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The first reason to top dress a Buffalo lawn is to add organic nutrients to the lawn, and the second reason is to level an uneven Buffalo lawn. Top dressing should never be done for any other reason. Top Dress to Add Nutrients This method of top dressing lawns involves putting down a very thin layer of highly organic soil mixture The top dressing mix can be applied in a number of ways; broadcasting with a shovel or tipping1/3 to ½ barrow loads onto the area that needs top dressing at regular intervals. Spread the mix evenly across the lawn with the back of a rake, level- lawn or broom, working it into the lawn profile Mow the area to be top dressed taking off 1/3 of the leaf. Spread the topsoil over the area using a Top Soil Spreader to a depth of 1cm. Water in well and apply more fertiliser. If you have an area that is a low spot (5cm or more) don't top dress on top If I was going to top dress an older buffalo lawn en masse, I would do it in early spring, put the cutting blade on the lowest setting, and then dethatch in the same step. Then LIGHTLY top dress the whole lawn, and deeply dress where there are uneven levels. Followed by lots of water

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  1. Top dressing your lawn helps to increase nutrient retention, improves drainage and increases disease and pest resistance
  2. Top Dressing is sometimes required to fix unevenness or irregularities in your lawn. In this Sir Walter video Nigel Ruck explains how you can use river sand.
  3. Lawn top dressing is when you apply a thin layer of material onto the lawn. But lawn dressing is often done with sand and that's where the problem is. Sand is used because people think it will improve air space, water infiltration and drainage. These are important goals, but topdressing a lawn with sand doesn't help achieve them

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  1. Spread top dressing over lawn to a depth of ¼ to ½ inch. It is okay to fill in holes, especially if you have poor soil. Lightly brush the grass with the backside of a rake. The object is to get as much top dressing touching the soil as possible
  2. Spread the soil using something flat, like the back side of a heavy garden rake, working it into aeration holes and covering low spots. Make sure the top-dressing is no more than 1 deep (preferably ½ or less) over the existing grass. Keep working the mixture until your grass peeks through and the depth is even
  3. Top dressing your lawn is done with a mixture of river sand and top dressing soil mix. Apply a thin layer of the organic soil mixture over the area of your lawn. To do this, shovel the top dressing into even piles around the area of lawn and then rake the mixture into the lawn until it looks as if the lawn has been lightly dusted
  4. If the area of lawn requiring evening out is only slightly uneven then you can apply a top dressing up to 12mm at once. For areas that are deeper than 12mms apply one layer of 12mm first and then add another layer. Shovel the loam or sand onto the lawn in even piles and then level with a garden leveller
  5. How to Apply Lawn Top Dressing Professionals usually use a top dresser that is self-propelled and mounted on a utility vehicle. To top dress at home, the gardener should use a large spreader or shovel to fling the top dressing material. The top dressing material should be fairly dry to ensure ease and proper coverage too

You top dress your lawn with soil. You can mix manure, fertiliser, seed, nutrients, chemicals, pixie dust, whatever you want in with the soil before topdressing the lawn. If you want to feed and enrich your lawn, manure or any other solid form application will not work Before rushing to your nearest lawn supply store, there are a few things you need to know so you can top dress your lawn the right way (because top dressing incorrectly can actually KILL your lawn). Take your lawn from bare and brown to thick and thriving with the best top dressing tips, straight from the lawn experts Top Dressing Lawns. Topdressing your lawn usually occurs at the beginning of spring when the soil is warming up and the turf is coming.

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  1. Additionally, check your soil, aerate and top dress if necessary. Mow regularly and fertilise to keep your lawn healthy and if weeds are still an issue either hand-weed or look at a selective herbicide such as Lawn Solutions OxaFert, that's safe for your lawn
  2. Weed the lawn regularly. Once the roots have become established, the lawn can be levelled with a light top dressing of weed-free soil. (Use sand/compost mix for clay soils and light loam compost mix for sandy soils). Do not smother the lawn with top dressing. Blades of grass should stick out above the lawn dressing after application
  3. There are two ways to put the top dressing on the lawn: you can load it into a wheelbarrow and shovel it onto the lawn in piles about the size of a pillow. Or you can place the bags on the lawn, cut them open and pour top dressing out in piles. When handling top dressing always wear a dust mask, safety glasses and gloves. 4 Spread the top dressin
  4. Aerate or core your lawn, spread the mix evenly over the desired area, then rake, level lawn or broom it into the lawn profile. Never top dress more than 1cm in a single application, making sure the grass tips are still exposed. For more hints and tips on top dressing your lawn check out our article here. Get a quote from our turf supplier

If the lawn needs to be leveled, remove the areas of uneven grass carefully, level the soil and replace the old lawn. The amount of top dressing you use depends on your lawn type, but as a rule of thumb, the recommendation is to cover 100m² of lawn with 1m³ of sterilised lawn dressing. How often do I need to fertilise and what should I use Couch Tips & Tricks. Posted on June 29, 2016 by Melissa - General Lawn Turf Blogs, North Queensland Lawns. Couch lawns have been a favourite lawn variety in Queensland for quite some time now. Their reasonable cost combined with their preference for our warm sunny environments, good drought resistance and quick repair capabilities all work in their favour Top dressing is the use of a sandy loam to cover the underneath thatch. Prior to topdressing, you should apply a slow release fertiliser which will really help the lawn. Next, layer the sandy loam on top with a shovel. Use a rake to even it out, making sure that there is still leaf visible. This should be done every three years

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Top dressing is a quick and natural way to give your lawn a surge of nutrients. Trim your lawn with a mower, but adjust a bit higher to avoid cutting your grass too short and exposing the soil. Then, spread about 1cm of top dressing over the lawn, leaving the tips of the grass exposed, and level with a rake. 5 Lay down aged cow manure as a top dressing over recently mowed grass. Use bagged commercial aged manure or buy from a reputable bulk dealer. Manure can be used to top dress grass once or twice a year, with the first application in the early spring and the second in the early fall Do I need to top dress with washed sand? Remember to top dress Sir Walter Buffalo with Washed Sand, concentrating on the joins and edges, this ensures the gaps don't dry out - approx ½ m3 to 100m2. Do I need to fertilise my new instant lawn

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  1. Top Dressing. Top dressing is utilized for smoothing or levelling turf as well as filling holes produced by coring. Top dressing soil should be clean, free of pests and weeds, and be of a good medium sand or a loamy sand like 80/20. Spread the soil as evenly as possible over the area and rub in using the back or a rake, broom or ideally a level.
  2. Preparation. Before you actually spread the soil, make sure the grass is actively growing. Don't top dress dormant grass. You will damage it, if not kill it. A good idea is to give the lawn a fertilize a couple of weeks before topdressing, this will help the grass push through the soil quickly. Also, mow the lawn the day before you do the job
  3. There are only 2 reasons you would ever need to top dress a new or established lawn. The first is to improve the level, fill in holes or fix the grade and the second is to add nutrient back into the soil as part of your annual or regular lawn care program. In many cases, people find themselves top dressing to correct poor preparation
  4. imum of 100mm of good quality soil beneath it and if that is not the case in your lawn, you might need to apply a top dressing. This new layer can help your grass in many different ways , such as levelling out your terrain or by reducing the need for herbicides and fertilizers
  5. Additionally, check your soil, aerate and top dress if necessary. Mow regularly and fertilise to keep your lawn healthy and if weeds are still an issue either hand-weed or look at a selective herbicide such as Lawn Solutions OxaFert, that's safe for your lawn

Top Dress Lawns To Add Nutrients. This method of top dressing lawns involves putting down a thin layer of organic soil mixture. This process is used to add natural organic nutrients and minerals to the lawn, and is highly recommended for all lawn owners to undertake every so often to feed their lawns naturally and to boost and improve lawn soils All new lawns should have a top dress to achieve best results. Top dressing fills in the hollows and gives your lawn a flat finished surface and better presentation after mowing. When applying topsoil the tips of the grass should show through to ensure the turf is not smothered. A new lawn should be top dressed approximately six to eight weeks. Do I need to top dress newly laid turf? No, if your slabs are properly laid or have been professionally installed by the team at Harden Park Lawns, there is no need to top dress. Top dressing is only done when you need to repair your lawn due to poor nutrients or levels No, if you lay your slabs properly there is no need to top dress. Top dressing is only done when you need to repair your lawn due to poor nutrients or levels. ORDER YOUR TURF ONLINE OR CALL US ON 1800 325 39 TOP 3 CONS OF A BUFFALO LAWN. High maintenance - To achieve that perfectly manicured look, a lawn will require regular mowing, watering, trimming and fertilising.; Requires a lot of water - Buffalo lawn is a thirsty grass type and will require deep watering up to three times a week.; Prone to thatch - For most people [thatch] won't become a problem, says Adam, but Soft-leaf buffalos.

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To achieve the best results from a new lawn, top dressing should be carried out within the first spring (must be older than 12 weeks). This process levels out the lawn, improves drainage and improves the mowing finish. The leaf blades should always be showing, so don't smother them. Use a good clean soil This saves you money and time in the long run. Here are the 7 lawn care tips for your Sir Walter buffalo lawn: 1. Mowing. After installation of a Sir Walter buffalo lawn, it is ready for mowing within 10-14 days. The initial mow should be a simple trim so as not to scalp the new lawn Top dressing lawns is another tool we can use to help our Buffalo lawns in two different ways. The first reason to top dress a Buffalo lawn is to add organic nutrients to the lawn, and the second reason is to level an uneven Buffalo lawn. Top dressing should never be done for any other reason When it comes to top-dressing your Sir Walter lawn, we recommend spreading a top-dressing soil mix across your lawn with a shovel. This should be done during the active season when your grass is growing. For turf supplies such as top-dressing, speak to our friendly staff and we can help you find the best quality supplies for your lawn

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The Santa Ana Couch Grass is an American grass that gives an impressive visual appearance especially when mown short. The leaf colour of Santa Ana is bright green. This colour is retained for a long time despite weather pattern changes. Santa Ana grass is usually tough and hard therefore making it the best choice as a couch grass Top-dress the soil with additional compost. Topdressing is the process of adding a thin layer of compostable material to the top of the lawn. The compost will help the seeds germinate and give the seedlings added nutrients to help them thrive. Look for enriched soil,. Top-dressing is really only used to level a lawn or fill in any bald or damaged patches. Use a sandy loam, or a specific soil mix recommended by a local nursery, turf or landscape supplier . Cover affected areas by no more than 1 cm, using a rake to spread the mix, then water in well Buffalo lawn is not as drought tolerant as other warm season grasses and as such, requires a deep root system for best results. Renovation practices such as annually coring and lightly vertimowing and even top dressing your buffalo will help keep it in top condition and promote root growth. 6. How long until grass seed grows in Australia

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Top dressing may be the best way to go considering you may have small dead patches across your lawn. The nutrient rich soil will give the Blue something delicious to grow in. I like spreading the soil before rain as it can be a bit smelly and the rain washes all the smelly (but great for your lawn) parts down to the root system To top dress your existing lawn area, calculate 1 depth. To fill a vegetable garden, calculate 8-12 depth. For new home seed lawn, calculate 4-6 depth. For new home sodded lawn, calculate 3-5 depth. For raised planting, calculate 12-18 depth

To learn more about adding topsoil to your lawn, read my Guide to Top Dressing a Lawn. At the very least you should make sure the soil has all the nutrients it needs. In which case, you should apply a fertiliser. Read my Guide to Lawn Fertiliser. The Tools You'll Need For Overseeding a Lawn The last step for this lawn is simply to top dress it either with some top soil or I'm using compost. Come spring time, give the lawn a good feed with an organic-based lawn fertiliser or even. A golf-course-worthy green is all about quality turf and lawn care products. Thankfully, everything you need is at Flower Power. We have a range of turf rolls and lawn seed to choose from, plus top dressing. Got lawn patches, lawn pests or lawn weeds? No worries. We have all the products you need to get your lawn back into shape Wintergreen Couch Grass is a fine, soft-to-touch hybrid couch. It is medium green with a dense blade and is a great all-round lawn. It can tolerate full sunshine, and requires less water, fertilization, and mowing than some other turf varieties making it an easy-care lawn both for domestic and commercial purposes. Characterized by its mid green.

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Top dressing your lawn is easy and effective in stimulating new growth. Apply a mixture (usually made up of peat loam and sand) over your lawn. Top dressing stimulates new shoots, promotes runners and encourages denser growth of grass. Aerate or spike your lawn in Autumn with a fork. It's simple and easy to do and will improve soil drainage. Summer lawn fertilising. Start the summer with a hit of fertiliser to give it the boost it needs to look its best throughout the hot months ahead. A granule-based slow-release fertiliser that contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and potassium, such as Grech's Top Turf Fertiliser or Sir Walter Fertiliser, will get it looking green and. 7 steps to help take control of fungal diseases in your lawn: Aerate by loosening soil in your lawn every year or two. Conduct a soil test to identify any nutrient deficiencies as these can lead to stressed lawns and disease. Apply a rich top-dressing soil to increase drainage and combat fungal diseases. Make sure you've got the right grass.

A fine bladed premium zoysia matrella turf variety, which has high shade tolerance and very low nutrient and water requirements. Easy to Maintain. Wear Resistant. Loves Sun and Shade. Drought-Tolerant. Cold-Tolerant. Learn More. The Turf Farm Supply Sir Grange Instant Turf You'll Love Spreading garden compost improves soil biology and structure, but top-dressing a lawn with a ½-inch layer twice annually is labor-intensive—and slow to work. Below, two easier methods for getting compost's benefits. Compost tea makes beneficial bacteria and nutrients immediately available to lawn soil and turf roots Tom Daniels started Carefree Lawn Service in 2001 and has over 30 years experience in the industry.. We have f ully licensed applicators who, over the years, have helped to grow Carefree into the great company that it is today.. With hard work, dedication and providing exceptional service we are sure that you will be 100% satisfied with our service - we guarantee it Palmetto is the Number One Selling Buffalo Lawn in the World. Palmetto Buffalo Grass Soft Leaf has a very soft leaf and great shade tolerance. Palmetto has outstanding Winter colour, great at out-competing weeds, low allergenic, less thatch, less mowing, disease and pest tolerance and good wear recovery Some people regard vertimowing as a cure for a sparse, failed lawn surface. Remember you only vertimow a surface that has been extremely successful and has actually grown on itself for a number of years, causing the spongy, thatchy repellent layer of both Rhizome and Stolon activity

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  1. Top dress Buffalo grass with 5-10mm of clean free draining sand, water in completely then roll in with a water roller. Roll and water thoroughly within one hour of laying the turf. Water thoroughly for 7 - 10 days or until the Buffalo lawn is established. Take care that the water is saturating the soil beneath the turf
  2. The more Saint Augustine grass is exposed to direct sunlight hours per day, the more it can develop that inherent thick layer of thatch at a faster speed. Meaning that when Saint Augustine grass is used as a lawn in open full sunny areas, then the natural response of the Saint Augustine will be to grow its thatch layer denser and thicker, and.
  3. Here is a step by step video on how to green up your lawn this Spring! Wondering how to apply fertilizer to any type of grass? When your outside temperatures are between 60 and 8
  4. Weed Man Lawn Care matched the donations raised at Notre Dame Academy, as did South Buffalo Common Councilman Chris Scanlon. In total, over $4,000 have been raised by those community members
  5. To Top dress simply use a rake or similar, to spread your lawn nutrient mixture atop the turf. Add extra in low or bare patches. 22) What Is Lawn Thatch? Lawn thatch is a problem that occurs when a dead layer of debris builds up between green sprouts and soil giving lawns an unattractive look. 23) When is the Best Time to Lay Turf

Whatever the reason for doing it, the best time to top dress is when the lawn is actively growing. Advertisement Test and Prepare the Soil Your lawn's soil might have high levels of sand or clay, depending on where you live. To be the most successful with topdressing, your topsoil should be similar to what's already in your soil, advises. Apply a quarter-inch of top-dressing compost once or twice a year, including right after your lawn has greened up. Going over the lawn with an aerator first will help mix the organic matter into. Healthy lawn soil has a pH of between 6.0 and 7.0, and flourish at 6.5. Top dress your lawn. In order to improve soil types that are sandy, one can apply a rich and organic soil mixture to the top 1cm of the turf. Knowing how much topsoil to add for lawn is important, as there should be little to no trace of soil on the grass

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When top dressing a lawn with any material, only a very thin layer should be spread evenly over the entire lawn. Any areas where it globs or mounds up should be corrected immediately. Many people also make the mistake of top dressing with sand to try to correct clay soil. This is actually the worst thing you can do, as adding sand to clay soil. Remove existing lawn and/or weeds. The easiest way to do this is by using a Knapsack Sprayer using Glyphosate (Roundup or Zero) no less than 14 days before laying new turf. The recommended rate to mix will depend on the particular product purchased. Rotary hoe or till the soil to depth of 100mm. Assess soil type and condition If your lawn is growing in a poor clay soil, it will always be prone to the problems that come with clay. Improve the clay and you will improve the lawn. It is as simple as that. FYI, I treated my own lawn organically for many years and top dressed with compost as well. Though the top 4-5 inches eventually got pretty good, the clay underneath. Applying too much seed can create competition for the moisture and nutrients that feel the lawn. Top-Dress With Compost Top-dressings — such as a cow-manure/alfalfa mix — are underused in lawn care (such as after you've sown grass seed) Top Seeding Packages A top-seeding package from Organo-Lawn is a four-step process. Whether you are reseeding your lawn or starting from scratch, our process will help your grass seeds take hold, grow quickly, and stay healthy. Step 1 - Core Aeration: We start with a thicker than normal lawn aeration

You see, many weed killers are designed just for broadleaf weeds. But, if you have grass-like weeds in your lawn, such as crabgrass, these won't help. To make things a little easier for you, we've researched a number of products and come up with the 10 best weed killers for lawns. Check out our top recommendations below. Expert Tip Target. Grass Is Turning Black After Fertilizing. Too much of a good thing, like fertilizer, sometimes spells trouble for your lawn. Though regular fertilizing is an important part of keeping lawns. Yards with heavy clay soil, or which have a lot of foot traffic will benefit from aeration.By aerating your turf you will allow it to loosen up, get better seed to soil contact, and improve water penetration and airflow (which improves root development).. Loose soil and the pockets created by aeration give the grass seed somewhere to go that is beneath the soil and also allows for better root. Phone Us: 087 550 7552 Types of grass that we sell: ROLL-ON-LAWN. KIKUYU GRASS. BUFFALO GRASS. FYNKWEEK GRASS. CYNODEN DACTELON. BEREA (LM Lawn) TOP DRESSIN LAWN Fertiliser (3kg/100m2) An all year round 'pick me up' for your lawn and garden. Feeds and strengthens your lawn for up to 3 months. Its mineral proportions are as follows: N12.0% P5.2% K14.1% S8.0% Mg1.2%. Feeds and strengthens to help protect against future problems. Improves lawn's ability to absorb water and nutrients. Available.

Fix the drainage problem and then top-dress with one-half inch of Black Kow®. Top-dress lawns every other year. New Lawns. When establishing new areas of lawn, spread 100 lbs. of Black Kow® composted cow manure per 50 sq. ft. (spread one-half inch thick) and mix into the topsoil prior to laying sod, plugging or seeding Initially it is cheaper to seed a lawn than install a Canturf instant lawn. But if you take into account the attention a seeded lawn requires, including watering, along with the costs of weed killers and the real risk of damage caused by using these products to the rest of your garden, it may not turn out to be cheaper at all Determine how much gypsum you need for your lawn. A soil test can help determine the amount of clay in your lawn. Higher amounts of compacted clay in your soil will require a greater level of gypsum to produce the desired results. For heavily compacted soil, use 40 pounds of gypsum to cover 200 square feet, according to The Family Handyman website 2 1/2 Gallons $99.99. 5 Gallons $194.99. Buffalo Supreme grass seed is a three-way blend of top rated Bowie Buffalo grass seed, Cody Buffalo grass seed, and Sundance Buffalo Grass seed. This Buffalo grass blend is comprised of two leading Buffalo grass cultivars on the market today and is designed to create a better turf density

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For those of us who want a pristine lawn free of weeds and all unsightly things then clover is just another weed and we want it out. There are a number of ways to reduce clover build up on lawns and the obvious option would be to use a lawn weed killer. lawn weed killers with the active ingredient dicamba, dichlorprop-P is a good chemical control option Sir Walter Turf Buffalo Grass. Sir Walter Turf, also known as Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is a perfect lawn for Brisbane Gold Coast and Surrounds. It has a broad leaf, deep green in colour which is soft to the touch and simply beautiful all year round. It has incredible shade tolerance only requiring 2 to 3 hours full sun per day Ensuring top quality Sir Walter turf all year round is easy at A.G. Buffalo Turf Supplies. We guarantee that all Sir Walter turf is harvested on the day of delivery and is top quality and weed free. Quality control is assured as the owner harvests and inspects each roll before delivery to your location

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For large bare patches, top dress the area by raking the dead patch and add ¼ to ½ inch of good quality soil. Sprinkle the seed on the top dressed soil and rake it lightly back in to it per 1000 sq. ft., or just a top dressing of compost. Going light on the fertilizer will keep your lawn from getting dam-aged from over-application, and will still provide enough nutrients to get it growing well. If your lawn is not doing well, look for ways to im-prove soil depth and drainage, change the mowing height t We carry the EcoLawn Applicator, the finest top dressing machine available. We've found that EcoLawn is the most versitile and cost effective machine on the market. If you have large amounts of compost to spread on lawns, look no further! Perfect for golf courses, landscape contractors and lawn care professionals Top dressing your lawn in spring is the best bet. If you have aerated, and/or verti-mowed your lawn, apply top dressing immediately after, followed by application of a quality wetting agent. If your lawn is beyond saving, amend or remove poor soil and replace with good soil before laying new grass Buffalo-grass and blue grama lawns can be mowed to this height, but also do well unmowed. Core cultivation is essential for all lawn areas, especially those that are thatchy or subject to high traffic. Before planting a lawn, decide on the desired quality, how the lawn will be used, and how much time and money you are willing to invest

50 lbs. Baccto Top Soil with Reed Sedge, Peat and Sand. Model# 1550P. Project Guide. lawn or potted plants thrive. Our screened options have been sifted into a smooth texture that's free of rocks, roots, clumps and debris. The Grass Is Greener Bulk topsoil is the perfect fix if you need to fill large patches of land. This creates a base. Top Gates, NY Lawn Services of June 2021. #1-Tommy's Lawns And Garden Inc. Tommy Woods. Gates, NY. 4 Ratings. Tommy's Lawn And Garden Inc specializes in lawn maintenance, but also specializes in tree trimming and flower bed maintenance. We are also one of the few landscaping services in Albion that specializes in large scale junk removal

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Lawn Roller category #08 group #833 Erases damage to your lawn caused by the freeze or thaw cycle in addition to flattening mole and ant hills. Holds 270 lb. when filled with sand or water. Large diameter for easy pushing or hookup behind a tractor for towing LM grass grows on top of the ground and cannot be cut too short. If it is cut too short the roots are open and it can get damaged easily. LM grass cannot withstand too much traffic and is much more sensitive than the Kikuyu. Don't put any lawn dressing on LM grass Namely, that so-verdant-it-looks-CGI lawn surrounding Windsor Castle, which was so festively striped into a plaid pattern. It actually looks like a pretty spot-on Buffalo Check, as one fan pointed. '7. Matilda Buffalo' Matilda is a soft buffalo lawn with its own unique strengths and characteristics which separate it from the other soft-leaf. Matilda is a semi-dwarf buffalo lawn, which simply refers to Matilda having finer and thinner stems and stolons, a trait which is unique among the better-selling and better- quality buffalo lawn types

If I'm going to spend more money on my lawn, the first thing I'd spend it on is good seed, he says. The top 10 grass-seed varieties for Pennsylvania's four main types of lawn grass, according to the most current testing done at Penn State University's Turfgrass Research Center: * Perennial ryegrass. 1.) Mach 1. 2.) All Star Well composted fertilizers also act fast to give your lawn a big growth lift reducing the time it takes to grow through or settle in, a new or freshly top dressed lawn. Range and pricing To view our lawn turf range and pricing follow the links, Kikuyu , Couch , Sir Walter Buffalo, Shade Master Buffalo and Sapphire soft leaf Buffalo A few tips on caring for your new lawn: Avoid traffic on your new lawn for the first 2 weeks. This allows the roots to firmly weave with the soil and allows time for the soil to settle. Do not let your new lawn dry out for the first 1-2 weeks. Before the roots knit with the soil, the turf will supply itself with moisture through the leaves, so.

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2) Fill and Set Spreader: Applying Scotts® Turf Builder® Weed & Feed requires a lawn spreader. If you need a new spreader, you can find one here. Refer to the Spreader Settings section above to set your spreader properly. 3) Apply to Wet Lawn: Make sure the grass is wet from dew or sprinkling before applying With a new lawn, apply a Starter Fertiliser at establishment then fertilise again approximately 4- 6 weeks after sowing. It has a higher level of Phosphorus gets the roots growing while developing a good root structure. The Potassium helps build strength and resistance to disease by building the body of the plant. Starter has lower Nitrogen level Wintergrass Control. June 22, 2010 The Lawncare Man. Wintergrass is a significant weed problem in many areas, and control is essential for the following reasons: Wintergrass is a prolific seeder that will eventually overtake the lawn in winter. It seeds in Autumn, Winter and Spring and dies off throughout prolonged hot periods in the Summer Add top soil to prevent birds from eating the grass seeds and allow them to germinate properly. How to Overseed a Lawn Without Aerating. Overseeding is a great way of making your lawn grow thick and full. It is even a much better remedy if your lawn has bare spots due to damage from pests such as grubs and chinch bugs. But to get rid of the. Primo Maxx. $ 135.00. or 4 fortnightly payments of $ 33.75 with More info. Primo Maxx is for the reduction of leaf and stem growth of lawn species and as an aid to Turf Management. Primo Maxx is a type of plant growth regulator (PGR). Primo Maxx quantity