mediway Basic Package @ $25.00 Mediway Basic Package is catered for those who just want to have a very general and basic overview of their health. Physical Examination & Assessment Height/ Weight/ BMI Blood Pressure Measurement Medical Report Post Examination Review by Doctor Laboratory Analysis Blood Glucose Lipid/Cholesterol Profile Optional STI Blood Tests VDRL &

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Our experienced medical team will be able to advise on the appropriate screening package for you. Should any health problems be identified, our comprehensive and experienced team of medical professionals will follow up with you to provide the necessary medical care, help you understand your state of health and advise you on any lifestyle. For clients who want to collect the medical report on the same day of the visit, the time for medical check up is 7:30 am - 9:00 am and the time for collecting your medical report is 4:30 pm. There will be additional charges for reports needed on the same day. You can always contact us to know about the pricing of the various medical checkup

Instructions: Get enough sleep, at least 6 hours, prior to the check-up. Lack of sleep may cause abnormal results such as blood pressure, heart beat, and body temperature. The doctor may not be able to assess if any change is a real abnormality. Do not eat or drink at least 8 - 10 hours prior to the check-up All Health Screening packages will include the following: Comprehensive Medical History & Physical Examination. Present complaints (if any) Full history taking including past medical, family, social & drug history. Review of entire body system. Biometrics Parameters. Blood Pressure Full body checkup packages investigate functionality of body organs. They show red signal much before the disease turns more hazardous. Diseases like diabetes, hyper tension, cardiovascular blockages, liver ailments, malignant tumors or cancerous tumors, thyroid disorders etc. can be detected through full body check-up Manipal Hospital Offer list of best specialized health Check-up packages in India regular health check, Full body check, preventive packages at an affordable cost. Book health Check-up packages now JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser School Enrollment Health Check. Raffles Medical Vietnam offers customised medical check up programmes for students preparing for school enrolment be it in Viet Nam or overseas. See More... Premium Health Check. Our Raffles Medical Screening packages cater to a variety of different health and lifestyle concerns

Best Health Check-up Packages in Bannerghatta road, Bangalore We offer a range of preventive health check-up packages at Fortis Bannerghatta road, Bangalore , covering most of your symptoms. This being our largest center in Bangalore, it is equipped with latest diagnostic and medical care for every age group Women Health Check Men Health Check Endoscopy Service General Health Check VIP Health Check Packages Others. Home > New Offer > Health Check Package > Diamond I: Diamond II: Diamond III: Diamond IV: ©2012 Hong Kong Health Check and Medical Diagnostic Group Lt

Find out more about THKD's health screening packages here! Going for frequent screenings is necessary in order to keep track of your health. 24 Hours Emergency Hotline: +603 6287 199 Hospital name: Basic package price (SGD $) Raffles Hospital: 7 4. 9: Farrer Park Hospital: 350: T Medical Centre: 73.8: Parkway East Hospital: 468 for men & 498 for women: Gle neagles / Mount Elizabeth Hospital: 868 for men & 898 for wome Body Check Up directory in Streetdirectory.com Business Finder allow user to search for company dealing with Body Check Up, Full Body Check Up and Complete Body Check Up in Singapore. The best deals of Body Check Up, Whole Body Check Up and Full Body Medical Check Up company in Singapore. Find the thousand of services and latest products on Streetdirectory Body Check Up directory

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  1. ation (R/M), thyroid test, chest X-ray, pap smear, dietician consultation and 10 more tests, this package is ideal for a complete body check-up for women. Regency Executive Checkup Packages for men below 40 years: This package contains over 14 tests that exa
  2. Rs. 1499/-. Special Women's Wellness Package 1. This Women's Day, gift the women in your life wellness and good health. Make sure that they are healthy and protected... Rs. 3999/-. Pre-Marital Health Check-up - Male. The pre-marital health check up will help in diagnosing chronic infectious disease
  3. Basic Package: $48: Raffles Medical: Raffles Basic polyclinic with no symptoms and ask for a full body check-up. You can, however, request specific screenings for diseases you might be prone.

Established in 1922, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital is one of the leading private hospitals in Hong Kong known for its high quality of patient care based on advanced knowledge, expertise and technology in the health care field. Founded as The Yeung Wo Nursing Home with 28 beds in the beginning, today the Hospital has around 500 beds and more than 30 specialty centres Invest in your future with Health Screening Packages in Singapore offered by DTAP Clinic, providing fast and comprehensive Full-Body Checkup for the early detection and prevention of underlying health problems for a healthy and happy life By Vishesh Hospital & Diagnostic Solutions Price: Rs. 40000.00. Comprehensive Whole Body Checkup. Blood - CBC, ESR, Blood Group ; Diabetic Evaluation - Blood Sugar Fasting, Blood Sugar PP ; Renal - Serum Creatinine, SGPT ; Thyroid Profile - TSH ; Cardiac Evaluation - Ecg, Echo Cardiography ; Other Tests - Apo-a, Apo-b, Risk Evaluation, CEA, Afp - Alfa Feto Protein Tumor Marker, Serum Ca-125. We provide a range of health screening packages, from ECG to cancer markers screening in Singapore, to help ensure early detection. Call 6244 6688 to book an appointment. Take charge of your health today! Find out more on your pre-health screening preparations here Address : 13/F, Wai Fung Plaza, 664 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Hong Kong. Tel : (852) 2272-8222 Fax : (852) 2272-8333 E-mail : csi@medifast.co

Overview. At Parkway East Hospital, we strongly believe in preventive care. By taking control of your health awill be able to advise on the appropriate screening package for you. Should any health problem be identified, our comprehensive and experienced team of medical professionals will follow up with you to provide the necessary medical care. AsiaMedic provides quality one-stop wellness, diagnostic health care and health screening packages for corporate clients and executives. Need to know more? Make an appointment today. Call: (65) 6789 8888 Medical Examination. Information You Need To Know About The Singapore Statutory Medical Examinations By MOM, ICA & LTA. All ICA and MOM's work pass or renewal pass applicants who have been granted the in-principle approval (IPA) will be informed and given a copy of the medical examination form which requires them to undergo a medical checkup, which normally includes blood tests to check for. Health check is an integral part of maintaining wellness. Aster Medcity Wellness Centre is a dedicated wellness facility offering the best health check packages for both domestic and international patients. Executive health check & full body health check for both men and women are available

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Comparing Changi General Hospital, Raffles , SATA, and HealthScreening.SG. Of all HealthScreening.SG offer looks better compared to other packages but it wlll depend on users preference and medical history which will be better. For the illustration purpose I have used the following common packages 1. Raffles - Delux(S$450)/Delus Plus(S$580) 2 Grande International Hospital, Dhapasi, Kathmandu was established with a motive Care to Cure in February 2010. It began as an idea of a patient-oriented.. A very cost effective choice for a thorough health check. Navigator 3. Navigator 3 covers the important basic screening tests for early detection of common illnesses. It is a wise choice for individuals in their 40s and the younger individuals who are keen for a comprehensive check-up. Package Details: Package Details: Package Details: Package. By Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Liver ClinicPrice: Rs. 17000.00. Above mentioned list of diagnostic centers and hospitals in Ahmedabad provide full body checkup packages. Prices of these packages are not too expensive and hence, affordable. Also, number of tests chosen affect price of package All Packages; Full Body Checkup in Rajahmundry; Full Body Checkup in Rajahmundry. Reasons why full body health check-up is mandatorily essential. A person can have multiple such diseases at a time that are literally impossible to detect. In today's polluted atmosphere, it is not a big deal for any human body to catch internal damages..

screening packages and wellness programmes are tailored to the individual who demands quality and convenience. Our medical professionals offer personalised recommendations and treatments to guide you in your journey to better health and wellbeing. About Healthway Medical From our beginnings in 1990 in primary healthcare 'Suwatha - Piyasa' was set up to provide health check services along with counseling services, family planning clinics, corporate health screening, insurance medical screening and pre-recruitment medical check-ups. We offer you a number of health check packages to select the one that suits your specific expectations golden health check package Senior citizens are in that phase of their lives when they have time for themselves and finally have the opportunity to do some or all of the things they have not been able to get into previously because of overriding responsibilities and commitments Fortis health check up packages offers medical check up packages for men & women at affordable prices. Visit us to Book Health Checkups Packages For your Entire Family Well-Known Member. Mar 17, 2010. #2. hi. i delivered my 2nd n 3rd child at Raffles. Service there is amazing but it can be pretty costly. My gynae was Dr Lee i wUEN. Took up package at 12 weeks. Package includes scans,consult,routine urine test n vitamins.It was at $3000 but pay $2100 first n rest after delivery

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Apollo Clinics offers best health check packages namely Full body checkup, well women checkup, Quick checks and Health at home. Book an appointment online to avail special offers The packages do not have to be the same. Pair prices are listed below with each package. All our packages include a pre (pre-medical review only for dynamic and prime executive packages) and post medical report consultation with a doctor Apollo Whole Body Check is a comprehensive health check package which helps in the overall assessment of all the organs and systems of the body such as Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Breast, Eyes, ENT and Dental etc. Overnight fasting is required. Recommended For Comprehensive health check-up package specially designed for basic assessment of general & gynecological health problems & screening for various Cancers. Exhaustive Whole Body Package Preventive health care check-up packages for you and your family including general health checkups & specialized tests Yearly comprehensive medical check up plan can generally consider covering Three Highs, diabetes, liver and kidney function, gout, hepatitis examination, Helicobacter pylori, thyroid, and cardiac check. Besides, ultrasound is another checkup items which use imaging to understand any abnormal condition in the body

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Kokilaben Hospital in India brings all types of complete medical health and body check up packages and plans for male and female including diabetes check up, cancer check up and heart check upand many more. For any assistance regarding online appointments, please call: +91-22-4269-6969 7. Riverdale Medical Centre. The hospital offers a basic wellness package at a cost of Kshs. 14,999. This includes tests such as ECG, pap smear, liver function test, urinalysis, lipid profile, random blood sugar, breast exam, and dental check-up. 8. The Nairobi Hospital Medicover Hospitals offer best health checkup packages for men and women. Get your full body check up done in affordable prices. Visit us now for all your medical checkups

BLK Hospital offers the best preventive health check up packages in Delhi, India which includes family health check, whole body checkup, personal health check etc. Choose and book online complete medical checkup for different age groups Health Check-Up facility is available all-round the week i.e. Monday to Saturday (except on Sundays), with prior appointments. In case you want to cancel your appointment, inform us at least 24 hours in advance. We accept payment by Cash or Credit / Debit Card only. Entire package completion takes approximately 6 to 8 hours Screen for Life. Screen for Life (SFL) is a national screening programme that encourages Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents to go for regular health screening and follow up

The Health Enrichment Centre in Tan Tock Seng Hospital is a one-stop centre that offers health screening programmes designed to suit every individual's health needs. Our dedicated team of doctors and nurses will assess your health profile together with you, and recommend the relevant screening tests based on your lifestyle and personal and. Swiss Health Check Whole Body for Men 3,500 AED Package includes: 1. Laboratory Tests Complete Blood Count (Hemoglobin, Red Blood Count, White Blood Count, Platelet Count) Blood Grouping Biochemistry (Glucose Fasting, HbA1c) Kidney Function (Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid) Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Chloride) Lipid Profile (Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, VLDL, Triglyceride) Liver Function.

Each check-up plan is designed by a professional medical team and reviewed by the Executive Medical Director to ensure it goes along with medical logic. Age Appropriate Health Check features check-up plans tailor-made for men and women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, while Flexi Plan allows flexible and personalised choices of what to include. Fortis Hospital Bangalore's complete health checkup packages offers expert diagnosis and consultations with doctors on preferred date & time. Book Online Now Full Body Health Check Women Bannerghatta Road ₹ 8000 Book Now ₹ 17700. View Details Basic Heart Check Package Bannerghatta Road ₹ 1900 Book Now. View Details. Domestic Helper Check-up Package. $1,360. Smoker Health Check. $1,130. Health Screening Program for Professional Drivers. $1,980 - $2,500. * Up to 20% discount offered to additional tests performed on the same day with Check-up Packages. * The price is for reference only. Union Hospital reserves the right to amend the information without prior. The health check up package we offer includes a detailed health questionnaire, along with blood and urine tests. Full Spectrum Pathology testing covers a comprehensive range of health impeding processes in the body, including vitamin and mineral deficiency and toxicity, white and red blood cell count, mineral and trace element levels. Zydus Hospital is a leader in quality healthcare and Medical Health Check Up Department, Health Checkup Ahmedabad, Complete Health Checkup, Health Checkup Packages in Ahmedabad, Best, Full Body Checkup in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, also very selectively appointed the best of American/Europe Trained Medical Specialists, Paramedics, Nursing & Administrative Staff

Parkway East Hospital. Screen Classic. $468 / $498. Fullerton Health. Live Fuller Premium. $500.76. As you can see from this snapshot, a health screening needn't necessarily be expensive. But, cheaper health screenings tend to have much fewer lab tests and thus might not be as effective at catching diseases Pre Test Information: Overnight fasting is preferred. Avoid Heparin for 1 day and Oral Anticoagulants for 7 days prior to test. Brief clinical history to be provided. Report Delivery: Speak to our customer care. ₹ 5050. View details. Add to cart MGM Hospital Vashi Website Disclaimer The website is designed to provide information on health care. We have tried to provide updated and accurate information as far as possible, however the website or the hospital cannot be held responsible for the authenticity of the information provided Well Woman Clinic and Health Check Centre at Medical Trust Hospital introduce woman wellness health check programmes with a goal to provide comprehensive health check packages for women wellness. The Centre wholly aims to support, educate and advice women on gynaecological problems, breast diseases, cervical smears, pregnancy counseling and.

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Wellness Care for You. We provide a range of health services to help people lead healthier, fuller lives. Preventive health screening starts from birth, when tests are done to detect any hearing impairment, G6PD deficiency or hypothyroidism, and continues throughout life So appropriate tests should be done at the right time. The main aim of a check-up is to detect the illness at an early stage, or better still prevent illness occurring in the first place. Some tests save so many lives that it is definitely worth the money spent on it. In adults up to about 40 years, a check-up every two years is appropriate Thane is a city that is situated in Navi Mumbai. As per information fetched and verified, Thane is also considered as the city of lakes. However, full body checkup in Thane has turned much easier as a certain number of ISO and NABL certified companies such as Thyrocare and others have already stepped in. People between the age of 25-50 require a full body checkup in Thane the most and we can.

Thumbay Hospital Ajman crosses 4 Million patient visits from 175 Nationalities, serving the community since 2002 . June 10, 202 Solusi berobat di dalam & luar negeri. Perwakilan resmi dari 3170 dokter spesialis dan lebih dari 150 rumah sakit berakreditasi Joint Commission International (JCI) Evaluate and compare the services as well as full body health checkup costs from various sources. Find the perfect checkup plan as well as whole body checkup price and fill in the form. Normally, the full health checkup cost ranges from INR 1500 to over INR 5000. This depends on the city, hospital and the package you choose Visit https://expressclinics.in/ and book a full body checkup package in Hyderabad and become acquainted with your body and it's working better. Packages for full body checkup in Hyderabad cost several bucks lesser than customary tests. Full body health checkup in Hyderabad is your entryway to hearty health and everlasting joy Each package has been designed to study for any symptoms of major illness and also pinpoint potential areas of risk so as to prevent future health problems. We offer a wide range of health check-up packages to cover all age groups In United Hospital, our diagnostic expertise combined with the latest technology in pathology help in determining health problems. Preventive Health Check-up. Screening Tests. Full body Check-up. Regular health check-up can find problems before they start. Routine health check-up can help determine problems early with better chances.