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Suit up for duty with this fresh Star Trek: The Original Series Deluxe Spock Uniform and you'll look and feel as good as new! Made of 100% polyester, this pullover shirt with a v-neck and raglan cut sleeves will keep you cool while you're making the crucial decisions you never get credit for! It's also got an embroide Even those in the command division need some R&R! With a soft mink front inspired by the command uniforms of the U.S.S. Voyager crew members, this comfy Star Trek: Voyager Command Uniform Sherpa Blanket is perfect to throw over your shoulders after a busy day. With a soft mink front and cozy sherpa back, this Star Trek: Voyager blanket is a must-have addition to your personal quarters In the May 2018 FSM, I showed how I modified Andrea Miniatures' 54mm movie-era Spock to his TV-series counterpart.To finish the Star Trek character in his original-series uniform, I had to apply blue. Trying to decide on the correct hue, I looked at photos online and watched several episodes of the series; all showed variations in the color of the satin velour shirt (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock) Field uniform. The field uniforms worn with backpacks. Captain's variant uniform with officer and crewmen uniforms. For field operations on a planetary surface, the USS Enterprise-A's strike team donned special field uniforms. Most field uniforms were tan in color, but Captain James T. Kirk's was charcoal gray Spock Wheel Spoke Uniform Device. Quantity: Interest List! STAR TREK™: BEYOND - Men's Starfleet Uniform Tunic - Standard Line (No Badge) $ 250.00 $ 65.00 + Options: Quantity: Interest List! Star Trek: Beyond - Starfleet Uniform Dress - Standard Line (No Badge) $ 300.

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Spock actually wears many different coloured shirts in Star Trek. Ahem. *runs to fetch Spock ears and communicator prop* Ah, that's better. Okay. So in (most episodes of) The Original Series, the officers onboard the Enterprise wore uniforms wit.. The original Star Trek series focuses on the 23rd century adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, a powerful interstellar spacecraft dispatched by Earth-based Starfleet Command to explore the galaxy. Shop all of the official merchandise for Star Trek: The original Series at store.startrek.co Vulcan uniforms were the clothing worn by Vulcans in the service of the Vulcan High Command, ranging from the 20th through the 24th centuries. These uniforms facilitated Vulcan wearers' needs as scientists, ambassadors, and starship officers, as well as adaptations for occasional military roles, often displaying rank insignia and position. 1 20th century 1.1 Duty uniform 2 21st century 2.1.

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  2. Star Trek uniforms are costumes worn by actors portraying personnel from the fictitious organization Starfleet in the Star Trek science fiction franchise. Costume design often changed between various television series and films, especially those representing different time periods, both for appearance and comfort. Deliberately mixing styles of uniforms from the various series was occasionally.
  3. Into Darkness Spock Blue Man's Uniform T-Shirt. 4.3 out of 5 stars 314. $29.99 $ 29. 99. FREE Shipping by Amazon +2 colors/patterns. TISEA. Womens Into Darkness Cosplay Costume Dress. 4.3 out of 5 stars 9. $24.99 $ 24. 99. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon +2. Century Star
  4. Star Trek Spock Character Series Pin Costume Uniform Pin Vulcan Science. AnniesGeekery. 5 out of 5 stars. (80) $8.99. Only 2 available and it's in 1 person's cart. Favorite. Add to
  5. Starfleet uniform (mid 2270s) In the mid 2270s, a new Starfleet uniform design was introduced over the previous design, with many different variations. Most were gray, white, brown, or beige, and came either in a one-piece jumpsuit or with matching trousers and tops. These uniforms bore rank insignia on the sleeve or on shoulder tabs

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  1. Star Trek Sewing Pattern Bundle - Starfleet uniform - Deep Space Nine, First Contact, Voyager, Nemesis - Jumpsuit, shirt - men's - save 10%! BadWolfCostumes. 5 out of 5 stars. (732) $52.20. Add to Favorites
  2. Star Trek Mr SPOCK Blue Uniform DOC BONES Halloween Fleet Costume 8/10 MED Child. $22.95. Free shipping. Star Trek Beyond Captain Kirk Red Uniform Spock Blue Uniform Scotty Yellow+Badge. $58.15. $12.00 shipping. SPONSORED. Star Trek Child's Vulcan Spock Deluxe Costume, ComiCon Halloween Small & Medium
  3. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. One pair of Vulcan ears. Also works as Romulan ears. Just what you need to complete your Spock or Nero costume. Perfect for the new or classic star trek fan. Officially licensed Star Trek costume accessory. New (9) from $7.91 & FREE Shipping

This adult T-shirt is an officially licensed product from Star Trek (The Original Series). The shirt features our cool Science Blue design printed on 100% cotton. This is based on the uniform worn by Mr. Spock and other members of the science ranks in the original Star Trek television series. Also available in youth and juniors sizes The series was cancelled after 3 seasons and only 79 episodes leaving Nimoy's 'Mr. Spock' and his co-stars out in the cold. It was on Star Trek that the indomitable question arose about the color of Spock's uniform. Was it black and blue or was it white and gold The new Uhura dress was constructed using original patterns from the CBS archive, as well as a screen-used red uniform from the original Star Trek. Each dress is available in six sizes with an. 1122. Leonard Nimoy Spock uniform from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. (Paramount, 1979) In the first entry in the Star Trek movie franchise, Leonard Nimoy as Spock wears this two-piece costume, consisting of a paneled, long-sleeve jacket with zipper closure in back. Orange and green Starfleet insignia patch sewn onto left chest Mr. Spock In Dress Uniform : Star Trek The first officer of the USS Enterprise, Mr. Spock is the only Vulcan in Starfleet and employs his logic to aid Captain Kirk in their five-year missions to seek out new life and new civilizations

Spock is sporting the newer Starfleet uniform first seen in Discovery's season 2 premiere; the crew of the Enterprise - including Discovery's temporary captain, Christopher Pike - are shown wearing the uniforms clearly based on The Original Series look, with some modern liberties taken, like its more angular collar design This uniform style was only used for this episode and The Cage, and Spock isn't the only character wearing the wrong color - note that Scott and Sulu are not in their normal colors either: Spock's makeup style had not been finalized by this episode, either; the brows are a bit more severe, his complexion is more sallow, etc

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From the colorful tunics of Kirk and Spock all the way to the grey bodysuits of the 32nd century, we're breaking down every Starfleet uniform. Star Trek's utopian idealism may be eternal, but Starfleet's fashion sense is in seemingly constant flux. Virtually every iteration of the franchise has featured a new uniform for its Starfleet heroes Buy Spock's uniform, Fizzgig and a Dalek at massive sci-fi auction. An original '60s Spock costume goes up for bid alongside a treasure trove of sci-fi and fantasy movie and television artifacts Spock's uniform from Star Trek I (Profiles in History) Security helmet from Star Trek I (Profiles in History) Uniforms 2285. Uniforms 2285 - part 1 24th Century Starfleet Uniforms - incl. badges, ranks, spacesuits. Uniform and Rank Inconsistencies - problems with changing uniform styles, emblems and rank signs The Infamous Security Device. Yep..Those weird looking things on the back of the division & Rank shoulder strap..The device was made from a German model tank wheel..There are several different designs but the best known is the Kirk and Spock. Take a look at these fun devices. Kirk & Spock. Posted by Star Trek Uniform Guide at 11:30 PM 1 comment

Amy in an original series Starfleet medical uniform. Leonard Nimoy as Spock, Sheldon's favorite character in Star Trek.. Star Trek is one of the most successful and well-known science fiction franchises of all time. Conceived by Gene Roddenberry in the mid-1960's, Star Trek has evolved into a massive canon franchise including seven live-action television series, fourteen movies, an animated. According to an interview with Star Trek 's costume designer, William Theiss, the idea was for the show's uniforms to be red, blue, and green. In fact, on the set, Kirk's outfit certainly looked. These are the Mirror Universe uniforms that have appeared in the Star Trek series. Coming soon, WoK and TNG era Mirror Universe uniforms based on the descriptions and drawings from comics and books. Also coming soon Off Duty mock-ups based on the DS9 Mirror Universe crew. 1 TOS - MU (The Original Series - Mirror Universe) Uniforms 2 TOS - MU Thug Coveralls 3 WoK - MU (Wrath of Khan - Mirror. In TOS, Spock was assigned as both Kirk's First Officer and his Science Officer. Throughout the duration of the series, except for in Where No Man Has Gone Before, Spock wears a Science Division uniform. Meanwhile, in TMP, Decker is temporarily assigned as Kirk's First officer (either temporarily or formally?) Each Starship had it's own design patch for all starfleet uniforms during the TOS era. The Sciences division patch is designated with the globe logo in the center of the Enterprise chevron. This is the Patch that Commander Spock, Doctor Mc Coy, and all officers in blue wore aboard U.S.S. Enterprise

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Spock and Christine: Behind the Uniform. DebbieB [What follows is a transcript of the documentary aired on the Interstellar Entertainment Network to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the first Enterprise mission. The opinions expressed in the following account do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Interstellar Entertainment Network. One significant break in tradition is the uniforms worn by Discovery's Medical team. Dr. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz) and his staff wear white uniforms with a blue stripe to denote the Medicines division.Star Trek: Discovery's doctors have deviated from the Star Trek tradition of medical staff wearing Science blue since season 1.Culber has always worn a white uniform, and that is continuing in. The only known Spock maroon uniforms extant are owned by CBS and are featured in the traveling Star Trek Exhibition, which makes this piece all the more special. While this would have originally been made for Wrath of Khan, this version was later worn by Mr. Nimoy in the various PR photos taken to promote Star Trek IV But while many aspects of the old Star Trek universe were abandoned, the red shirts and Spock's familiar blue uniform were a reassuring nod to long-time fans. And because that uniform is so. You can choose to be Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, or Dr. Leonard Bones McCoy by choosing from our Command Uniform t-shirts. Star Trekk has spawned many series and movies because of the shows popularity and cult status. Star Trek resulted in 726 episodes that ran across 30 seasons of the TV obviously making it a very cherished show, so you.

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Set a decade before Kirk, Spock & Co. set off on their five-year mission, the new show eschews the bright colors of The Original Series, and opts instead for uniforms more akin to those of Enterprise, the 2001-2005 drama that took place about a century earlier, during the early days of interstellar travel. The color piping on the blue fitted. Since the first season of The Original Series, fans have been inspired not only by the uniforms worn by Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the crew but sometimes, the costumes worn by the guest.

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  1. The Star Trek Spock Uniform T Shirt Sheer is steel blue with a soft feel and tailored fit. The front has the original science officer patch worn by Mr. Spock on the TV series Star Trek. The back has an image of the starship Enterprise with the words Spock and USS Enterprise in gold letters
  2. Here's a quick breakdown on the Star Trek uniform colors from the Original Series: The command division wore gold shirts. This includes Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Sulu, and Pavel Chekov. The science and medical staff wore blue shirts. This includes Lieutenant Commander McCoy and Commander Spock. The engineering and communications division wore.
  3. Star Trek Spock Uniform T-Shirt. This licensed Star Trek shirt is inspired by the uniform worn by Captain Spock. The logo on the left chest states that Captain Spock is part of the Sciences division. Fabric Details. Color: Carolina Blue; 100% cotto
  4. Star Trek: The Motion Picture was the return of Captain Kirk and his crew after the show was canceled a decade earlier. The movie was made in no small part because of the success of Star Wars just two years earlier, but it couldn't be more different from George Lucas's creation if it tried, and that includes the uniforms.. RELATED: 5 Reasons Star Wars is the Best (& 5 Reasons Star Trek is the.
  5. http://bit.ly/twokspock The Wrath of Khan Captain Spock Uniform is on pre-sale now! Get in at the lowest price now

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Star Trek has had more than one uniform style existing side-by-side in other decades. During the Deep Space Nine era, the black jumpsuit seemed to be the uniform of choice for a crew on space. 1122. Leonard Nimoy Spock uniform from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. (Paramount, 1979) In the first entry in the Star Trek movie franchise, Leonard Nimoy as Spock wears this two-piece costume, consisting of a paneled, long-sleeve jacket with zipper closure in back Star Trek III: the Search for Spock: Directed by Leonard Nimoy. With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan. Admiral Kirk and his bridge crew risk their careers stealing the decommissioned U.S.S. Enterprise to return to the restricted Genesis Planet to recover Spock's body Star Trek Into Darkness Cosplay Costume Captain Kirk Spock Uniform T-Shirt Suit AU $32.90 AU $35.00 previous price AU $35.00 6% off 6% off previous price AU $35.00 6% of CAPTAIN JAMES T. KIRK & MR. SPOCK - DRESS UNIFORM STAR TREK (PLAYMATES) Teamwork has always been an important aspect of Federation policy. In that tradition, collected here together, for the first time ever, are the finest examples of Starfleet collaboration. There's a new Star Trek show running. It's getting a lot of praise, which

It would be the uniform worn for more than a decade of Star Trek, longer than any other design. I'm thrilled to own several maroons including those worn by William Shatner as Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Spock, one used by both Kirstie Alley as Saavik and Kim Cattrall as Valeris, and one worn by Grace Lee Whitney as Janice Rand Vintage Publicity Stills from Star Trek TOS James Kirk & Mr Spock Early Uniforms. Pre-Owned. C $56.15. or Best Offer +C $24.95 shipping. from United States. S p o n s o r e d Y B 1 X C E 0 8 4 7 S. Star Trek Enterprise Uniform Insignia Patch - Command USS Defiant TOS Style. Brand New. C $7.47. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller Star Trek Into Darkness Starfleet Captain Kirk Spock Uniform. Color: Yellow & Blue & Red for you to choose. XXX-Large 73 185 47-48 117-119 40-43 99-112 49-52 124-132 17.32 44. XX-Large 71 180 45-46 113-116 38-39 94-98 47-48 119-123 16.9 43 The Star Trek TOS Spock Uniform Mug is a blue, ceramic mug that holds 15 ounces. It is colored like the blue uniform worn by Mr. Spock, first officer and science officer of the Starship Enterprise . The title logo for the original Star Trek TV series of the 1960s is on one side, and the other side features the insignia worn by science personnel.


The Star Trek The Original Series Spock Uniform Dog Shirt is made from a cotton jersey fabric with rib rim and includes metallic embroidery on the insignia and braid. Entertainment Earth, Inc. markets and sells products, including children's products, for purchase by adults 18 years and over Brainless Spock. Brainless Spock is a Uncommon [2-star] crew member. Brainless Spock is a version of Spock from the Star Trek: The Original Series episode Spock's Brain (3x06) Star Trek Beyond Science Officer Uniform Spock Shirt. Fabric:Uniform Cloth. Including:Shirt Only. Category:Star Trek Beyond Costumes Tailor-made in your own measurements.This costume can be made for both adults and children Star Trek Into Darkness Captain Kirk Spock Grey Uniform Cosplay Costume. Product Code: 111368. Reward Points: 140. Availability: In Stock. $139.99. June Sale. Over $109 get $8 OFF,Code:JS8. Over $169 get $12 OFF,Code:JS12

Paramount isn't elevating Jersey Shore by its cast climb the Matterhorn alongside Pike and Spock. It's yet again demeaning Star Trek, like it did with the infamous BEYOND promo, by bringing it. Spock's Uniform color palette by Neropatti. I-MOO COLOURlovers™ is an international community of designers and artists of all kinds who visit the site to get color inspiration, ideas and feedback for both their professional and personal projects A faithful replica of the tunic worn by Spock in the Star Trek™ movies directed by J.J. Abrams. Replicated using patterns from screen-used uniforms, this tunic is made of Jumbo Spandex featuring the intricate Starfleet delta pattern print and dyed to match coloring used by production. Character specific Commander he Spock And Kirk. Spock and Kirk in Uniform. Saved by Carol Higdon. 3. Spock And Kirk Star Trek Into Darkness Star Trek Movies Zachary Quinto Call Backs For Stars Movie Stars Science Fiction Tv

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  1. Spock, 424 U.S. 828 (1976) Greer v. Spock. Fort Dix, a federal military reservation devoted primarily to basic training for newly inducted Army personnel, and over which the Government exercises exclusive jurisdiction, permits free civilian access to certain unrestricted areas
  2. The German Spock has everything he needs to portray the Vulcan. This isn't Dombrek's first film as Spock. His first came with the production of Look Forward to the Day which is a short film that has Kirk, Spock, and McCoy on a long-distance video call due to the pandemic. It was the perfect piece of drama for social distancing fans
  3. The Beyond uniforms were better but needed the black collar. It sometimes seems like they take too much from the Kelvinverse movies as a point of reference rather than going back to the original source material. The sleeve ranks on the Discoprise uniforms were straight from the Kelvinverse and didn't need to be
  4. Carlinhos Uniformes. April 12 ·. Se liga nas dicas do Carlinhos uniformes sobre as queridinhas camisetas polos! E aí, gostou? Compartilhe com os amigos. . #carlinhosuniformes #maringa #camisetapolo #empresarial #corporativo. If you call the tips of Carlinhos uniform on the lovelies poles shirts
  5. This men's Spock costume is the perfect disguise for your next intergalactic adventure. Dress up as the logic-driven half-Vulcan and use your intelligence to keep the ship out of trouble. Wear this Spock uniform to your next comic convention or Halloween party and show everyone how to live long and prosper
  6. Wear Spock's commander tunic! Uniform from Star Trek Into Darkness. Premium fabrics replicate the screen-used originals. The pattern matches Zachary Quinto's hero Spock outfit. Re-imagined by J.J. Abrams, a younger Spock shares many of the same characteristics as the classic beloved character

Replica of the uniform top worn by Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock on the classic 1966-1969 Star Trek TV series, complete w/gold commander braids at ends of sleeves. Top has been boldly signed in black felt tip pen on chest by science officer emblem by Nimoy, his large and impressive signature measuring 5.75 wide It would be the uniform worn for more than a decade of Star Trek, longer than any other design. I'm thrilled to own several maroons including those worn by William Shatner as Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Spock, one used by both Kirstie Alley as Saavik and Kim Cattrall as Valeris, and one worn by Grace Lee Whitney as Janice Rand (See early Spock concept art, with a very different uniform design and a skullcap, at left, via Star Trek History.) Eventually, it was decided to make Spock's skin yellow-tinged instead — but. Star Trek Duo: Captain Kirk & Mister Spock - Dress Uniforms (1:9 Scale)-Collect the Captain world's most famous Vulcan of the USS Enterprise, in thei Yor, who wore a Star Trek: The Next Generation-era uniform, was a Starfleet Officer who jumped forward from the Kelvin universe in 2379, which was 166 years after Ambassador Spock's death. Unfortunately, Yor died a gruesome death because of the deleterious effect the combination of time traveling and breaching from a parallel dimension has on.

By popular request, ANOVOS presents the Captain Scott Bomber Jacket, first introduced in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. This command-casual uniform top is a varsity-style replica worn by commissioned Captains in Starfleet. This functional jacket features: Ultrasuede jacket shell with front snap-closures. Satin-l Even Spock has to let loose every once in a while. Shake the usual uniform and go starship casual with the Star Trek Spock Uniform T-Shirt. Star Trek Men's T-Shirt; Featuring Spocks uniform design and Starship Enterprise's signature emblem. Back of the t-shirt features a graphic print of The U.S.S Enterprise with text in yellow Star Trek Spock Uniform . Chris Weiss. October 12, 2012 . Share Tweet Flip. 0. Shares. Star Trek Original Series Spock Tunic $294.99. Spock once told Captain Kirk, I endeavor to be accurate. The heroic Commander Spock™ is crafted in 99.9% pure silver for this beautiful miniature designed by Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra. The 3D statue depicts Commander Spock™ in his trademark uniform, holding his right hand up with fingers separated into his traditional greeting Star Trek Into Darkness Starfleet Spock Costume Suit Shirt Uniform Blue Shirt. Color: Blue. Condition: Since this costume is meant for male in the movie / TV series, we consider you are buying this costume for male size by default. Fabric: Knit. Including : Shi rt+Badge the shirt comes with the black collar, not a black undershirt

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Mr. Spock will be wearing his dress uniform -definitely ready to boldly go...aw, you all know the rest!Spock is a must-have figure for your Star Trek collection. Figure stands 8'' tall and has 14 points of articulation. Made of PVC. Washable. Official Mego Collector Foil Stamp. Limited edition serial number The existing portraits are quite large and can be improvised with ease, and the color of our $5's are the same blue as Spock's uniform, he says. There's even a Facebook page dedicated to Spocking Fives. In 2013, the banknote changed its design and transitioned from cotton paper to laundry-proof plastic polymer bills

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We won't like a ship, a uniform, a prop, or the new look of an established alien. III The Search for Spock when a high-ranking Starfleet official tells Kirk (who is dismayed that his ship. Patterns of Force: Directed by Vincent McEveety. With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Richard Evans. Looking for a missing Federation cultural observer, Kirk and Spock find themselves on a planet whose culture has been completely patterned after Nazi Germany The existing portraits are quite large and can be improvised with easily and the colour of our $5's are the same blue as Spock's uniform, he tells Quartz. Falkowsky said the practice is. redshirts! the different variants of Kirk's uniform. some crossreferencing to insignia. variant costumes for other purposes - dress uniform, spacesuits, work gear, etc. the way we see in Star Trek: Generations the NCC1701D crew wearing both types of uniforms. why, in the real world, was this uniform changed. miniskirts

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Star Trek Into Darkness Captain Kirk Spock Grey Uniform Costume <Custom Made> AU $189.05. AU $199.00. shipping: + AU $35.00 shipping . Star Trek Jame Kirk Spock Blue Satin Jacket Cosplay Costumes for Men. AU $123.50. AU $130.00. Free shipping . Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan Admiral Kirk Field Coat costume pants Cosplay Star Trek T Shirt Enterprise Spock Kirk costume uniform Official Mens New. Size Chart Delivery and Returns Payment Options. Basic Tee : Size. Width. Length. Small. 46cm. 67cm


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The Spock Market. June 25, 2020 8:00am by Barry Ritholtz. Stock Market's Wild Mood Swings Can Be Explained by Mr. Spock. Think of the Star Trek character and the calm punctuated by fits of euphoria and bouts of despair will be easier to understand. Bloomberg, June 22, 2020. Clients, colleagues and even family members keep asking the. 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Led by Pike and Spock Is Coming to CBS All Access. By Philiana Ng‍ 12:27 PM PDT, But when they fit me for that uniform, I was teary-eyed. Because Enterprise.

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Yellow Uniform, Blue Collar: Celebrating Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Chief O'Brien. When you think Star Trek there are a few words that instantly come to mind. Kirk and Spock are far and away the most well-known characters in the star trek spock. Add Caption. Star Trek. Add Caption. Excited Picard. Add Caption. Star Trek romantic Kirk. Add Caption. Star Trek Double Facepalm. Add Caption. Worf Star Trek. Add Caption. First ‹ Prev Carlinhos Uniformes. March 8 ·. Parabéns às mulheres que se dedicam e se esforçam para fazer do mundo um lugar melhor todos os dias. #diadamulher #carlinhosuniformes #maringa #brasil. 22. Like Comment Share. See All Unification (. Star Trek: The Next Generation. ) Unification is a two-part episode of the syndicated American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation which features Leonard Nimoy as Spock. The first two episodes earned a 15.4 household Nielsen rating, drawing over 25 million viewers, making it one of the most.

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