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Econoline Shade Frame. Low cost, effective protection from the sun, low temperatures, birds, insects and other annoying, unwanted pests and rodents! Ideal for Shade Cloth, Insect Screen, Reflective Screen, Anti-Bird Netting, Frost Blankets & more! • Fast and easy to use. Suitable for permanent or temporary use Multi-Purpose Protection. These multi-purpose structures are easy to assemble, and offer several options of shade cloth color and density. Shade structures can protect and relieve stress on plants and reduce watering needs. Everything you need is factored into the price, including the framework, hardware and shade cloth. View All Images COVER-TECH Shade Cloth and Mesh Tarps can be custom made to any shape or size and are available in 10%, 50%, and 70% shade. Perfect for your home, construction site, playground or greenhouse. Volume Discounts & World Wide Shipping available. Call us for more info at Toll-free 1-888-325-575 White shade cloths reduce the quantity of light but not the quality of light spectrum. Thus, the growth of the plant is more rapid than using green and black shade cloth. White shade cloths are often used for flowering plants. Dark colour shade cloth is known to absorb the sun's heat while the light colours reflect the sun's heat Custom size, made-to-order outdoor knitted shade sail fabric sun protection canopy, pergola cover, patio cover, plant shading, gardens, playground shading, pond cooling, shade plants, privacy drapes, or wind scree

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Now with your shade fabric installed, you can enjoy your outdoor space. Stand back and admire your handiwork. If you have any excess shade cloth, don't throw them in the trash! Read our guide on 6 Unexpected Uses for Shadecloth and you just might find your next little DIY project Retractable awnings consist of a metal framework covered with shade fabric, and they are one of the most popular patio shade ideas. The framework mounts directly on the side of your house. Some models have diagonal support arms. Others eliminate that obstruction with hidden lateral arms Jul 25, 2016 - A simple DIY on how to build your own shade cloth canopy to protect veggies from too much heat and sun. Click to learn more. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures If you are interested in building your own canopy we have over 300 different fittings and tarps to choose from. Select from our steel EMT tube fittings in either 3/4 inch and 1 inch sizes or our 1 3/8 inch, 1 5/8 inch and 1 7/8 inch chain link fence tube fittings (fittings are used in the construction of a shelter to connect tubing at corners and joints)

Setting up shade cloth hoop fram Applying Shade Cloth To Wooden Frames. Source: Flickr.com If you plan to use your shade cloth to cover a shade house, pergola or gazebo, you can simply roll the shade cloth across the top of the structure, leaving a spare 300 mm around the edges. Attach fabric into the framework, fixing the longer edges first

Our shade cloth comes standard with a durable sewn black binding edges and grommets every 2 feet. With pieces 100 square feet or larger, we advise providing support cables underneath to prevent sagging. Lightweight cable can be run from corner to corner, providing an X for the shade cloth to rest on You won't always be able to find a shade cloth in exactly the size you need for your application, that's why Greenhouse Megastore has made it easy to order custom sizes to any dimension that fits you. Just enter in the correct information below, and if everything looks all right, add the piece to your shopping cart. It's that simple! Order anytime, 24/7, and no phone call is necessar A Frame Shade System - Multipurpose structure Commercial or retail, the Vertex System is a low-cost solution. A Frame Shade System - Quick install Easy shade attachment system provides for quick installation and removal. Shade cloth A variety of shade cloths are available to provide the best environment. Anchors: Extended base plate Shade cloth, also known as shade fabric, is an ideal solution for creating shade under pergolas and other open air structures, whether they are freestanding or attached to a home or place of business.Many homeowners opt for installing shade fabric themselves, rather than hiring a professional installer, because installation is relatively straightforward and easy, as home improvement tasks go

How to Install Shade Cloth / Fabric. Start with a pergola, arbor, or another structure you wish to cover with the shade cloth. Roll out the shade cloth across your structure and loosely pull it into position. Leave at least 8-12 inches of overhang on all sides. Attach shade cloth to one of the longest sides first (the edge closest to your house) Shade cloth is manufactured from knitted polyethylene fabric that does not rot, mildew, or become brittle and can also be purchased in bulk and if you need it hemmed, we can do it. FarmTek shade material comes in multiple shade densities and can be used for applications such as livestock housing, poultry buildings, greenhouses, hoop structures, barns, kennels, canopies, and more

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A shade cloth in the garden is a great to protect your plants from the summer heat. We'll show you how to attach shade cloth to a frame over your garden beds.. Product Details. Powder coated steel stakes, UV stabilized polyethylene fabric. Stakes are 1/2 in diameter x 72 H each with 2-1/2 diameter disks and 3/4 balls. 8' L x 4' W installed. Fabric is imported. Gardener's Supply Exclusive. Product Instructions. Download instructions for Shade Kit, 4' x 8' as a PDF. Article Use 30% shade cloth, which will create 30% shade and allow 70% of the sunlight to pass through. Heavier shade cloth will deprive plants of light and may result in sunburn when the cloth is removed later in the season. Consider constructing a framework to hold the shade cloth over the plant to allow air circulation between the cloth and the foliage FABRIC. We've recently upgraded the shade cloth fabric we cover our SolarMax shade structures with to Rainbow EXTREME 32. Rainbow Extreme is a heavy duty 320 GSM commercial shade cloth fabric which consistently delivers enduring strength, lasting durability and excellent shade protection characteristics. It offers up to 95.8% UV-R Protection Best practice is to order shade panels at least 6 inches smaller than the interior of framework and then laced in place trampoline-style with 5/16 or 3/8 inch diameter braided rope. The tape webbing used in the reinforced perimeter hem does not stretch at all

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  1. Regular commercial shade cloth used for vegetable gardens is like a tarp with perforations throughout the fabric. It's a lightweight woven or knitted polypropylene or polyethylene fabric that comes in different sizes and degrees of shade protection, usually between 30% to 60%, which means it excludes 30-60% of the light
  2. How To Use Shade Cloth In A Garden! Place stakes or fiberglass/poly hoops to make a framework for shade cloth in garden rows. Drape the shade cloth over the frame and attach it so it stays put. Agfabric Shade Cloth. You will need about 2 to 3 feet so that air can enter the tent you make and give plants the right air circulation
  3. The Shade Cloth Kit comes complete with one 230 X 265 cm piece of UV-protected shade cloth and 10 plant hangers to attach it to the inside framework of your Palram - Canopia Greenhouse. It helps prevent heat buildup in your greenhouse and shields your plants from direct sunlight by controlling and reducing 70% of [
  4. Agfabric Shade Cloth Netting, made of durable material, can resist mold and mildew. It helps keep vegetable garden and greenhouse cooler, protect plants from direct sun while allowing water and air through, it's so convenient for you to water without removing mesh shade. We offer you a wealth choice of sunblock rate from 20% to 90%

HOMA 12' x 16' x 20' Beige Sun Shade Sail Triangle Canopy, 95% UV Blockage Awning Shelter Fabric Cloth Screen for Patio Outdoor Backyard - Heavy Duty Commercial Grade (Custom Size - Made in USA) 3.3 out of 5 stars. 7. $104.99 The Shade Cloth Kit comes complete with one 8.5' x 7.5' piece of 30% shade cloth and clips to the inside framework of your greenhouse. This shade cloth lets an optimal 70% light transmission through to your plants. It is quick and easy to install and it can easily be re-positioned for changing seasons or crops Greenhouse shade kit comes complete with one piece of 86.5 in. x 79 in. UV protected shade cloth and 10 plant hangers to secure it to the inner framework of your greenhouse. It helps prevent heat buildup in your greenhouse and shields your plants from direct sunlight exposure Shade can lower plant and soil temperatures by as much as 10°F. Shading Plants in Hot Weather: • Use shade cloth to protect plants. Use plant stakes or fiberglass or poly hoops to build a framework over plants or planting beds and drape shade cloth over the frame much as you would drape a tablecloth over a table ColourTree 14' x 20' Beige Rectangle Sun Shade Sail Canopy Awning Fabric Cloth Screen - UV Block UV Resistant Heavy Duty Commercial Grade - Outdoor Patio Carport - (We Make Custom Size) 4.6 out of 5 stars 84. $59.99 $ 59. 99. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. Between $60 and $200

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Pipe Structures. We're amazed by all of the unique structures our customers have built using our heavy-duty pipe and fittings. We've seen everything from garden trellises to jungle gyms. With a few simple tools and some pipe fittings, you can build almost anything. Take a look at some of our favorite pipe structures below Adding shade to pastures and feed lots is an inexpensive and easy way to encourage regular eating patterns and help optimize production. Heat can cause as much as a 30% decline in the milk production of cows! AnimalShade.com is the largest shade manufacturer in the United States and our volume business allows us to offer your more! With over 30.

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  1. There are a few key steps in the design of the perfect shade structure. The first is to consider what is to be achieved and why. Secondly we look at shapes and forms that are availabile in designing. Thirdly components and raw materials options including colours are considered. Fourthly is engineering and compliance wjich ensure that the structure will work properly for any use and application
  2. Choose Your Size. These multi-purpose structures are easy to assemble, and offer several options of shade cloth color and density. Shade structures can protect and relieve stress on plants and reduce watering needs. Everything you need is factored into the price, including the framework, hardware and shade cloth
  3. 70% Shade HEAVY in Green /Black mix colour with 10 year uv pro-rata warranty SIZES: 2m or 4m wide x 50m rolls, - or purchase by the metre. Redpath shade clips The Redpath shade clips are a simple way to secure shade cloth to a wire or cable; they are supplied in packs of 50 or a more efficient 200 or 2000
  4. The Palram Interior Shade Cloth comes complete with one 8.5′ x 7.5′ piece of 30% shade cloth and clips to the inside framework of your greenhouse. This shade cloth lets an optimal 70% light transmission through to your plants. It is quick and easy to install and it can easily be re-positioned for changing seasons or crops

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DIY shade sails, also called structural awnings or sun shades, are structured awnings that can be used to cover a porch, pool or patio to provide exceptional protection from the sun. They're also a great choice for those looking to add a stylish finish to their residential or commercial exterior environment with a bold, statement shade Shade cloth manufacturers should supply this information to enable engineers and fabricators to accurately design and fabricate. At the point of installation, the installer should use a dynamometer to record the tension on the edge cables, or webbing as they are installed. This is so they are aware that the actual pre-stress loads for the cloth. Frame options: white, brown, or camel. available up to 13 feet wide with up to 11 feet drop. Vertical Drop Shade. available up to 20 feet wide with fabric drop of 18 feet. available in multiple options of long lasting, open weave fabrics ranging from 3- 10% openness. provides 90-97% sunblock depending on screen choice COVID-19 Update :-We are accepting orders and will aim to meet the lead times advertised.Read Mor The Shade Cloth Kit comes complete with one 6.5 x 7.5 piece of 30% shade cloth and clips to the inside framework of your Palram or Rion greenhouse. This shade cloth lets an optimal 70% light transmission through to your plants. It is quick and easy to install and it can easily be re-positioned for changing seasons or crops

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After determining the dimensions of the shade material, I began the layout of the frame work, in this case PVC pipe in a 1 diameter sizing it to allow 4-6 extra on all sides of the cloth. I choose this medium for the framework, for it's lightweight and strength Install a Retractable Awning. Retractable awnings consist of a metal framework covered with shade fabric, and they are one of the most popular patio shade ideas. The framework mounts directly on. Various colors of shade cloth and poles are available and can be color-coded. The steel used for the framework is only A grade steel and all shade netting used is 90-95% UV sun block out. There is now a completely waterproof shade netting available on the market too where no mist spray comes through the shade net whilst raining Commercial 30% Shade Cloth is a premium grade of shade cloth renowned for longevity and quality. Commercial 30% or Commercial extra light shade cloth is a high-quality monofilament shade cloth designed for heavy-duty applications. The fabric complies with Australian Standards for shade and strength and provides accurate shade factors. This.

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Shade cloth/Shade panel adopt UV resistant material, lightweight and durable. 40% to 80% shade rate, mesh design, it will have no affect for photosynthesis. It is breathable and and more suitable for blocking the sunlight and heat. Multi-purpose application, it can be used for pergola, patio covers, greenhouse, garden plants, swimming pool, balcony, kennel and other area you want to create a. Poly-Tex Greenhouse Shade Cloth, 10 ft. x 10 ft., Green, HG1014. SKU: 112463099 Product Rating is 3 3 (1) See price at checkout Was Save Standard Delivery Eligible Compare Add to Cart [ ] Coolaroo Ready to Hang Triangle Shade Sail, 16 ft. 5 in., 449322. SKU: 131095099. Aluminet Shade Cloth provides uniform shadow, controls air movement and provides optimum diffused light transmission to the crops, moderates day/night temperatures, enabling microclimate control in greenhouses and nurseries. They can be put to a variety of uses in tunnels and horticultural greenhouses, and outdoors under the framework Coolaroo 3.6 x 6m Beech Heavy-Duty 70% UV Screening Shade Cloth. (2) $127. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Coolaroo 3.66 x 3m Rainforest Heavy-Duty 70% UV Screening Shade Cloth. (0) $63 .95

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Quick View. 28 ft Greenhouse Frames - Quonset. Code: 2FGF194. Click here for pricing. Not Yet Rated. Quick View. 8' Dakota Gable Greenhouse Frame. Code: dakota8frame. Click here for pricing Shade Cloth Snap And Grow And Hobby Greenhouses 8.5' X 7.5' Green UV protected. $81.76. Free shipping. 80% Sunblock Black PE Mesh Cover Plant Greenhouse Shade COVER 10X7',12X7',20X7' $53.10. Free shipping. 4 watching. 40% Sunblock Shade Cloth with Grommets for Garden Patio Panel, Black ,US , New

Now, sew a straight seam, 3/4″ from the fold. When the shade is finished, you will slide your dowel into the pocket. 4. Mark the lifting points. You'll need to mark where the shade will fold up on itself when you open it. Mark these points on the center, and both sides of the drop cloth. First, fold the shade in half to find the center Coolaroo 1.83m Graphite 90% UV Heavy-Duty People Cover Shade Cloth - Per Metre. (0) $18 .29. Per 1 Linear Metre. more. Available. in-store only. Compare. Coolaroo 3.66m Wide 50% U/V Block R/forest Shade Cloth Shade netting is used to lessen the effects of light during the summer. Our screens have shading capabilities ranging between 8% and 95%, making it possible to adapt the system to crop requirements. They can be put to a variety of uses in tunnels and horticultural greenhouses, and outdoors under framework. Mono

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Retractable Fabric Canopies . Fabric canopies stretched over the existing framework is great for high-rise apartments in Chicago. Like, for instance, a 10×8 fabric with no spaces fitted securely to withstand high winds along with wings to prevent flapping. For garden shade, you could go with triangular fabric sails attached to poles Shade cloth is the primary material used for the light-diffusing structures; each color or type is rated by the percentage of light it blocks. Use cloth suited to your growing conditions with a PVC-pipe framework to construct a practical shade house Make sure the fabric does not flap or rub against walls, posts, concrete, shrubbery, etc. • There should be no sharp edges or rough spots on the framework to reduce wear and minimize opportunities for leakage. Reinforcements should be used where the fabric contacts the framework, especially over squared/shar Pull the two hanging sides tight against the framework. Starting at the top of one side and working towards the ground, place a staple approximately every 12 inches into the frame to hold the shade cloth snug against it. Attach the two remaining pieces of shade cloth for the sides in place. Line the shade cloth up to the roof and staple the top. Woven shade nets can provide a better planting environment for faster growth. Hsia Cheng shading cloth is a good choice to protect any plants that are overexposed to the sun and can be used for a variety of purposes and horticultural greenhouses. For more shade cloth details, please contact Hsia Cheng shade net manufacturers

Cable-tensioned shade sails and sun shades are heavy-duty, all-weather, taut fabric canopies that filter out the sun's rays without putting you completely in the dark. They are offered in everything from squared and rectangular shapes to triangular, hexagonal and diamond designs. Overlapping two or three layers is a great way to add an. shade paint. shading blinds. shade cloth. shade netting. All of them are the great ways to shade a greenhouse, but, first, I would like to the start with the shade paint. 1. Greenhouse Shade Paint. Using shade paints is probably the quickest and very cost effective way of eliminating some of the sunlight Shade where you need it. The Shade Haven is a portable shade structure that can be easily moved to throw shade exactly where you need it. Available in multiple sizes for up to 1,200 square feet of shaded area, the Shade Haven protects livestock or poultry from potential heat stress and discomfort Then cut out scale drawings of the ready-made shade sails. Rotate them around to get ideas for the lay-out. Imagine a straight line from the center of the shade sail through the corner ring, that is where you need to put the attachment point. The fabric is a knit and most of the water sheds off the lowest point, but it is not waterproof Canopy Gable Peak Definitions. (Canopy Gable Peak Styles) The Peak style is defined by the angle of the fitting that connects the leg to the rafter. The following table shows that as you increase corner angle for a given size tarp width: The above measurements were calculated using a 9ft wide tarp, 6 foot side legs and 0 inch tubing

A 7-year warranty comes with the purchase of each A-ring Cable Shade Sail. Durability. Our Cable shade sails use both wire rope and lining belt to add extra support and reinforcement in the seam of the sun shade cloth. Rather than just having wire rope to offer support, as how many of the products are made in the market Sun shade tarps offer excellent sunlight protection in a wide range of environments. They are made of knitted polyethylene mesh material with heavy-duty polypropylene webbing, which shields your space from excessive sunlight while still allowing sufficient airflow to maintain a comfortable atmosphere inside The shadecloth is approved by the cancer association. A shadeport comprises of a structural frame across which a shade cloth type of material or net is pulled to provide shade cover for a vehicle which is parked beneath it. The structural frame of the shade port can vary greatly in terms of material, method of construction and design

4. Measure and Cut Fabric. If you are making your own cloth pergola cover (rather than using a pre-made shade sail), measure and cut the fabric to fit the area you want to cover. The easiest way to keep pergola covers in place is to weave them in and out of the roof structure, so keep this in mind when determining how long the fabric should be Superior Shade's framework is designed to withstand wind gusts of up to 150 mph when the fabric is removed Long-Lasting Fabric UV stabilized fabric is raschel-knitted and resistant to shrinking, fading, rotting, fraying, abrading, and unravelin

Flat Panel Shade Structure Customized shade netting panels are sewn according to size with grommets along the side and applied to steel posts on buildings to offer a continuous fabric structure system on existing framework. New construction shade netting panels specified into architectural planning may also be designed indicating the flat shade netting panels to [ A connector strip (10) is provided for securing fabric, such as shade cloth (16), to a frame member (17). The connector strip (10) has nailing apertures (12) at intervals therealong and it is provided with longitudinally spaced elongate projections or barbs (13) struck therefrom and adapted for passage through the fabric to be secured by the connector strip (10) to the frame member (17) PHOTO COURTESY OF SUNSETTER Retractable awnings consist of a metal framework covered with shade fabric. The framework mounts directly on the side of your house. Some models have diagonal support arms. Others eliminate that obstruction with hidden lateral arms. You can open and retract the awning either manually with a hand crank or with a. Tension the shade cloth to a wire or metal frame; Position the clip over the wire or rope and close over the cloth to secure; For fixing shade cloth to fencing attach on diagonal as shown; If using butterfly clips and lacing attach a clip approximately every 50cm, threading the lacing or wire through the hole in each clip as you secure the.

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The Sunday before my husband and I had finished installing our shade cloth with your Ezy-Fix Clip system. This cyclone, cat 5, ripped off our guttering, downpipes, felled trees and our tank stand. However, our shade cloth fitted with your EzyFixClip system did not budge and the shade cloth was still as firm as the Sunday we installed it Our sun shade products include stationary and retractable awnings, canopies, interior and exterior solar screens, blackout shades, drop roll shades, sunroom shades, skylight shades, and patio cover shades. In addition, we also provide professional fabric die cutting and production sewing services. At SunMaster, we have a full service, state of. Shade Cloth Pryda Fix also facilitates fixing of shade cloth onto timber pergolas or other framework, eliminating the need for battens to hold the shade cloth in position. Recommended fixing spacing is 400mm. Hot House Covering Pryda Fix is also suited to fixing sheet PVC onto hot houses for both domestic and commercial use The Shade Grants Program (the Program) is administered by the Department of Health and Human Services. The aim of the Program is to reduce Victorians' exposure to UV radiation by increasing shade in public places across the state and by promoting uptake of sun protective practices. The Program is offered once a year, across two grant categories. It may be done best with shade cloth, which can be an affordable solution because it is lightweight. It does not need to have the same type of strong foundation and framework that a roof would require. OC Shade Sails has the best options for shade sails ideal for your needs

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SureShade MTF Manual Shade operated with a simple hand lever and is an ideal shade solution for boats under 35 feet lacking adequate shade coverage. SureShade MTF features a lightweight aluminum framework that can be easily installed for more boat shade forward, aft or both. SureShade developed the manual version at the request of marine trade. The shade cloth is especially useful over the spring and summer months giving adequate protection to young and established plants against the fierce Australian sun. The shade cloth can be rolled up when not needed and secured in place Offering turnkey services, Hendee Enterprises custom-manufacturers shade options in either HDPE Shade Cloth (mesh) or PVC (waterproof) fabric in addition to framework in either steel or aluminum. www.hendee.com sunveil@hendee.com (800) 231-727 Constructed from 14 gauge, 1.90 OD Allied Gatorshield® structural steel tubing. Vertical, 1.90 OD center row supports add durability. Hoop building frame can be covered with greenhouse film, PolyMax® fabric, shade or bird netting. Required film width is 60'. Sidewall height: 4' The edge of the shade cloth is doubled over and a length of sash cord is inserted in the rolled edge of the shade cloth it is then inserted and fed through the wall anchor strip then screwed where required to complete the task. The wall anchor is a length of flat aluminium about 30 mm wide with a 9mm rolled tube edge, having an opening slit.

I put up some shade cloth which helps but it was still getting too hot in spring inside. Put more vents in, running fans. I got it so it was only 10 degrees warmer inside. I looked into swamp coolers a bit. Never found out how much humidity in the air is too much. I noticed humidity in early spring wasn't too much here. Might rig one up next fall Summerset Bimini Sun Shade. The Bimini Sun Shade is manufactured by Eevelle, a leader in producing high-quality outdoor gear. We are proud to offer products made in the USA. The heavy-duty mesh fabric is made of vinyl-coated polyester that won't mildew and is fade-resistant. The Bimini Shade is self-supported by heavy-duty clips and requires. 3) Outdoor Canopy - Pergola. Using a metal framework, an outdoor canopy is a fantastic option for sun or rain protection. Typically a steel Square Hollow Section (SHS) is welded or bolted together to form the structure. For the canopy you can choose a textile fabric like a shadecloth or a waterproof PVC fabric This shade sail installation guide will walk you through everything you need to know on how to install a shade sail. Easy to install, and cheap to buy, shade sails are the modern-day answer to protection from harmful UV rays from the sun in the outdoor areas of our homes and gardens Sunbrella Framework Copper 50200-0001 Sling Upholstery Fabric. OFC. SKU-219016. Copy SKU To Clipboard. Be the first to review this product. Eventually Discontinued - Limited Stock - Please Call for Availability. $25.95. yard (s


50% UV Resistant Shade Cloth for Plants Garden Greenhouse Net Mesh Tarp. $16.99 to $45.99. Free shipping. 80 sold. Cerbior 30% UV Sunblock Shade Cloth Cover for Garden Plants Black Greenhouse. $10.44 to $78.84. Was: $14.59. Free shipping. 137 sold. SPONSORED. Greenhouse 12'x10'x7' Large Portable Walk-in Hot Green House Plant Gardening For example, shade cloth has been reported to deteriorate more rapidly as compared with corrugated iron, Table 2 provides a summary of relevant shade research as a framework for reviewing what is currently included as welfare indicators in shade research. Studies were included in this table based on the following criteria: the study was. Dimensions: 12.75H x 5.25W Finish: Bronze Shade: 5.25 x 5.25 x 10 Silk Extension: 7 Backplate: 3.75 Square Socket: E26 Keyless Wattage: 40 B Product Details: In stock For trade pricing, contact showroom@clothandkind.co Our shade experts are dedicated to ensuring the success of your next shade project. Our commitment to our customers is why we offer the strongest warranty in the industry, which covers all of our fabric for 15 years and our steel framework for 20 Shade cloth is available in a range of UV stabilised densities so you can choose how much sun your covered plants receive. Most retailers offer densities of 30 per cent, 50 per cent, 70 per cent and 90 per cent. The 70 per cent cloth is great for covering pergolas and gazebos; 30 per cent is also popular to encourage plant growth..

Our functional and attractive shade structures can drop the temperature below by up to 20 degrees, while blocking the sun's damaging UV rays. Our Allied Steel structures are sturdy and safe. Plus, we offer the industry's leading warranty. We love working with architects and we know that you have a specific vision for each of your projects Pergolas give shade much as awnings — they include a frame with some shading material that lays over the framework. Unlike awnings, several different materials can be used on a pergola to provide shade. Shades for pergolas can include metal, timber, reeds, branches, fabric, and even live foliage. Also, you can use these materials in. The Sea Gull Collection Framework one light indoor pendant is offered in Brushed Nickel, Matte White and Midnight Black. Crafted of metal with a flared silhouette and clear glass shade. Can be used in multiples above a kitchen island or long dining table for added impact SureShade warrants that the shade framework will be free from material defects and workmanship and will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, any inoperable components that are reported within 3 years from the date of shade sale to original purchaser - boat builder, dealer or private boat owner